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  1. TrueOwl

    Sam Winnall

    I'd love to hear some of this round Hillsborough: Sam Winnall Sam Win-all SAM WINNALL Sam, Win it now! (To Queen's I Want it All)
  2. We probably tend to start Fernando in the harder games
  3. TrueOwl

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    Nothing wrong with being a feisty wee man
  4. TrueOwl

    Team for midweek

    Dawson Hector Lees Pudil Baker Onomah Pessy Reach Penny Joao Fletcher
  5. TrueOwl

    Matias or Reach

    Adam Reach and the Giant Peach
  6. TrueOwl

    Passing out from the back

    Sooner or later if we do it enough we're going to get less poo at it? Right?
  7. TrueOwl

    Still an out from me

    That is a good point in that we're grinding out results, and keeping in touch at our lowest ebb. We're set up for a marathon not a sprint and Leeds will not be able to keep up this intensity for a full season and they're already picking up serious injuries. Can they grind out results on the back foot without playing at this intensity? When they do run out of puff they'll be in the same state Brighton were when we knocked them out of the play offs with Hooper and Lee back in the side.
  8. Everybody keeps saying this is a transitional season but if we end up having to gut half the squad at the end of the season... what are we transitioning to... lower mid table fodder?
  9. TrueOwl

    Barry Baninio

    Zinedine Bannan
  10. TrueOwl

    Barry Baninio

    Barry Bannaldinho. Barry Banniesta
  11. TrueOwl

    Where can this team finish?

    Between 12th-6th depending on selection, fitness & availability of the likes of Hooper, Lee with FF, Joao, & Onomah clicking, keeping Bannan fit for 48 games and figuring out what on earth to do with Reach.
  12. TrueOwl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Been going 20 and he's the best I've ever seen at Hillsborough. Who's do you rate higher than Westwood? Tim Krul? Mannone? Pantilimon?
  13. I think we decided on the spurs lad instead.
  14. TrueOwl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    This situation is ridiculous. Of course he was out of form last season he was playing through injury before a very long layoff. If you don't think Westwood is the best keeper in the league you're a blade or have a short memory. Back to back club clean sheet records and this is how we treat him.
  15. TrueOwl

    The Abdinator!

    Sounds like something off Best of the Worst, an 80's straight to VHS homage to Predator.