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  1. TrueOwl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Foresteri has a habit of getting suspended or 'injured' during December and spending Christmas at home in Argentina every season. Most curious.
  2. TrueOwl

    Dear Mr chansiri

    On the plus side Jordan Rhodes is going to smash em in in League One, every cloud.
  3. TrueOwl

    Nigel Pearson

    He's our nutter though.
  4. I picked Jokanovic out of those choices but realistically he wouldn't come because it's an impossible job as he wouldn't get the budget he would need. The promotion dream is dead. We're rebuilding from scratch for the next 3-4 years assuming Chansiri can sustain outrageous losses in definitely which I wouldn't bank on. The only way out of this mess is Administration roll on the next chancer. Until that happens might as well get Megson back for what difference it will make until somebody turns the tap back on.
  5. TrueOwl

    Does God hate us?

    God is your subconscious. Do you hate us?
  6. We've been treading water since he's been here, he's not turning this around that's been clear for at least 2-3 games now. Fan and players alike look ready for a change. He's faced some tough challenges sure - the squad is aging & unbalanced but he's making bloody hard work of it and half of it is his own doing in burning bridges with senior players. In all the time he's been here he still feels like a caretaker appointment. As the public face of our club he's letting us down massively in this regard and it's affecting the tone and atmosphere around the club. He's honesty is appreciated but he's dour and uninspiring, a poor communicator who has struggled to communicate any kind of vision or cultivate any sort of relationship with the fanbase and as a result there is very little goodwill or bond with the fans which is unacceptable in this day and age at these prices and under these circumstances. In times like this you need character and he's shown nothing in his to suggest he deserves any more time than any other failing manager in this cut-throat league in our poo or bust season. There's nothing on the field you can point to either that suggests he's an effective motivator who can change a game, to suggest he's a defensive organized either - there's no discernible style of play or evolution in tactics that gives you any kind of reassurance that there is a plan or vision which he is yet to adequately communicate. Jos, give us something, anything I can get behind Christ it's boring and depressing watching Wednesday right now.
  7. TrueOwl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    He did bend it, the lift it had, the angle it was one of the most beautiful goals I've ever seen.
  8. TrueOwl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Nuhiu for that chip goal that came from a corner. Pretty sure that's the best thing he's ever done period.
  9. Take the top six out of the premier league and the money and media interest will follow them out of the country. Sky will go bankrupt and the PL will be no more profitable than Rugby League.
  10. TrueOwl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    I can see that happening but Hutch has been trying to do a Ramos this season getting forward more most definitely to detriment of our shape and not what we need from him. There's no reason why under a decent coach why Hutch and Hector couldn't be a rock solid base of a midfield 5. The problem with Bannan coming so deep is that Tom Lees is the linchpin of our attack. Hutch is much more composed on the ball and can deliver diagonal balls quite well, Hector and Hutch are a much better option which should allow Bannan to play in a more advanced role because between Hutch and Hector I can our days of being overrun and carved open constantly coming to an end. Honestly if we're playing Hutch and Hector in front of our defence and we're still getting overrun it's not the players it's the tactics.
  11. TrueOwl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Imagine Hutch and Hector sitting in front of our backline, what a pairing that could be: Westwood Palmer Lees Pudil Penny Hector Hutch Reach Bannan MM/FF Joao
  12. TrueOwl

    Time to just stand up.......

    We'll bounce again. Don't know where, don't know when but I know we'll bounce again one derby day.
  13. TrueOwl

    Something has changed

    We've been poor all season to be honest but without Matias or Nando we are basically a one man team and the entire league knows it.
  14. TrueOwl


    Atdhe needs a run to get going. He goes from absolute pony to to championship Zlatan in about 12 games, but he usually gets hooked before he makes it to 12 games.
  15. TrueOwl


    I don't think Colin would do any better with this squad and without shifting the high earners/deadwood wages off the books he wouldn't be able to bring in what he would need even for modest transfer fees. It's going to take about 2 years before we can go again so there's no point in making a Warnock type appointment just yet.