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  1. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Hooper vs Brum, if Barca would've scored that it would've been talked about for years
  2. Best XI since PL relegation.

    Solid defender, and unbelievable at crossing if a bit slow
  3. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    The two from the 11/12 promotion year are really underrated, loved the inter milan style stripes on the home kit and the owl on the grey kit
  4. FIFA 18

    Thought the school holidays were finished
  5. FIFA 18

    Think you're probably just bobbar at Fifa mate
  6. My own thoughts for what they are worth

    Don't forget to blame Almen Abdi too
  7. Penalty taker?

    Can't work out why two people in this thread have been negged for saying Fletch is a good penalty taker
  8. The drums on 'Miss Haversham' remind me of 'Sundown on the Empire', which is for me still their best song.
  9. Penalty taker?

    Fletcher, best penalty taker we've had in years
  10. Which areas are Wednesday

    Changed a bit now, maybe 65-35 Wednesday round here now
  11. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Anyone know when players are going to be doing the meet and greet stuff?
  12. Official Joost Van Aken signs

    Unless I'm being whooshed here, this is 4 years into an FM game
  13. MoM player ratings etc

    Jones kept the ball beautifully, won tackles and ran the game with Bannan
  14. MoM player ratings etc

    Westwood 7 Hunt 6 Lees 7 Pudil 7 Fox 6 Boyd 8 Bannan 8 Jones 8 Reach 8 Hooper 7 Fletch 8
  15. Abdi/Bannan

    You're obsessed ffs