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  1. He did feature off the bench at the weekend but it’s January and he needs a loan deal and I’ll be surprised if no other championship club makes a move for him unless he is not eligible for another loan deal as suggested.
  2. Wichkam isn’t happening. Let’s get Nketiah in on loan before somebody else does. He’s raw and although Beilsa didn’t rate him, he’s pacy, can play on the wings, he’s tricky, he’s creative and he can finish, he’s available, he’s affordable and he’s a realistic target.
  3. If it's an option to buy then we've got nothing to lose, especially if they will contribute to his wages.
  4. What if we sell DTaxi's and Elev8?
  5. Could pay for himself if he gets us over the line.
  6. No comment is basically official confirmation these days. With Connor Wickham back in this squad fighting for his professional career we will make top-six and looking at the oppo this is our year. The EFL will more than likely issue us a fine not a points deduction given we are the 3rd to 4th club to do this and we will likely take the EFL to court over this and we will probably win given precedent. By that point we will be in the premier league so who cares,
  7. Very forward thinking club is Leeds could be wrong but I think you can infer from that video that they've combined the singing and the disabled section together.
  8. Guess it's just the price you pay Destiny is calling me Open up our eager eyes Osaze Urhoghide
  9. It's worth trying. Agree with Borner and Hutch being very composed and suited to it. Lees is no frills and with 2 other CBs that takes the pressure off him in terms of delivery and organization. As long as Lees is not the lynchpin and he is being martialled by Borner I think he could work in a three. In any event I think we now have enough quality CB and wide options to seriously consider 3-5-2.
  10. We're hollow in the middle and getting constantly out battled and out fought because we're being out-numbered and don't have a midfield pair and natural wingers to make it work. 3-5-2 with this blend of players you can see the potential for overloads all over the pitch particularly on the left. It suits the squad better. Iorfa at RWB would give us pace and width we are crying out for.. He's wasted at CB with the other options we have. Possibly substitute Reach at LWB for Palmer for his defensive qualities but Reach would offer more there in terms of delivery than where he does presently as a roaming who the f--k knows. Three experienced CBs with Luongo ahead of them would give Bannan and Lee more license to get involve higher up the pitch. Westwood's kicking is far better, he's more vocal and better at organising the defence for set pieces. Give Fletcher the captaincy because arm band or no he is our captain. Our other attacking options are dog turd, try giving Harris a free-role until Forestieri returns and let them battle it out.
  11. I genuinely believe we could challenge Leeds for second if we set up like this (3-5-2): Westwood* Lees Borner Hutch Reach Bannan Luongo Lee Iorfa Fletcher(c) Harris *if available
  12. We might as well, it feels like we already are
  13. Are Nottingham Forest daft enough to take him on loan?
  14. I bet non of us have ever heard of his next club.
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