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  1. That's been doing the rounds on Facebook the last few days - Still think he will sign today and it is a load of round un's.
  2. Think the club said he had extra time off.
  3. Wouldn't that be logged as a fee on the company accounts though - it is an out-going expenditure?
  4. But why would we report as paying something, when we could have said we got him for nothing? Presumably, it will be listed somewhere on the company accounts - that has to be accurate (well in theory).
  5. Do you know the information then, was it zero? If you don't know, then we would have to assume we paid something, seeing as both clubs reported it as so.
  6. The whole point of this thread, from the OP, was about never paying a Transfer Fee again - if we paid anything, anything at all to Crystal Palace (not to Bannan) then we have paid a fee. The amount doesn't matter.
  7. It was reported as undisclosed, whether we paid 10p or 10m, a fee is still a fee.
  8. Bannan wasn't free. Other side of the coin - we paid fees for Joao and Hunt, and made a profit on them both. It depends on who you buy, not necessarily how you buy.
  9. All fair points, and I take them on board. But, as for not ever paying a fee again - do you really think that is realistic, bearing in mind we need to improve our position in the leagues (a promotion or 2) as well as having some sellable assets so we don't end up completely skint?
  10. Good stuff. My comment related to the names mentioned on the opening post from the OP - they were all towards the end of their careers, with the exception of Bannan and Hunt whom we paid fees for.
  11. Yep, I already acknowledged I was wrong - every footballer should have a unique name - that way I wouldn't have been wrong.
  12. So to get this right, I had to know you meant Hunt the second time round, even though you didn't know we paid a fee for Bannan - which is more common knowledge than the Hunt one? Getting players on frees, isn't sustainable, if it was that easy every club in football would do it. The key is a mixture of signings - but not signing young players on an upward trajectory, and then selling them on a huge profit is a sure-fire way to keep losing money. Most of the 'free' signings we make are older, have little or no re-sale value - then leave for nothing or retire (same thing).
  13. Not picking holes at all, and Am I meant to be a mindreader by knowing you meant signing him second time around? You said you would be happy to never pay a transfer fee again - I hope you like lower league football then?
  14. What's going on, Am I in an Hot Tub Time Machine?
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