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  1. You've named Malik Wilks as two separate players, and are playing one of them in an holding midfield role?
  2. In fairness, most of the squad last season weren't comfortable in our playing it out from the back style - and Stockdale and Henaghan would also fall into that category - still expect he will still do the same though.
  3. If Wednesday players played darts, can you imagine all the injuries? And somehow, with DC in charge, we would hit 501 with 7 darts.....
  4. Plus, I used to see him shopping regularly at Morrisons in Hillsborough - I bet he was chuffed to bits bumping into me every other week...
  5. Buffon started playing around the time that Huddersfield began their unbeaten run....
  6. My eyes!!!!! Yep, I will give you that one!
  7. Good keeper, great competition for the No.1 shirt - what's not to like?
  8. We are hoping to move onto heavy petting very soon.
  9. Bring in streaming for all games - people are already sat at home watching it anyway.
  10. I'd build the following.... A Blockbuster Video Store A Sinclair C5 Factory A giant Ratners Jewellery outlet We would make a killing....
  11. Wandered where my cat was doing it's 'business'.
  12. Oh no, now you will be called Gammon as well.
  13. You land on your head at birth or something?
  14. So I've 'looked' up the term 'Gammon', which is actually classed as hate speech - so well done on that. For the record, not that it's any of your business - but I voted against Brexit and very much wanted to remain part of the E.U., so that goes completely against your wonderfully left insult.
  15. No 2 people ever have the same choices in life, and life is never fair.
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