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  1. We are gonna win

    Who doesn't love him but he's never done it in the league, even if we were set up to score goals I don't think he could score regularly for Barca in this division.
  2. We are gonna win

    You could buy the world bank with those odds.
  3. Wasn't he on 200k at man utd? Yeah, not happening.
  4. Forestieri

    Blowing bubbles? West Ham confirmed /kidding
  5. This season is like the footballing equivalent of Requiem for a Dream.
  6. Injured list

    Probably Van Aken, & Hunt after the last bobbar show against dem lot. Loovens came off early again, Wallace is supposedly ill. Christ we'll need a Hospital Wing soon. All these injuries at the same time is more than just a tad suspicious.
  7. Injured list

    at least a handful of these ******* are feigning injury to avoid the shame and embarrassment of blades gone wild part ii no doubt. Leon f--kin clarke stickin his irritating tong out in front of the pork, I'd rather go to the dentist than watch that... I don't actually blame em really.
  8. Megosaurus belongs in a museum along with Pulisaraus Rex, Warnotaurus, Alladactyl, McLiceratops, & Mcarthylosaurus.
  9. Anybody still feel sorry for Carlos?

    I'd love to play Carlos in the playoffs next year. How to Defeat Clueless: a Know how. We'll press high doubling up on their fullbacks and the lone-playmaker to restrict service to speculative hollywood/long balls and 60+% possession in their own half. We'll invite pressure so that their wee wee poor positional discipline will create acres of space we will exploit with genuine pace and physicality out wide and up top until they crumble as they'll be on their arses after 60 minutes and we won't have to worry about a plan B.
  10. Mclaren holds talks

    "Short up top, messy at the back, nothing in the middle and that's just his haircut".
  11. Common sense.....

    He's full of s*** and they're going down.
  12. I look forward to playing Swansea next year then
  13. Bullen had a dream ...

    He had no players so he had to get Doyen on the phone.
  14. Only negative today....

    Hooper is a big loss but I think Pudil looks more composed and his experience shows.