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  1. When are our lot back training? Loads of others seem to have been back today.
  2. I'm ready me old mucker... Apart from a prolapsed disc and arthritis in my spine I'm ready to rock!
  3. I'd carry Snodgrass on my back to get him to hillsborough if I had to. Quality player who gives nothing but 100% every game
  4. He certainly does have ability, it just dosent look like the penny is going to drop with him that he has to work hard! I wonder how he performs in training! I also wonder if his fellow players think he is a lazy ass!
  5. Mmm I hope he plays it abit different with us. As fans we love abit of flair and showboating don't we!
  6. Yeah we would! however I'd like to think we will sign one maybe two who can change games and have abit of showmanship and hopefully be consistent with it. Time will tell I suppose!
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