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  1. Man city didn't want him to leave but he's rubbish ffs! The kids got power, touch, pace, strength, aggression! Not sure what else people are expecting from a young lad at this stage in his career? Experience is the only thing he lacks!
  2. Ffs Have we been linked with any strikers?
  3. Defo Moore signings! I just hope we give him and the players time!
  4. If he has to be sold then so be it! However the worry is that he's possibly one to tear up his contract for not being paid in full and leave for nowt!
  5. Sorry I'm wrong! The players were ******** amazing all season, give it everything they had. They shouldn't shoulder any of the blame!
  6. Shame the players couldn't give a fizz all season! Now it affects their pockets they unite!
  7. If he can bag 25-30 goals next season that's worth far more 3mill to us!
  8. Some players are prepared to drop down in order to ignite their careers.. Who knows! Wasn't Ivan Toney a Newcastle bit part player once?
  9. Released by middlesborugh 25 year old. Once apon a time looked the real deal!
  10. I'm don't think it's true tbh If you asked 100 people who have some good football knowledge to name 20 teams they'd like to see in the prem 70+ would say us!
  11. Yes mate they will! They'll get him pretty cheap as it'll be his wage that'll be the issue for us.
  12. It's a difficult one. From a players point of view Westwood and Hutch haven't got alot if football left in them. They'd possibly sign a a contract to suit both parties. Bannan - obvs far too good for league one but I think he genuinely wants to be here and get us back up! We don't know his new contract in terms of pay but you'd guess it would have been along the lines of what Fletcher and Fessi were offered. Or did he sign knowing it would help us get a decent return on him should he be sold? Windass will be off Iorfa will be off Luongo will be off
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