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  1. Ahh Master Bates! Apparently suffering from a repetitive strain injury!
  2. I think the weather will be the winner! Will destroy the game. 1-1.
  3. There are no easy games in this league!
  4. All they need now is a fat scouser who likes to bag granny's joining there club!
  5. My MOTM tonight. Would like to see him as a holding midfielder.
  6. I can see a player in him! Not literally like!
  7. We are showing far too much respect to teams.. Get in and at em, close em down, press them, kick em, call em conkers as you run past, feckin punch em if we have to! Battle, fight, passion, persistence any other feckin word that means giving all you've got!
  8. How much longer is it going to take him is my problem with him. I don't think he is a natural athlete!
  9. He is absolutely useless! Hi and Fox can feck off.
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