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  1. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Revocandam compo negs
  2. and some posters said he was feigning injury. Seriously need to get a grip of yourselves
  3. Just Got Back

    Having watched the game I knew it was sarcasm as soon as I read 'unjust defeat'
  4. We got what we deserved tonight

    I'd say you're the naive one if you think that team can win a game.
  5. We got what we deserved tonight

    I'm struggling to grasp how having no strikers in the team isn't going out not to win.
  6. Head Injuries

    Would have negged you but instead I'll have to settle for calling you a di*khead.
  7. Given that they spent 5 minutes putting bandages round his head I think we can assume he wasn't making it up.
  8. Looks like a pretty serious injury.
  9. BBC biased highlights.

    First one was probably a pen but that's karma for Carlos blaming referee decisions for our dire games during his last few months at Hillsborough
  10. Joao and carlos

    I thought the same TBH. Lucas was not interested.

    Season ticket prices being announced on Monday?
  12. Had an email from Ricky saying thank you, bless him
  13. Can't give much but given what I can and shared on Facebook.
  14. I'm sure I heard Giddings say Jones?