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  1. Anyone got any hobbies?

    We should sell half game tickets for half price and you get to miss the first half as a bonus... we'd do gangbusters.
  2. Something isn't right

    Regardless of opposition it's conceding first within the first 30mins that is the main problem, we concede soft cheap goals due to lack of defensive organisation and defensive cover in midfield and then we're under severe pressure due to expectation. Bannan had acres of space against Leeds because they didn't press us like the Relegation fodder fighting for survival usually does. When teams press us in numbers we lack the pace to punish them on the counter so teams have no reason not too and we have no answer for when they do. Rhodes ate up all of our transfer budget this year which is why we lack midfield options. We also wait far to late to make changes to shape and personnel.
  3. Something isn't right

    He's got two promotions from this league on his CV, spent best part of 20 years in the premier league and he's available and realistic right now. By no means is he my first choice but the man's a motivator who is looking for a short term contract and could fit the bill until a better long term prospect becomes available. I strongly believe he would get us doing the basics at least and not put up with these poor individual performances. He's also well connected and could bring in some proper football people to assist with the football side. Might be a good shout for director of football.
  4. Something isn't right

    If Harry Redknapp would work for free for a couple o' months just to land the job on a provisional basis with a view to a rolling deal like Carlos I'd consider him. Last chance saloon time for us both but he plays attacking direct football, he knows a good signing, promotion and prem experience and Brum are utter dogger but he did keep them up and I would be interested to see what he could do with our squad on this basis if he would come.
  5. Both because they play vastly different roles. Nuhiu is the backup for Fletcher, Rhodes is cover for Hooper and Joao is Plan B.
  6. The Top Six

    It's easy to forget that we've faced most of the current Top Six (form) sides already within the first 10-11 games so while many of these sides won't make the cut our run so far has been arguably the hardest in the league. Wolves are the only team in the current top 6 who will challenge for automatic imo. We're only 2 points off Boro and if this continues for the rest of the season I agree with Carlos - we'll be going up. Boro, Wolves and Villa are the real competition this year, the rest are pretenders who will be found out eventually. Hull also look dangerous.
  7. Left side of a front 3 diamond after 65mins. Wild / West Palmer Lees Loovens Reach Butterfield Lee Bannan Hooper Fletch FF
  8. Papering over the cracks?

    I think it was seeing the chairman that put the fear of god in him. Having said that as good as we were Leeds had a mare and their keeper was horrendous.
  9. Did We Bounce?

    I hear bouncing season starts officially in January at Bramhall Lane. From that day forth it shall be known as Bouncing Downtown Bramhall Lane.
  10. £80 per game

    Don't be giving DC any funny ideas Carlos.
  11. The Missing Ingredient

    Forestieri hot sauce with a side of poached Nuhiu?
  12. Aitor Karanka

    Karanka would be pretty much a like for like replacement but he's certainly not the answer for me. He's a prickly and abrasive character who if I remember correctly had bust ups during training, walked out twice during his tenure at Boro before he was fired because he couldn't handle pressure and criticism and fans and chairman were fed up with his safety first, defensive sit-back after 1-0 twaddle he served up and were desperate for him to leave. He's been out of work for a reason. He's not a fan of Reach or Rhodes and might demand more say over transfers so he might not be as wasteful with the transfer budget but i'm not sure how much of it is left now. If we're 10 points adrift by mid October I'd consider it but for now we already have a pragmatic defensive manager who has demonstrated we can come back from worse and just about scrape together enough of a run to make the playoffs season after season. If we are picking a new manager at the end of the season I would want a drastic change of direction and would stay well clear of Karanka.
  13. Jordan Rhodes

    It's Hooper's fault for being in such good form lately. Now Joao is vying for Fletcher's spot I can't see him getting much opportunity before Christmas. If Carlos get's some wingers in the January sales maybe he might keep Hooper out the side but I doubt it. Maybe his job is to keep Hooper on his toes and firing and if that is the case he's doing great.
  14. Team for Sunday

    I'd rather him get minutes and develop his passing and positional skills than be sat on the bench. If Loovens got injured again mid-game we could always move him back to CB.
  15. Team for Sunday

    Well he is Dutch and he seems to have the right attributes, I wouldn't be surprised if we could convert him into the ball playing enforcer we've all been asking for for years.