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  1. I'd really fancy Celtic as I follow them as a 2nd team but reckon some of the morons would ruin the day out by spending the day singing about the Pope and what not
  2. We've come out in the second half to Send In The Boys by Milburn a good few times, as well as Blitzkrieg Bop and then a song by Bring Me the Horizon that I'm not familiar with
  3. I thought in his first season especially David Jones was a really underrated player, kept things ticking, but because he never had the flair of Bannan, goals of Lee or big tackles of Hutchinson, he never got the fans onside and was an easy scapegoat the next seasons when it went wrong
  4. Jacob Murphy for the first bit of his loan, couldn't stand him, got in my good books now though so I'll say Gary Teale
  5. Think both Atdhe's goals at Leeds have been good, Joao at Brentford was fun, but the best will always be the double away at Rotherham
  6. Won't be a common one but Norwich last year on Good Friday was great fun, entire away end oiled up, Fernando scoring a screamer, Honolulu Wednesday sung all game, proper day out
  7. Rochdale a few years back when the football was so bad our fans decided to take the advertising boards off the back of the stand apart instead
  8. I think I'd go route one tomorrow, 442 Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Börner Fox Murphy Lee Bannan Windass Wickham Fletch
  9. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Börner Fox Reach Luongo Murphy FF Da Cruz Wickham
  10. I think he's lost some of his pace due to injury, and still hasn't adapted his game properly to recognise this, hence getting caught out so much
  11. Or maybe it's just unrealistic? Even looking at a lot of the recent modern greats, you wouldn't be asking Busquets to play as an attacking cm, nor would you ask Xavi or Iniesta to play as a dm, just because a player can play one role in the middle doesn't mean they're automatically good at them all, we saw that last year at the beginning of the season when Jos tried to have Hutchinson pushing forward from cm
  12. The takes about 'they're earning X amount, therefore they should be able to play any role possible' are genuinely some of the worst things about our fans
  13. Glenn Loovens signing was the moment it all started to turn around for us, took us from relegation candidates to solid mid table to promotion contenders, brilliant captain and always made the cb next to him twice the player they usually were
  14. I think team wise, Watford have turned up a couple of times with the likes of Abdi, FF etc. and taken us apart, and I remember Bournemouth absolutely murdering us a while back. Player wise, Abraham has already been mentioned, as has Knockaert, but I also remember Marvin Sordell once absolutely taking us apart for Charlton a few years back
  15. I'm enjoying the people in this thread who still believe Carlos made the signings
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