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  1. Given the magnitude of the game on Saturday I am wondering if we should consider an open letter to the players from the fans. Back in the middle of Feb right before our match against Birmingham blues fans spotting the impending doom put together an open letter to the players it read: This banner was placed outside of the training ground and was widely acknowledged within the team and certain players addressing it on social media etc. Unfortunately (for us) they went on to win that game and have since secured their safety. N
  2. Just went on twitter to see what was going on and clicked on piggie twitter to see this: Don't know what I did to upset them.
  3. With Jos Luhukay potentially becoming our next manager here is a little anecdote: Back in Dec 2013 I was in Dortmund and happened to get tickets for the game. It was Borussia Dortmund Vs Hertha Berlin who were at the time, as chance would have it, managed by Jos Luhukay. Anyway the game opened up with a goal from Marco Reus but Hertha got back in the game and eventually won 1-2. Some of the players in the Dortmund team that day were, Lewandowski, Mkhitaryan and Reus. A good omen hopefully? Funnily enough I also stayed in the same hote
  4. As a Brummie owl I'm just going to pretend I didn't stumble upon this thread.
  5. Don't see how he can come back from this to be honest. The way he has gone about this is disgusting, loyalty is scarce in football nowadays but to outright refuse to travel and play speaks volumes about his character as a mercenary. If he wanted to go then that's his decision but the way he is acting is pathetic, shows a complete lack of respect to players and fans alike. Would rather not have this poisonous atmosphere anywhere near the club. Let him go and join up with the money hungry mercenaries at other clubs. We are building a TEAM and his a
  6. The sky reporter at Brighton "there's no atmosphere here at the amex" nothing new then...
  7. People need to realise he just scored the first goal in a 46 game season. I wouldn't expect him to be going absolutely mental to be honest, maybe when he scores his hat-trick at Villa away to secure promotion and McCormack is in tears. Analysing celebrations is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. He's not going anywhere. Trust in DC and CC. Especially not to Derby for 7m
  8. Sour grapes from some Villa fans unfortunately. Yes it was a poor clearance from their keeper and it bounced favourably but I've watched the goal several times now and something I noticed that I didn't at the match is the anticipation from Forestieri. Most players would just stand there and the chance would never be created but he anticipates something and makes a very intelligent run which ultimately won us the game. Not many players would be capable of even thinking of that let alone executing it and having the composure to finish it. Absolutely superb player. Go to 1:40 and he i
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