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  1. After that goal, nothing else really matters. Reach MOTM
  2. eggowl


    Great news. One of our only real creative, incisive players of the past 12 months
  3. And also he needs someone dragging defenders around to give him space. He isn’t the same player without Joao next to him
  4. eggowl

    Big Sam anyone?

    Our form under Jos from when he was appointed to the end of last season would have placed us in 9th - even with that crazy list of injuries. Since Bannan returned and the system clicked a bit, the form til the end of last season would have seen us finish 3rd. Obviously there are worries about the background of the club but we’re 2 games into the season. Let’s give JL a chance to see what he can do with the (very shitty) hand he’s been dealt before we get out our pitchforks.
  5. ^^^^ joao running the channels and giving nuhiu space to bang in the goals has already been proven to work that completely ignores the fact that we have two quality strikers in hooper and fletcher why madine?
  6. Can usually see Wembley's arch from the window of my top floor loo. Too cloudy to see it today - hopefully not a bad omen Come on you Owls!
  7. Think the official attendance was just slightly over 38,000. Wycombe didn't bring many at all and a chunk of those looked to be Owls anyway, so yeah probably just shy of 38k of us. Either way, it was a hell of a lot of us and a mental atmosphere
  8. what a day Wycombe 2012 was, love to see Hillsborough bouncing like that. Not convinced I ever want to sit on Leppings Lane again though! 37,000+ Owls there if Wikipedia tells the truth
  9. eggowl


    Thought I'd get to read some really juicy stats from the title but, alas, it wasn't to be
  10. First Wednesday match I ever got to was against Brentford at Hillsborough in 2004 - lost 2-1 in a pretty dire introduction for me. There's been a lot of rubbish to wade through since then, but getting to watch us beat Wycombe to get promoted in 2012 and the playoff finals last year have been a nice taste of something amazing. There's not been a lot of excitement from Wednesday in my 21 years, but it really is an exciting time to be an Owl right now. Let's see where the next few years take us
  11. This is bloody difficult to listen to! Sounds like we're actually playing well and dominating. Haven't heard them attacking in aaaaages. If we can play like this without making sloppy defensive errors, don't see any reason to be too pessimistic about mucky Leeds. We'll see.
  12. eggowl

    Conor Hourihane

    Barnsley got any other decent players? May as well pick up a few other bits while we're already at the shops
  13. Lordy oh Lordy, tease me Westwood. Immense keeping from both sides, although Westwood was the less tested of the two. Congrats to Loovens on getting his first goal. A couple incidences of loose marking but organised his defence well and that header was sweet. Once Reach had that 'incident' in the first half where he completely switched off and we got lucky, I struggled to remain impartial about his game Fletcher was a proper presence in attack and defence. Useful at the back and creative up front. Should have scored but did plenty else right. Carlos got it spot on. Not going to comment on anyone else, they're the ones that stuck in my mind.