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  1. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Anyone know when players are going to be doing the meet and greet stuff?
  2. Official Joost Van Aken signs

    Unless I'm being whooshed here, this is 4 years into an FM game
  3. MoM player ratings etc

    Jones kept the ball beautifully, won tackles and ran the game with Bannan
  4. MoM player ratings etc

    Westwood 7 Hunt 6 Lees 7 Pudil 7 Fox 6 Boyd 8 Bannan 8 Jones 8 Reach 8 Hooper 7 Fletch 8
  5. Abdi/Bannan

    You're obsessed ffs
  6. Dave Jones

    You sure you're not going to blame Abdi for the draw then?
  7. Yeah but they've got Chris O'Grady up front
  8. SQUAD NUMBERS 2017/18

    Not even Tom Soares?
  9. Goal celebrations

    It's always more mental away, at home, unless it's a mental timing or important game(Antonio vs Carlisle, Lee vs Bristol, Lees vs Newcastle). Away, limbs AOTS when we score
  10. Your left side, your right side

    Hunt, Boyd, Reach, FF
  11. Who has impressed or surprised in pre season

  12. Abdi Friendlies

    Ran the game 1st half
  13. West Stand clean up

  14. Almen Abdi

    Don't show Fibonacci, he'll be outside the training ground with a sniper rifle waiting for him
  15. Softest Wednesday Player Ever

    Wallace, Lunt, Nuhiu