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  1. I know, but the OP said we got him on a free, we didn't - we paid a small fee for him, and then made a profit - which is kind of my point.
  2. Here is your expected usual response then. Why do some fans constantly attack our own fans, and tar them all with the same brush. All those other club's fans never get on their players backs - really? We have been remarkably patient for 20 odd years, more so than many other club's fan's would have tolerated.
  3. They've come here for the money and longer contract - let's not kid ourselves. I am very happy with our signings so far - but money talks even Neil Diamond knows that.
  4. Think we paid about 500k for Bannan, and was and still is the only realistic potential money-earner that we could have made a profit on (from the names you mentioned).
  5. Wrong way of looking at it. We are getting frees (with probably large signing on fees etc), but they are all old with no sell on fee. Now if you have good scouts, buying young up and coming players, then develop and sell them at a profit, that has to be better in the long run.
  6. It's hard to believe they are from the same county as us - scary.
  7. And you have to have blue platted hair - even Marge Simpson would struggle to get in.
  8. That is amazing. You deserve a Ivor Novello for that.
  9. What the flip has happened to Chris Martin since his conscious uncoupling?
  10. I actually like this new chant. Were are all signings aren't we, all signings aren't we Ole, Ole
  11. Yep, sums up my thoughts exactly - one of our longest serving players of all time, and if anything, appears to be improving with age, his endurance, stamina and positional sense have come on leaps and bounds - the coaching staff as well Palmer himself must take great credit in that.
  12. I thought he was mainly meh, not sorry to see him go.
  13. Because his contract expires then and he doesn't want to stay.
  14. If we sign Vaulks - and even then, there will be injuries and a minumum of 51 games to play - he will get plenty of game time.
  15. FDB will get plenty of games this season with us, no need to loan him out.
  16. In fact 14 games - I forgot about the cup games....
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