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  1. Parachute payments are not so much about protecting clubs and players from the immediate fallout of relegation (the stated goal) than they are about protecting investors and providing a platform to drive borrowing in the championship. The goal is not to create an even playing field, the goal is to make money and you can't do that by forcing these clubs to hand over their cheques to the staff.
  2. Parachute payments are a nightmare for us right now but we will be a recipient of them soon enough. What they actually do is make the premier league and our league less pony as the sustained investment in the fodder has created a better pipeline of upstarts than any other country's leagues. Without that platform clubs would not be able to bridge the financial gulf between the two leagues. A salary cap would see the gap in quality between the championship and premier league take off like a rocket and turning off the tap to clubs like us make the chances of a club like us making that transition from our position to competitive premier league side over time with our resources next to impossible.
  3. Emergency loan signings from League One who aren’t pony with a view to building for next season is what I would hope for, the league will surely open the loan window again or relax restriction in some way. What will probably happen is bare minimum of short term extensions (while still shifting on the high earning deadwood) to get us over the line
  4. As a Cb in a three at the back under Dross I was just thinking of the most defensively suspect line up I have seen but there are admittedly better candidates
  5. Dawson Van Aken Pudil Reach Hunt S. Clare Pessy Abdi Boyd Rhodes Matias
  6. He’d happily take us down and get paid for doing so, are you mad?
  7. Every other year an un-fancied, yet well-drilled, workman-like team, assembled on a budget by a hard-nosed-b*****d in an unfashionable part of the country makes it to the promise land. The bottom half of premier league is full of these teams and has been for years. Finding the right man is not rocket science as much as DC makes it look like that with his innovative broken-clock style approach to managerial and back-ground appointments. The thing is the right men won't touch this job because they have a basic grasp of common sense. It's frustrating as hell, I dread to think who's next on the out-of-work journeyman rolodex, gotta-collect-em all! Monk is yet another dud, and we are a burning train-wreck of a club that keeps finding new ways to catch fire and meltdown it's oddly captivating. We're trapped in a time anomaly where football hasn't moved on since we were relegated and the transfer window hasn't been invented yet. It ain't dull unlike the football. DC will either get it right eventually or he will be forced to sell for exactly the amount of value he has added to this club in the time that he has been here being the square root of f--k all at this point. When was the last time watching Wednesday didn't feel like a boring chore? 2016?
  8. If it's an option to buy then we've got nothing to lose, especially if they will contribute to his wages.
  9. Could pay for himself if he gets us over the line.
  10. No comment is basically official confirmation these days. With Connor Wickham back in this squad fighting for his professional career we will make top-six and looking at the oppo this is our year. The EFL will more than likely issue us a fine not a points deduction given we are the 3rd to 4th club to do this and we will likely take the EFL to court over this and we will probably win given precedent. By that point we will be in the premier league so who cares,
  11. Very forward thinking club is Leeds could be wrong but I think you can infer from that video that they've combined the singing and the disabled section together.
  12. Guess it's just the price you pay Destiny is calling me Open up our eager eyes Osaze Urhoghide
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