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  1. TrueOwl

    Matias wants to stay..

    It's says he's happy to sit on his arse and collect a cheque. Not the kind of player you want to get saddled with for another 3-4 years despite maybe showing a glimmer of talent maybe 3 times a season if that.
  2. TrueOwl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Barely played and wants to stay? What does that say? Even if he impresses in his last season we'd be mad to offer him an extension.
  3. I was looking at the Spain squad the other day and saw Rodri and nearly fell off my chair. Not the same one obviously, did have to check though.
  4. Anybody remember Kamil? Z----? Nope completely gone. That dozy kamikaze centre-half we had a squad player a while back he was pony.
  5. TrueOwl

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    If Fulham bottle the playoffs again then they're basically just a southern Derby County at this point. Before long the annual implosion has become a self fulfilling prophecy.
  6. Dean Smith would be a bit of a gamble, I think you could do better.
  7. None moreso than usual i'd say. I think the league will probably look a bit like this next season without too many surprises: West Brom - 100pts Middlesbrough - 90pts ----------------- Fulham - 86pts Wednesday - mid 70s Bristol City Derby County ------------------ Birmingham City Leeds United Millwall Preston Sheffield United Brentford Norwich City Swansea Stoke City Ipswich QPR Forest Hull City Reading Wigan ---------------- Blackburn Bolton Shrewsbury
  8. TrueOwl

    We Are Going Up.

    2nd best squad in the league without a single player in the team of the season? We're competitive for top six but still a long way off Autos. Would Joss have got Cardiff up I doubt it, expecting him to do a Warnock here is a little naïve.
  9. Wednesday getting promoted is surely a sign of the end-times, by the time we get there the top six will be in some European super-league and they'll be no money left in domestic football rights and we'll still get our asses handed to us by the likes of f--kin Burnley ffs.
  10. For practically 20 years across an entire continent. Someone should have a word with Interpol.
  11. With FF and Joao getting in behind, the focal point of our attack would be either wide player allowing the other to drift and support Hooper. Fletcher would be more of a hold up target man option where necessary. Rhodes is the only forward I can't see working in a front three.
  12. Hooper would make an excellent false 9 in this system imo.
  13. TrueOwl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    At this moment most would say Atdhe over Fletcher purely on value for money. That said if Nuhiu walks out on the club and Fletcher is our man next season then i'd back him all the way.
  14. TrueOwl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    I'd like him to stay but with Hooper and Fletcher returning next season it wouldn't be the end of the world even if he hit double figures elsewhere.
  15. TrueOwl

    Loovens on Sunday

    Is he starting a newspaper?