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  1. Must say, I thought when he came back from his injuries he was very decent, had lost a yard of pace but was still mobile enough and had a real knack of popping up with a goal
  2. He's our only midfielder who can regularly turn and move the ball forward, raw in some areas but has more potential than anyone at the club, we'll sell him for serious money in the next 2 years
  3. Bloke is experienced, got promoted last year as captain of a team playing 3 at the back regularly, if he hadn't played for us before, people would be lapping this up
  4. It was funny, I was laughing my arse off in stand when he did it, need more stuff like that in football
  5. Lees was great until about 2018, then without Loovens to hold his hand, he regressed to a bottom half champ cb
  6. 11/12 away kit (16) is one I'm really fond of, mostly due to the memories that season, also the green one from 19/20 was a stunner imo, worst has to either be the IKEA kit from 17/18 or the black one from 10/11
  7. Somehow, judging by our formation for pretty much the entire time Moore has been here, we aren't after a solid back 4
  8. I thought Otsemobor came across as someone who knew he'd been in some daft situations in his time, but has grown up having come through some really tough times personally
  9. For most of the 11/12 and 04/05 teams (with a few notable exceptions like Brunt, Whelan and Antonio), it was the biggest and best achievement of their careers, showed what can be done by an organised team with good spirit and managers who understand what is required at the club
  10. Think last time I saw it happen at Hillsborough was when Neves scored against us for Wolves, reckon everyone worked out we were seeing a real special player
  11. The idea that Harris is better suited to lwb is a joke, only thing he has on Reach is being slightly quicker, but Reach can run all day, has probably the best cross after Bannan at the club and is better on the ball
  12. The idea that Fletcher and Reach are poor on the ball is an absolute joke
  13. I'd really fancy Celtic as I follow them as a 2nd team but reckon some of the morons would ruin the day out by spending the day singing about the Pope and what not
  14. We've come out in the second half to Send In The Boys by Milburn a good few times, as well as Blitzkrieg Bop and then a song by Bring Me the Horizon that I'm not familiar with
  15. I thought in his first season especially David Jones was a really underrated player, kept things ticking, but because he never had the flair of Bannan, goals of Lee or big tackles of Hutchinson, he never got the fans onside and was an easy scapegoat the next seasons when it went wrong
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