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  1. Ah come on... He was forcing players to play whilst they were still injured.. Then running training sessions like holiday camps! Fletcher and kieren Lee were having injections for weeks!
  2. Missing a trick with Penney imo. He should be a box to box midfielder... Kiren Lee's replacement!
  3. Underlying issues? You know the ones where they don't know they have them!
  4. He's a conker but he'd sort us out!
  5. I wish mate. I'd be still at school taking the pissle!
  6. I'm not so sure if we had a blank canvas so to speak you would have Fox again would you?
  7. So if we had no players and there was a pool of players that included all of our current squad who would you have back?
  8. I'd only resign Reach Windass Murphy
  9. Would you still sign Fletch knowing the type of wages he's on?
  10. If you could reset the club are there any of our current players that you would resign? Also who would be your choice of Manager? (realistically)
  11. For me it's not about who we want to extend/leave.. It's more of a case that we won't have a squad! Sure we can chuck the young uns in but that is a big risk and more than likely a relegation battle with inexperienced players!
  12. What will happen re all of our players who's contracts run out?
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