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  1. PuntItLikeDielna


    I think R U Mine would be good to walk out to, or maybe Heavyweight Champion of the World
  2. PuntItLikeDielna

    Joao Injury?

    Sure I saw Joao at the game yesterday
  3. PuntItLikeDielna

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Yes, of course he chooses to be injured, nice one Owlstalk hivemind
  4. Wildsmith imo, capable of cracking saves and great with the ball at his feet
  5. PuntItLikeDielna

    3 strikers

    You post some proper bizarre poo on here honestly
  6. PuntItLikeDielna

    Song for away games ?

    No ta
  7. PuntItLikeDielna

    Royston Drenthe

    Huge amounts of ability but moving to Real early killed him, was great for us at times, totally one footed but could really whip a ball with his left, was quick, strong and stupidly skilful, I think if we'd have kept hold of him then he could've been interesting in Carlos' first season
  8. I'm not usually too bothered about England because we're usually the ultimate bottlejobs, but Southgate and his team have got everyone back on their side, and I've been watching the last few games as if they were Wednesday matches, not just another game
  9. I never said Fletcher is immobile, but he prefers to have the ball at his feet, Hugill almost prefers to chase it down
  10. To be fair Hugill is far more mobile than Fletch and Dave, he's more likely to chase balls down the channels and run in behind than be a static target man like the other two
  11. PuntItLikeDielna

    12m - 159k = £ -11,841,000 for swfc

    Is this another Dr Xia tweet?
  12. PuntItLikeDielna

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Most clubs nowadays offer this option, the £99 ones will be more tight fitting and actually meant for pro use, the others will be less tight and so more flattering for our chunkier fans
  13. div

    1. PuntItLikeDielna


      Nice and mature 

    2. The Claw
    3. PuntItLikeDielna


      Not sure why you've decided to put this on but I'm sure you enjoy a very happy life 

  14. PuntItLikeDielna

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Clive Betts talked about his experience travelling with us
  15. Shares quite a few clubs with Dave, quite interesting