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  1. Credit where it’s due, as such.
  2. We would have to overturn the -12 point deduction by game 8 to stay on track for 50 points.
  3. 62 points to stay up is 1.35pts per game and a comfortably mid table performance over the season. It's frustrating but it's not the end of the world. Another season of consolidation before we can start challenging again.
  4. Positives: We were never going to challenge for promotion this year anyway We're not in League One We're not under transfer embargo Complete squad overhaul can proceed unimpeded Full transfer window and pre-season to bed in new squad Clean slate for Garry Monk Plenty of gash teams who wont reach 50 points Things can only get better from here
  5. The Premier League is run by the elite clubs who have blocked this bid because if it went through the likes of Spurs and Arsenal would no longer be part of the conversation and it would unseat the current top four. EFL are more of a horse and pony show who would have no vested interest in the deal and a club like us in the championship would be considerably cheaper and easier to get over the line. If they are looking to revive a formerly great club in a deprived area then there would be plenty of takers down here.
  6. Anyone else think we either need to make the blue darker, or adjust the colour scheme in some other way to fit the shirt design?
  7. The only issue I have with the current badge on the home shirt is that while the colour is traditional it clashes with the rest of the shirt. Either make it royal blue or bring back the minimalist crest.
  8. We're a shocking side with Bannan in it. Without Bannan we would be have finished this season below Hull.
  9. If we're going to get rid of Monk then do it quickly, along with Bullen. Consider bringing in Danny Cowley early doors, along with his full coaching staff while still on the market. -Imo he's a perfect fit for a complete rebuild on a limited budget, League One experience. If we stay up, tie down Iofa to a longer contract and make Bannan captain. Listen to offers for all other senior players. Cut all ties with dodgy foreign recruitment companies and agents. Bring in an experienced DOF like Steve Walsh to rebuild our recruitment and management team.
  10. D Taxis has been coming soon since 2017. These fake companies have got to be some kind of money laundering front. If you willing spend money on that app, you're probably on some kind of watchlist.
  11. If you don't hate Warnock, you're a blade. I don't think i've ever seen a man enjoy being hated quite as much as him.
  12. If we do get relegated to League One it might be worth breaking the ginger safety glass.
  13. Monk is not a good fit for us at this moment. At any other club he would have been sacked already. This squad is more than capable of securing safety by now and if -12 points will see us relegated then it has been a disastrous season and he hasn't shown anything to suggest he is capable of turning this ship around at this level without significant investment which is task at hand. Id only renew if we get relegated as it is his mess to put right and my vote is reflective of that.
  14. Ha ha. They are the bloody Legion of Doom. Damn beuro-terrorists is what they are. Spot on.
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