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  1. Can tell you wouldn't know fashion if you were slapped across the face by a bloke in a Zegna suit
  2. I still think JvA has promise, if he'd had the game he had against United against anyone else, he'd have been forgiven the next day but because it was against United, and because of the manner of the defeat, it's still used as a stick to beat him, forgetting that he'd been the best player on the park the week before at Cardiff
  3. Don't understand why people compare him to big Dave, the reason Atdhe gets on the bench is because he's an absolute nuisance who can often change the game when brought on, as shown at Preston. Winnall has no technical ability, isn't a particularly great finisher and isn't quick or strong, offers my thing at all beyond being an average poacher.
  4. Dawson 7 Iorfa 6 Hector 7 Lees 7 Lazaar 6 Reach 6 Bannan 8 Pelupessy 7 Boyd 6 Hooper 6 Joao 7 FF 6 Matias 6 Onomah 6
  5. Could see Bruce moving for Diane, Odubajo and Marshall, he loves his old players
  6. Lino said that he couldn't tell which player handled, and that if he knew which one it was, they'd have gone
  7. In cm alone, they've got Armstrong, Cairney, McDonald, Mcginn, McTominay, Christie, McGregor, Jack, all are better than our options, hence why Bannan doesn't get a look in
  8. Maghoma - when he was playing under Gray at first, he was unreal, still remember him absolutely murdering Leeds in the 6-0 game, was never really the same after that injury he got off Al Habsi at Wigan, made a decent career for himself at Birmingham though so fair play to him
  9. Llera doesn't get enough credit, when he was first with us, he was actually quite decent on the ball, and his set pieces were top notch, but as he got older he just looked less and less confident
  10. Dawson 5 Palmer 6 Lees 6 Hector 7 Pudil 6 Thorniley 6 Penney 6 Onomah 7 Bannan 6 Reach 6 Fletch 6 Joao 7 Forestieri 6 Joey 6
  11. Think off the top of my head, the players who have songs are Westwood Thorniley Pudil JvA Pelupessy Bannan Lee Abdi Jones FF Winnall Joao Hooper Fletch Dave
  12. Far better player than Baker, just needs to sort his bloody fitness out
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