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  1. We need to sell at least 3-5 players a window to stay within the financial constraints and raise enough capital to re-invest in the squad under this owner or any other, that is the problem. Until our academy starts generating sellable assets consistently every season we have no other means of staying within the rules. Our gate receipts are irrelevant when they don't even cover wages
  2. That last header he scored was world class, there's no middle ground with Atty, when he has a purple patch he is unplayable, the other half of the season he's also unplayable but not in a good way. If he found consistency we'd be quid's in and he'd be sat on West Ham's bench.
  3. If these lot make it to the final I look forward to watching City put 8 past em.
  4. Given that they played pretty much their first team against Lincoln (Richarleson, Sigurdson, Schniderlin, Iwobi, etc.) I can't seem them putting out the kids against us.
  5. Sounds like a bizarre-o-word FIFA career mode transfer bid only even more rediculous because no random European club on FIFA or Football Manager would ever offer you anything close to that.
  6. Sounds like Bullen is the Chairman's eyes and eyes but in equal measure he is the voice of the players who clearly respect him. He is part of the furniture now. I would like to see him carve out a name for himself but he has always been there for us and should always be welcome at Hillsborough.
  7. We desperately need new coaches at the club Monk will be bringing in some new faces surely. Clotet deserves the chance to show what we could do but i'd certainly take him as an assistant if the stars align and Monk can bring him in.
  8. Bruce is yesterday’s man. He has as good a record as any in the championship but that doesn’t count for much - he has historically struggled in the prem and has one of the lowest win percentages in the premier league despite his experience over the likes of Monk. Monk imo so far has demonstrated more aptitude in the top tier and more promise than Bruce did at this stage of his managerial career. In terms of reputation I don’t think there is a lot in it and I genuinely think Monk could surpass Bruce as I don’t rate Bruce’s managerial career as being particularly successful.
  9. The EFL can't do diddly and they know it. The horse has already bolted.
  10. He's not Tony Pulis, we've dodged some reyt bullets with some of the names we we're being linked to, he knows the club and fans, Premier league and championship experience, not linked with Doyen, he could be exactly what we need. I think he has arguably a higher ceiling and standing than Bruce in British football. I wouldn't read too much into his time under Celino or Steve Gibson both a pair of weapons grade Bell ends.
  11. It seems most Wednesday managers since 2000 either never work again in football or end up lower down the pyramid. We've ended more careers here than cruciate ligament damage.
  12. It's the hope that kills you, and I'm not sure I have much left at this point, seriously down about Wednesday right now. we are not even standing still we are falling further and further behind ever season, do you have any hope or faith left in the club to turn this around at this point? Can you keep this going for another 20 years waiting for our next false dawn. Feels like we are back to square one again. All this bullen talk indicates we are we just going to give in and accept midtable championship survival until the money men switch off the tap. I'm serious when I say I doubt a the greatest manager of all time would succeed here.
  13. Think about it seriously, given that we have basically no budget without risking being in embargo and risking points deduction, half the league have obscene amounts of parachute money coming in and squads and wages structure so far beyond our own it's scary. We have a squad so unbalance and thrown together without any plan or thought. Basically no value in the squad, no prospects coming through, Ageing, injury prone Can you imagine the a manager in world football who could get a tune out of our squad? We have a board and infrastructure so backwards and unprepared we are going nowhere fast and no bugger with the credentials required to do the job will touch us with an eight foot pole unless they are in a bind and their currency has run dry. Bruce was 8th on the list for Newcastle and they only picked him because he was destitute and looking for a way out. The championship is the hardest second division in Europe and this is the hardest job in the football league I am absolutely convinced of that. A premier league survival challenge is clearly preferable to the Wednesday job.
  14. Probably the toughest test in football, i’m Not sure he could do it in his prime under the current ownership and financial constraints.
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