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  1. I enjoy watching City dismantle the likes of Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff et al who are basically no mark football league teams in the prem who aim no higher than 17th and only spend when they get relegated the shithouses exploiting a financial loophole keeping us stuck in the flipping championship forever while they stink up the fixture list with their turgid poo .
  2. Hope we give him Hooper’s old song if he earns it next season, I Joost Van Aken get enough of Joost de de de de de...
  3. He's good on Football Manager that's about it. Got promoted with him as my RCM in 4-3-3, Joao was top scorer in the league we absolutely walked it, Bannan was POTS and I converted Thornily into a LB and he got into TOTS.
  4. I’ll never stop being Wednesday but there are times particularly over the last couple of years when I just can’t be bothered anymore. flipping tired of waiting for us to get our poo together for over 20 years now. When we’re getting outplayed and outfought plodding along yer again barely a shot on target holding on like fizz the fought does occur to me I could be watching Man City right now actually enjoying the football and probably for less money. Things are looking up atm but if Bruce doesn’t work out I think we probably have to accept that the dream is dead under present ownership and if you’re okay with that then credit to you but my support has limits.
  5. Waiting until we're absolutely forced to sell for rock bottom and / or the contracts are cheaper. They're on a good wedge for championship players also. To be honest I don't think 12m - 15m for Adam Reach or Bannan or Forestieri would be worth it to a lower prem yoyo club. There's not much obvious value in our squad beside maybe Penny or Thornily.
  6. Worthy of a one year deal at least. He's not been value for money, he's had a rough time getting adjusted but he's certainly not deadwood we should be looking to bin off. His off the ball work rate and positional sense is fantastic and he's added goals and vital clearances to his game. He's getting better every time we see him, he's cunning, he clearly knows how to work a ref/third official and get into the right spaces - exactly what we need as a squad player who can fill in both in wide and up front. I don't know what more you could ask of him, and I still think we've yet to see the best of him - partially his fault, partially the poor managerial appointments we've made. I think under the right manager if we can get him and FF working together and firing that would be something to see.
  7. After paying his wages for the last 2 years if he comes back in January and plays regularly til the end of the season we would be mad to not offer him at least a one year deal. Given his age and injury history I doubt he would get a better offer.
  8. If Sheffield Wednesday plc started buying businesses surely those assets / external revenue sources would be listed and included on the balance sheet and p/l statements? Knowing Wednesday I bet we’d somehow find a way to lose money on Casinos and Sports betting companies as the one’s we’d associate ourselves with would be dodgy as fizz.
  9. Can you imagine Roy feckin' Keane working under these conditions? For any club it would be a massive risk but if it worked out it would be fookin' glorious .
  10. 5 million would be a bargain, we’re in a bind can’t really refuse it. Unless we’re changing manager shortly I could see it happening. We look so devoid of creativity and drive/attacking threat without him and we could not be able to replace him for any less than that but I wouldn’t begrudge him going for the sake of his career as we’re going no where.
  11. Foresteri has a habit of getting suspended or 'injured' during December and spending Christmas at home in Argentina every season. Most curious.
  12. On the plus side Jordan Rhodes is going to smash em in in League One, every cloud.
  13. I picked Jokanovic out of those choices but realistically he wouldn't come because it's an impossible job as he wouldn't get the budget he would need. The promotion dream is dead. We're rebuilding from scratch for the next 3-4 years assuming Chansiri can sustain outrageous losses in definitely which I wouldn't bank on. The only way out of this mess is Administration roll on the next chancer. Until that happens might as well get Megson back for what difference it will make until somebody turns the tap back on.
  14. God is your subconscious. Do you hate us?
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