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  1. Monsieur you're really spoiling us!
  2. Only Gabriel we've got a chance with can only see through one eye... She'd fit straight in!
  3. He is the messiah... He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy!
  4. He's on his way... Currently walking accross the Atlantic Ocean to save us! 19 year old wonderkid! Until we destroy him!
  5. Not so sure! Alot go to league 1 clubs, not only that the reason they get sent out on loan is for experience! If they want to see how they go in a relegation battle and test their resolve and commitment then we are the team to be at!
  6. There's 138 points to play for in the champ.. We've lost twelve! It's by no means impossible! Ok we are short on players but we might just see a real hunger from who we have! In reality a good start to the season will soon put us on a level with the likes of Luton, Rotherham, Wycombe who will really struggle next season. I've got faith....
  7. I was thinking the same however if Bannan, Lees, Iorfa and Lee (who I think will be offered a contract) stay then that's not bad for experience! I would however like an experienced keeper! (not Westwood)
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