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  1. Kin el shoot me now! What a feckin boring thread! Can the Carol Voderman's of Owlstalk feck off!
  2. Me neither... If we are stumping up 25k then why let Fletch go?
  3. He is good enough.. He terrorises defenders hence why there's always two/three marking him. What he does need to do is to play the ball in along the floor with loads of pace on it. He'll get plenty of assists this season trust me.
  4. Wycombe, Rotherham and Baaarnsley will get nowhere near 50 points this season thank God!
  5. Ffs every player in the second half was awful apart from Luongo. I've even seen someone blaming Dawson!! 4 points out of our first three games is decent. If anyone thinks we are going to win every game and not have a bad game might aswell stop watching football full stop.
  6. For me he is just going for pace today, in and behind not in the air! I think the reason for Palmer is he has better delivery than Odubajo.
  7. Mmm he is talented however his body language and his lack of fight let's him down massively!
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