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  1. I would love it, love it if we take the EFL to the cleaners!
  2. I'm not so sure this is a battle Chansiri will want tbh! He would rather walk away!
  3. Bum the league like Sunderland did?
  4. Yeah but ours included Ozzie owl and 50 meat and tatty pies.
  5. I'm pretty confident we would stop up.. Barnsley and Luton are doomed IMO. What we can't afford to happen is our fans to turn on the players now! We've got to stick together...cheesy I know but its the only way we get out of this shiz.
  6. I think we can get rid of all the poo but whislt stopping in the championship even with a 12 point deduction.
  7. I hope Chansiri takes this on the chin and asks for the points deduction to be implemented straight away and not dragged out. Let's deal with it,get through the season and stop up. Next season clean slate, all out of contract players gone, any high earners sold. Start again with a strict players pay policy and also reduce match day and season ticket Prices.
  8. Is this the reason Katrien left. Advised against it probably told to pipe down is my guess!
  9. Whoever it is we sign as a forward he must be quick and powerful who works off the shoulder of defender's.
  10. I'm not so sure Dawson will want to leave as surely he also knows Westwoods time is coming to an end. For Dawson to leave and then have to break into a new team doesn't really make sense. He knows he's next in line. Saying that I suppose it may come back to money!
  11. As with all keepers they will have learned from their mistakes ..however it now comes down to age! Dawson will learn from his mistakes and has time on his side to improve his game. Westwood now can't be taught anything as he's been there and done it. The question is do you get the lad in who has a very good future and help improve him by playing regularly or stick with an ageing but experienced keeper who can't be taught anything!
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