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  1. It seems Chansiri has been sole searching!
  2. Needless? Their player who tore us a new ass was cutting into the area and would have probably scored. He was visibly upset hence why Borner went and gave him a hug! He's a young lad who needs supporting when he makes errors ffs.
  3. Going back to stats your bang on. Jacob Butterfield had an 86% pass success rate when he played for us. He was third in the league! We all know he was dog poo and that his passes were 5 yards max and generally backwards.
  4. Your right they probably are mates but Westwood would know where the line is!
  5. It would be interesting to know the other players views on Hutch and Westwood! I wonder if they are liked!
  6. Bring Roy Keane in as his no2 and let's see Hutchinson and Westwoods Billy big balls then! I think not!
  7. They'll still find summat to moan about!
  8. What's all this "Bruce would have done this!" bullshiit. Bruce jumped ship and left us up shiit creek!
  9. It's not going to happen with these players mate. They don't give a monkey's!
  10. Not sure why so many have got sand in their fannys about this! He's right we are basically a mid table side at the moment. Anyone who thinks differently are slightly deluded.
  11. Yeah your right... It just proves what a poor squad we have if we can't get players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  12. They'll be reight tired playing two games in two days!
  13. Really? I'll have a look but looked like he kicked the player not the ball. If he did win the ball then outstanding!
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