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  1. He has played 9 times, and done quite well in some of them.
  2. That can't be right - I thought he was unfit, can't run etc? Well done - smashing fella'.
  3. I've been lifting a few of those myself this summer.
  4. I think it's high time we pitched it then. Would love to see our show up in lights.
  5. Sounds like a Sky One character - The name of the programme would be 'The Rough'.
  6. That's a shame - their kids would have been beautiful.
  7. And Craig Cash between 'white eyebrows' and the Keeper?
  8. What's with the guy with the white eyebrows on the front row?
  9. Can't wait to see a bunch of fat middle-aged men in these soon. Might see some supporters wearing it too....
  10. You're not, I posted this ages ago on the Dopplegangers thread...
  11. Hooper came short, built up play, was very good with his back to goal, and timed his runs into the box. Gregory is all about his work in the box and hitting the front post.
  12. The whole debate about Moore needing to be more flexible highlights one of his weaknesses to me - we had the players (he actually signed them) to play a whole range of different systems, we had a squad very heavy on wingers, and just didn't play them, other teams, on much lower budgets, with much smaller squads could adapt their playing style and formation - we were pretty much stuck, even during games we very rarely changed things - he has to to better next season - not sign say Wilks and Anderson and try shoe-horning them into the wing-back positions....
  13. Palmer and Johnson on the left, with Hunt and Corbeanu on the right with have given us great balance, been solid going forward and back, and allowed a partner to play off Gregory - be that Berahinho, Patterson or whoever DM deemed best suited in that system. To enable the 3-5-2 - we had the ridiculous games (and lost points) of Johnson and Palmer as makeshift Centre-Backs - it was insane to shoehorn those players into those positions - having Bannan in a midfield 2, wouldn't be half as bad as having Johnson and Palmer in a back 3.
  14. He signed a shed-load of players that didn't fit his system, Corbeanu, Shodipo, NML - those wages could have gone elsewhere, or another formation could have been used, one that involves the abundance of wingers in the squad - a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 (with Gregory flanked by 2 of the wingers). To say he didn't have options is simply untrue - he chose not to use them.
  15. How many fingers Am I holding up? Good, now sniff them....
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