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  1. Honestly I really don't understand some of our fans!
  2. To you feckin plums saying leave reach out you thick twaats. He puts more effort in than any player in our squad.
  3. I'll finish it fir thee 1-1 then a penalty for us in the 94th minute to make it a 2-1 win. Crowd goes crazy they think its all over...
  4. Correct! His wife hasn't come back from their holiday in Italy! Make of that what you will!
  5. Slow down!!! Are you taking the pizzle. Any slower he will have to stand still!
  6. Nonsense! Reach is a better all round player than Murphy. Murphy fir me shoukd/could be a fantastic impact player. Harris, Bannan, Hutch, Lee, Reach are our best midfield set up.
  7. I'm going to guess his pedometer reads twice the distance as anyone else's.
  8. He's absolutely shiittte. A slow weak lump. Feck him and Rhodes off asap.
  9. He once waved his wand at me the dirty little basket!
  10. Westwood straight back in. Bannan for Reach.
  11. I'm sure he's a manager somewhere now but I can't be arsed to research it.
  12. I'd always have two stop on the half way line no matter who it is. Opposition will always put three on two.
  13. I think we just photocopied Bruce's list and will use it again in January.
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