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  1. But that fan will first and foremost want to watch a winning, positive,Successful team and until that point they won't step through the door to experience facilities etc.
  2. The only thing that fills stadiums is success on the pitch. The rest falls into place.
  3. Deal was agreed then then somebody from Thailand changed his mind and fizzed it up.
  4. I agree but as soon as Dawson makes 1 mistake our fan base will shatter his confidence again.
  5. Wildsmith still hasn't signed. We have to sign a keeper weather its no1 2 or 3
  6. Yep, if he can pick big Hec up on the way that would be sound. Iorfa,Dean,Hec boooooooom
  7. I think it was a sight/concussion issue as that was defo what he was saying to the medic. I wasn't sure if it was tactical to say a leg injury to not give MK a fourth sub option.
  8. Yeah I'd expect changes definitely.
  9. So they ate, I thought they had 4 games left. Gonna park the bus then.
  10. Crewe need to win so they will fly at us hopefully. We'll tear them apart if they do.
  11. I'm just pissed off it's not being played on a bank holiday.
  12. Yes. Gonna be a proper meltdown thinking from some that we are the only club with this issue.
  13. They will still be bad as obvs still include covid testicles. Every clubs will be poop.
  14. Great at recovering awful at playing out.
  16. He'll not play again this season, Luongo and Byers will both go if we don't go up so Adeniran will be a first choice player.
  17. Far too much work has gone into this silly idea.
  18. If we go up we've got a chance of signing him I guess.
  19. Isn't it hunt and Johnson who stop on the halfway line? Bit of pace if they break away?
  20. They should have used fine compost but it would look horrendous. They've used sand just so it firms up. Yeah needs ripping up.
  21. Not a great deal really but sand stops any hope of sun/uv getting to the grass roots. The pitch will really struggle for the rest of the season.
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