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  1. 1. 2020 accounts published 2. 2021 season ticket credits issued 3. Unpaid wages issues resolved 4. Ongoing financial obligations met 5. Club put up for sale for market value
  2. Honestly, I can see the club facing a winding up order and going for £1 again.
  3. I could see Vardy as a future Wednesday manager maybe.
  4. We go through managers like it's going out of style. We've got more chance of being promoted next season then Moore making it past Christmas, especially if we start poorly which is a given at this point.
  5. Your only as big as your commercial revenue these days and we don’t produce that, or anything thing else of note which explains why we are where we are in so many words.
  6. Not that we've got a pot to pee in but if we had an owner capable of raising investment and planning, relegation to League One would be an excellent opportunity to close and renovate a stand e.g. Leppings Lane over a season, we could stick the bus full of away fans on some temporary terracing where the derelict overspill section is while construction is underway. Over a couple of seasons we could renovate and modernize Hillsborough one stand at a time while we rebuild the rest of the club for the future.
  7. At this point it's clear that he needs outside investment, but would you give this man money? If so you belong in the padded cell next door.
  8. He’s a strange fellow. A bad mix of pigheaded ignorance and arrogance, awful judgment married with unwarranted personal pride and complete detachment from reality. He seems to have learned literally nothing over the last half decade having made every textbook mistake in the book and he seems to be getting worse at running a football club - if that is even possible at this point. If anything he seems to be getting even more erratic and non-sequitur and the club is in such a state now, the prospect of finding a buyer is practically zero. it going to take years of arbitration and intervention from regulators to get rid of him and until then the club will continue it’s slide down the toilet.
  9. Sacking Tony Pulis has cost us our championship status. He had a tough start but it’s not how you start it’s where you finished and if anybody we have appointed this season could have sorted out this mess it was him by a country mile,
  10. Newcastle United or Brighton might not be a bad shout but i'm not sure Wilder would be seen as a significant enough upgrade on Bruce or Potter.
  11. He will go to a championship club with parachute money, Probably West Brom, or Bournemouth. He might even reach the heady heights of next Burnley manager. I could see him managing Celtic maybe.
  12. Let's go for five in a season. That's the target for me, not staying up.
  13. I suppose the only real question at this point is... is Chansiri's decision making more broken than a broken clock? Would we be better off letting Football Manager pick our next manager?
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