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  1. Slight changes for me.... Nuhui for Rhodes - Wickham and Nuhui will give there cb's a beasting physically. Borner hopefully for Moses I'd give Hunt his first start over Lee. Luongo will have to be immense today!
  2. Huddersfield 40 mill Sunderland 25 mill Brighton 90 mill Basically its a stab in the dark!
  3. He saps the life out of everything everytime he opens his gob!
  4. To be fair I had no idea how it works but still think the valuation is off the charts.
  5. The valuation is a little silly! If you flattened it build as many houses on it as physically possible you'd still never make it worth 60 mill.
  6. He's worth 2 mill as an absolute max. I'm sure an agreement of some kind can be sorted. It'll be down to him!
  7. I have a thought....... Ketamin is dangerous keep off!
  8. Just after he's had a neck full of courvoisier and spaffed the stadium on a game of blackjack!
  9. He doesn't need to sell... Just get someone in to run the club! Which is what he should have done from the start!
  10. Had to read that again... I thought it said 'he didn't wave his lettuce' oooo matron!
  11. Apparently we are trying to put it back to 1978's account! Stupid innit!
  12. He's from Bolton mate! Just fake tan and an accent!
  13. Can Chansiri appeal their appeal if they appeal against the initial appeal we appealed?
  14. Chansiri has now got to give him the stadium as payment!!!
  15. If the frickin Star get the story out first and it asks me to subscribe I'm going to boot the cat through the TV.
  16. Not a problem he'll just sell the training ground to his Mrs for £100 mill.
  17. You're right but this situation he is currently in has been on the cards for that long he's not had a way out of it! As you'll know he could and would have invested more but couldn't/can't! Once the slate is cleaned (who knows when) I'm sure he wouldn't make the same mistake twice!
  18. Completely agree. We all know him included that he knew nothing about football. I'm pretty sure he will have learnt his lesson though and could actually turn things around! In what timescale I don't know!
  19. Obviously that too but who wouldn't? My point is he has tried and yes he has failed but I find it hard to knock someone for giving it a proper go!
  20. You're right he has put us in a corner but why? He went for it.... He wanted to get us promoted.... He wanted the fans to love him..... It didn't work and he is up shat creek!
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