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  1. When he just shoved their player Pulis pissed himself!
  2. I'm not sure it cost us the game as reading were relentless but was a daft challenge in the middle of the park!
  3. Penny like Sean Clare believe their own hype!
  4. Warhurst had control of his legs! The message from iorfas brain to his feet takes 20 minutes or so!
  5. Agreed, 4 signings needed imo 2 out and out strikers (one big lad, one quick lad) Old school left back Experienced Goalkeeper (not Westwood)
  6. We are already struggling with height so Jva will always play until the big lads are back.
  7. Obvs a defensive midfielder! Can't see many getting passed him! Yeah his touch ain't great but still I'd like to see him have a go!
  8. Borner Would have been Harris if his final ball was decent! Really needs to work on composing himself!
  9. Two additional players need at the back.. Proper old school left back and a experienced keeper (not Westwood)
  10. Iorfa and Flint will be straight back in I think purely based on their size. The majority of our goals from now on will be set peices! I'd still be very interested to see Iorfa in midfield!
  11. There was about 20 tonne of sand in the training ground car park the other day! Maybe the ground is too hard which is something I've seen mentioned before!
  12. Moses would laugh at them doing 2 kilometers a game!
  13. He has gone back for treatment not to end the contract
  14. I wouldn't say no fight! We battled to keep in it. Two mistakes cost us!
  15. Get em gone.... Even if it costs abit to get out of the loan deal!
  16. They've got to get Brown and Baz playing together regularly from now so that we have options on set peices! I'd even let JVA take some closer range free kicks and corners every now and then!
  17. I'm with you... I'd have him no problem! He's part of the 'Old guard' Dinosaur call it what you want though isn't he?
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