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  1. Could never forget that mate, probably the wrong vid to post from euros,should have been a wednesday one. My point is how poo everything has gone and how good things used to be. Where now cant even visit family in house.
  2. I know middlesborough are sending the programmes via email in PDF that can be printed out.
  3. Big yes from me. were scoring,not conceding,playing with spirit;introducing a one for all approach. (regardless of who the other team is). let’s hope it continues.
  4. Title a horse with no name. After Steve Bruce and the EFL My face began to turn red. After 12 points and the FFP I will never be a red. And now we’re flying up the league and we’re scoring for fun It feels good to be blue once again. We spent 60 million and we fizzed it up. Wednesday will be great again da da dar da da da da dar da dar da da repeat https://youtu.be/zrVPS2GnLrY LoL
  5. Had a great game tonight Just wished we had a strong leader in midfield that could control the game and get some balance. To me it seems until we get someone in that midfield position defence will be under pressure and our attacking midfield play defensive.my op of course
  6. Your probably right,just think we need some strength in there to enable bannan and co to push forward. reminds me of Carlton.lol
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