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  1. I had a dream last night....

    Roy Fecking Keane.
  2. Carlos is like the old family pet that is stinking up the place, pooing all over the carpet but the family are too sentimental to have it put down. It's only cruel to let it continue on like this.
  3. Dean Smith if he'll come. No pressure or expectation till the end of the season, given a decent budget and ample time to assess the squad and build for next year I can see him defining his career with us
  4. I think he's contracted a major case of the Carlos-blues and he's being shutout because Clueless has no idea how to utilise him. I will not be surprised if all these supposedly injured players are suddenly fighting fit and back in contention the moment Carlos leaves.
  5. Loovens & Van Aken

    I'd play him at CDM ahead of the likes of Jones for the time being to help develop his all round game first like Hutch did as it could be the making of him while filling in a position and adding that bit of steel and protection we so desperately need.
  6. It just seems daft!

    It's sods law if he stays he'll never develop here, if he leaves on a free he'll end up England captain we're that bloody cursed or incompetent.
  7. Wallace a winger ?

    As others have said it’s the tactics not the player. IMO he is clearly very left footed and one-paced so playing him on the right is severely limiting his ability to deliver crosses. Of course wingers can switch in attack but he has no pace for that and defences know he HAS to cut in side and is usually forced into shooting so playing him there is doing nobody any favours. If we want to give Hooper a more advanced role we could try Wallace at the tip of a diamond or in a 5 with Hooper feed up (+1 ahead) as he might be able to deliver through balls more effectively from there and hooper would be able to get on the end of them.
  8. Pulis is unrealistic and imo we might as well just get Megson back if you want Tony Pulis football. It depends on the budget situation... if we're back to salad days then I could bare another Megson but I'd rather appoint a former attacking midfielder/forward who would be capable of building an exciting team around Forestieri... somebody like a Giggs, Overmars or Bergkamp.
  9. No, I still genuinely believe Carlos can string together enough 3-5 game runs with this squad that will see us keep pace with the playoff places as we have done for the last two years but that wasn't the goal this year and now any hope of competing for automatic promotion is gone and it's clear that we've stagnated under Carlos and need a new direction by the end of the season.
  10. While he was clearly trying to rationalise his departure from Bayern after 3 years at the time I think it's probably conventional wisdom now as 3 years is typically regarded as a successful reign and most big clubs have adopted the director of football model seeming so they can rotate their managers more regularly. It would explain the 'Mourinho cycle' and to an extent Sir Alex's reign as he typically changed his head coach, backroom staff every couple of seasons to change direction while keeping the same spine of players for beyond 3 years and was more like a director of football before time than a typical manager today.
  11. Anyone got any hobbies?

    We should sell half game tickets for half price and you get to miss the first half as a bonus... we'd do gangbusters.
  12. Something isn't right

    Regardless of opposition it's conceding first within the first 30mins that is the main problem, we concede soft cheap goals due to lack of defensive organisation and defensive cover in midfield and then we're under severe pressure due to expectation. Bannan had acres of space against Leeds because they didn't press us like the Relegation fodder fighting for survival usually does. When teams press us in numbers we lack the pace to punish them on the counter so teams have no reason not too and we have no answer for when they do. Rhodes ate up all of our transfer budget this year which is why we lack midfield options. We also wait far to late to make changes to shape and personnel.
  13. Something isn't right

    He's got two promotions from this league on his CV, spent best part of 20 years in the premier league and he's available and realistic right now. By no means is he my first choice but the man's a motivator who is looking for a short term contract and could fit the bill until a better long term prospect becomes available. I strongly believe he would get us doing the basics at least and not put up with these poor individual performances. He's also well connected and could bring in some proper football people to assist with the football side. Might be a good shout for director of football.
  14. Something isn't right

    If Harry Redknapp would work for free for a couple o' months just to land the job on a provisional basis with a view to a rolling deal like Carlos I'd consider him. Last chance saloon time for us both but he plays attacking direct football, he knows a good signing, promotion and prem experience and Brum are utter dogger but he did keep them up and I would be interested to see what he could do with our squad on this basis if he would come.
  15. Both because they play vastly different roles. Nuhiu is the backup for Fletcher, Rhodes is cover for Hooper and Joao is Plan B.