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  1. We are the Tom Lees Preservation society God bless kick and rush, 442 and variety God save sheffield wednesday and our championship status Preserving the old ways from being abused Protecting the new ways for me and for you What more can we do
  2. Pep clearly rates him. He might be worth bringing in if we could secure some quality loan signings from City.
  3. Is he ad supported or will we have to pay for the pro version?
  4. Pulis absolutely could have worked out had circumstances been different. Even now we are a couple of wing backs and attacking players short of getting a tune out of this rabble. Had we brought him in instead of Monk we would not be where we are now I'm absolutely sure of that.
  5. Chansiri, disillusioned with 18 months of Monkball wanted exciting attacking football and his so his "advisors" recommended Tony Pulis because reasons. Against his better judgement having had previous reservations about appointing Pulis last year he made the appointment because Pulis was a strong character who was good at pressers and had reassured Chancer that he was tactically astute pragmatic manager who adjusts his tactics to suit the opposition which appears to have gotten lost in translation. Unsurprisingly to anybody but Chansiri, Pulis turned out to be a divisive figure in the dressing
  6. The biggest problem from the very outset was that there was never a plan to begin with. There is nothing to buy into or get behind after 5 years we still don't have an identity either on or off the field. He still doesn't understand us, and he doesn't care to. Language barrier not withstanding, he is a poor communicator who has never directly or via an intermediary communicated a clear mission statement besides vague platitudes about promotion. He's disenfranchised students, and the young, working class fans, small and medium sized local businesses, fired anyone who disagreed with him and com
  7. Derby we’re never going to go down, we only have to do better than Wycombe, Rotherham, & Coventry to stay up.
  8. Sceptical, but optimistic if we can get this done. He may take a while to get back up to speed again but you need characters to get out of a situation like this and I have no doubt that having Hutch back in the side we will keep better shape and have more chance of holding on to a lead.
  9. We gambled as our investment in players was no where near the level of investment that Wolves undertook. They were signing players capable of competing for Europe in the premier league we gambled on might be good enough to get us up. Looks like we need to find our own Wilder or Dyche. If we sign enough managers we’ll stumble on one eventually, not because we know what we’re doing just law of averages really.
  10. If Burnley can sustain a Premier League club for a decade so can we.
  11. How long did it take the Wolves or Blades to go from league one to the PL? Probably 3 years of year on year honest to god progress. The wheels are falling off now for them but you don’t even need investment to get out of this league, the manager is the by far the most important man at the club and ours is taking us backwards from Monk, work that one out.
  12. If we don't get the players we need in January we might as well sack him if he hasn't resigned by 1st Feb and prepare for League One.
  13. "If I owned an English club, which I don't and which I'd never do, I'd sign Tony Pulis. It's as simple as that, I would make Tony Pulis manager because he is a guarantee of delivering what a club wants. He never managed a club that wants to be champions. He never managed a club that wants a top four place. He's always managed clubs who want to survive and who want stability, and he's mathematic: what the club wants, he gives." - Jose Mourinho. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3083386/Jose-Mourinho-owned-English-club-make-Tony-Pulis-manager-guarantee-delivering-clu
  14. Here's hoping we're still in the division next year. If Pulis can't keep us up we feely are fizzed.
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