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  1. It was a Premier League job on considerably more money, he would have been a fool to turn it down.
  2. Would anybody give up booze at half-time for unlimited investment?
  3. Saudi Arabia are in the market for an English football club, that's a positive. Kinda. We've got to be on that short list.
  4. If the fans ran our club, Kevin Keegan would be appointed on Monday, sacked on Tuesday and the money would have run out on Wednesday.
  5. Monk Out de de de de de de de de de de de Monk Out
  6. Realistically speaking, he's got until mid December to turn this around as that is usually how long it takes the chairman to realize what every man and his dog could see months ago. We'll thank him for his service in a club statement on the website and part amicably. Bullen will then take over for a couple of weeks - we'll win a couple before collapsing around boxing day and then appoint the next unknown journeyman until the end of the season who will achieve safety with about 2 weeks to go as it turns out the squad isn't actually half as bad as Monk is making it look and the bottom half of th
  7. Patterson is not a centre-forward. It's like having Tom Lees up front.
  8. £8m would cover about half of our annual losses and in exchange they basically make the playoffs un-winnable and the championship even harder. No thanks. The EFL needs to negotiate better TV deals for the championship with Sky and BT that is all that is necessary in order to raise more funds for the EFL.
  9. What would you have to do to win this prestigious honour? We’re not going to make league cup winners / sixth / seventh place in the prem play in this poo are we?
  10. Can you imagine how poo a poor man's Europa League would be? Maybe start a pre-season play-off competition for a Europa League spot for the teams automatically promoted from Europe's best second tiers. Imo, the League Cup should be for domestic teams who haven't qualified for Europe. Allow clubs to negotiate loan deals for youth players outside of transfer windows so that academy graduates from English clubs in European Competitions can gain the league and league cup experience they need to progress their careers.
  11. to tell the whole joost, and nothing but the joost? So help you, Monk?!
  12. I joost van aken take any more anticipation. C'mon Wednesday!
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