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  1. Shares quite a few clubs with Dave, quite interesting
  2. PuntItLikeDielna

    Reece Burke and Jordan Hugil

    Hugill is big, mobile, hard working and a decent finisher, if we lost Hooper and Rhodes, I'd happily have him
  3. Don't fancy a woman beater in the team thanks
  4. PuntItLikeDielna

    Joost Van Aken

    Was immense at Cardiff, pocketed Zohore, helped create the 1st goal and played an incredible ball for Fletcher when he missed that chance
  5. PuntItLikeDielna

    Worst/Best/Maddest Clearance at #SWFC

    Dielna and his flying hoofs
  6. PuntItLikeDielna

    On Debut

    New Barrack Tavern prematch
  7. PuntItLikeDielna

    Do we think George Boyd...

    He's not the player he was, but his movement and calmness under pressure is top class, he gets into brilliant positions all the time and did a good job playing lwb despite never having played there before, think he'll be a useful utility player next season
  8. PuntItLikeDielna

    Football Quiz players wanted

    1. USA 2. 3. 3rd 4. Casillas 5. Sutton Utd 6. 7. Ba 8. Anelka 9. 4 10. 3800?
  9. PuntItLikeDielna


    Tbf I've started supporting Morecambe as a second team , big fan of Kevin Ellison, and I'm fond of quite a few others across Europe
  10. I'll wave out of the window to em, great stuff
  11. Jordan Graham also tore us apart for Wolves the other year
  12. Rhodes whenever he played against us Abdi absolutely murdered us the other year for Watford Dan Bentley for Brentford has been great
  13. PuntItLikeDielna

    Future managers

    Dave, Loovens, Joey, Jones
  14. PuntItLikeDielna

    Norwich keeper

    He got clattered by his cb, he's hardly gonna hold onto the ball there
  15. PuntItLikeDielna

    Starting to see Jos’s style of play

    I love Joey and he's got a great future but, as long as Lee is the same player as before his injuries, he is not as good as Lee