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  1. Westwood is as important as Forestieri to our hopes of catching the top six, it absolutely bizarre that neither the manager nor chairman can see that. Wildsmith or Dawson should be the one(s) going out on loan.
  2. TrueOwl

    Gonna be a long old season

    Thinking about who we've got available and where our weaknesses and strengths are.... how about a X-mas tree formation? Dawson Baker Hutch Lees Thornily Jones Bannan Reach MM FF SF
  3. TrueOwl

    Fernando Forestieri

    Dawson Hutch Lees Pudil Baker Jones Bannan Reach MM LJ FF
  4. TrueOwl

    Marco Matias

    Here's a dumb thought... could he seriously be any worse than Palmer at RWB if his spot on the right or left is being occupied further upfield? Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  5. TrueOwl

    We Need A Sign.......

    I think that's a sign of the apocalypse.
  6. You got Almen Abdi spot on.
  7. TrueOwl

    Nuhiu isn't the answer

    I love Nuhiu but if Nuhiu is the answer the question is wrong. 40k Fletcher sat on his arse something is wrong with this picture.
  8. Chansiri's wealth was inherited sure but I thought he was supposedly a successful business man come international real estate developer. Elev8 + D Taxis!? The lack of commercial development since he has taken over is amazing. If the club started buying up, redeveloping the surrounding areas of Hillsborough as housing, commercial ventures, etc (something he is supposedly an expert at) and we had a genuine source of non match day income coming in we could heavily subsidize our losses and prices while we are stuck in this godforsaken league for the foreseeable. The club don't make money so they need to start investing in businesses that do make money or we are just going to go completely broke. The goal is to become financially self-sustaining without premier league tv money. In the long term non-football investment can be ploughed back into the squad and other matchday and non matchday ventures until we have the financial infrastructure to support a genuine tilt at the top flight without financially crippling a bunch of working men in one of the poorest areas in the country.
  9. If Sheffield Wednesday PLC started investing in Private Prisons in the USA we would have this put transfer embargo nonsense to bed in no time. On a serious note the club needs to start investing in non football revenue streams and ventures.
  10. Tickets don't even remotely cover wages. Fans just simply cannot prop up 20m+ losses annually before even spending a penny on new transfers and wages, It's got to come from the company. The only way a supposedly rich owner can funnel money in to the club is either by directly sponsoring naming rights and events or buying other companies under the Sheffield Wednesday holding company and listing them as assets/revenue which is what Ken Bates and McCabe,etc. do.
  11. TrueOwl

    Dingle Mick

    We need a ceo capable of finding a manager capable of building an entire squad on a couple of million like Warnock did last year. We don't have either that's patently clear.
  12. TrueOwl

    Forestieri the Striker

    It's not just a case of sticking him on the left and see what sticks the rest of the team needs to be set up to facilitate and accommodate his runs and or allow him to ghost. Something like this would be so much more effective than a back 5 with big man little man: Dawson Baker Hutch Lees Boyd Jones Reach Joao Bannan FF Fletch
  13. TrueOwl

    Dingle Mick

    He'd love Atty wouldn't he?
  14. TrueOwl

    Sam Hutchinson position

    Hutch at CB would earn that captain's armband over a season imo, Van Aken can't be any worse in CDM, he'd surely do less damage there as he'd have a brick wall behind him.
  15. That comment that somebody made earlier this week referencing the Swiss flag on his FUT card being emblematic of his fitness rating / injury status was frickin' genius.