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  1. Can you imagine Wilder he would feckin explode....
  2. If we can't sign him permanently then get him back in on loan again next season with an agreement with him/his agent to join us at the end of next season.
  3. The weather will put loads off. Literally pizzing it down all day.
  4. Keep swapping them around imo. The opposition full backs won't know what to do.
  5. No. His greatest attribute is pace. Let him have as much space as possible in front of him to open up and belt it down the line.
  6. I was expecting their player to just leave the ball and run off. Bet he shat his pants!
  7. We're talking of launching someone in. My point is why launch an ageing injury prone player in! If you're going to launch anyone then it should be a young un to see what he's made off. Hopefully not biscuits like Hooper.
  8. To defend yes but has nothing to give going forward. It all depends on Bruce's tactics. I think Bruce will want us to have a go at them and keep basham etc in their own half as much as possible.
  9. Why chuck him in? We are playing well and finally getting a settled side. Absolutely no point playing someone who won't be here next season. If your going to chuck someone in then it's Borokuv.
  10. I think it's more of the case that Bruce would rather have Palmer in midfield than Jones and pelupessy. Also would rather have no striker than bring Nuhiu on. Joao asked to come off! He was injured.
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