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  1. They were a lucky charm for the whole of one game.... DC really is clutching.
  2. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    They were. For some reason they were surprised that nobody liked the flags
  3. Donation made. I noticed Hirst junior and Jack Stobbs have made a donation as well as FF.
  4. Carlos on channel 5

    You know things are bad when Carlos is more of a mess than the C5 show itself.
  5. SWFC reissue security advice

    Genuinely thought that's what the article was gonna be about
  6. Still no mention when the other 2 kits will be available.... but surprised that fans aren't buying them.
  7. Question to this chap...

    I bet his son is mortified to be walking next to him....
  8. Absolutely love these
  9. Snodgrass was livid. They are having a proper meltdown
  10. That build up play
  11. I think it should stay pinned I've had a right laugh.
  12. Wow. An innocent question turns into a brawl Back to us WINNING......
  13. Because I'm watching on a stream that ain't very good and didn't see the start.