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  1. leeowls87

    Spare QPR adult wanted

    I Got one at 9.05 this morning no fuss The Ticket Office on Twitter said the other day 600 Tickets were left and as yet they haven't said its sold out so assume some Tickets are available still
  2. Apprehensive that we are in this position but In the end I think we'll be ok We are going through a very rough patch and not playing well but we are at the very least picking up a point every game (well last sat withstanding) to keep the total ticking over Surely some of the Injured players will return at some point and we can pick up a win here and there the rest of the way to just about keep ourselves above Water, we are 6 points off the bottom 3 which is what we were about 5 games ago as well so the teams below us are in just as bad form with only Birmingham showing any consistent form recently and even Forest and QPR above us are just as bad Its 3 from Burton, Sunderland, Barnsley, Hull, Bolton, Birmingham, Reading, Forest , QPR and ourselves I'm confident we will finish above at least 3 of them
  3. Wasn't Mikell Bischoff Danish? Or off Danish descent at least
  4. leeowls87

    What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    When You think we have played 4 Home Games so far, 2 of them have been midweek which always sees slightly lower crowds and 1 of the Saturday games was live on Sky I think it's to be expected that our average will be down slightly on where we expect it will be come May Sheffield United and Leeds next 2 games should Hopefully fetch over 30,000 even with them being on Sky
  5. As of this moment Sheff Utd sit 3rd and We sit 6th which means it is set up for a Sheffield Derby in the Playoffs SAG and SYP must be sitting comfortably at the Thought of that I'd assume Wont happen of course as they will fall away and we shall rise higher into the Top 2
  6. leeowls87


    The Irony of someone with a username Iliveinthenow proposing we sign a player we got rid off 5-6 years ago, He is an Ok Defender but I think has shown his level is as a good League 1 player but an average Championship one We really would be getting desperate if we made a bid for Beevers
  7. leeowls87

    Pigs and Leeds games on Sky

    Its good and bad for me Its good for me that the games are on TV as I'll now get to see them however was hoping they would be Early Saturday KOs as I'm at Wembley both those Sundays for the NFL so shall have to Record them both and try and avoid the score to watch when I'm back home
  8. leeowls87

    Fulham away

    Thanks for the Info, good to know it's next to the away fans as well.
  9. leeowls87

    Fulham away

    Timing for this has been perfect as Im in London that Saturday on my bros stag, His actual Stag is Friday when when we are doing the Crystal Maze and going out afterwards, staying the night and as there are 8 of us going all football fans we said we'd go to a game in London that Saturday. We Joked it would be perfect if Wednesday were playing away in London that weekend and couldn't believe our luck when the fixtures came out Anyway My Dad rung today and said we've got tickets in the neutral end (I was going to wait for away section but decided not to risk not getting any) Does anyone know how the neutral end works or been in it before? Can I wear my Wednesday Shirt? basically can I blatantly be a Wednesday Fan in that section without attracting any trouble
  10. Im as far from Sheffield as I could get right down on the south Coast in Hastings My Dad is an Arsenal fan, he was born and raised in London but moved to Hastings when he was around 20 in the late 70's, my older Brother and younger half brother also support Arsenal and even my Brother In law is an Arsenal fan and was a season ticket holder at Highbury/Emirates until a few years ago They are all members of the Hastings Arsenal supporters club and regularly go to games I go with them every now and then, I went with them as well to the last few Wednesday matches at Highbury from 98 onwards, and was at the game we got relegated from the Prem but in the Arsenal end just to compound misery having to sit around people gloating about sending us down, we were leading 3-1 as well at one point in that game. Anyway as for the reasons why i support Wednesday and not Arsenal we have to go back to the 93 Cup Finals, I was a 6 year old lad and my dad had just divorced my mum and being at such a young age I didn't understand the goings on etc and just wanted to go against my dad so an Arsenal loss to Sheffield Wednesday in the Coca Cola Cup final seemed a thing that might upset him and thus a Wednesdayite was born. I went to a few away games in London and Brighton in the early 2000's as my 1st taste of being around Wednesday fans before finally getting my first trip to Sheffield/Hillsborough which was with my mum as my big 18th Birthday present in 2005, we beat Derby 2-1 and have tried to go a few times a season since even though I now work Saturdays making it harder and I have a lovely Daughter who was born in 2011 making Money tighter but I still get to a good few away games down south, (Brighton and Qpr this year) and aim for at least 2 trips to Sheffield a season If I can, My daughter is coming to the age where I'm thinking of bringing her along for the next trip and see if she catches the bug I had my Stag do in Sheffield in April 2014 as well and we went to a game which was my aforementioned Arsenal Family's first trip to Hillsborough (aside from Brother in Law who has been as an away fan a few times) it was the 3-3 draw with Blackburn when we behind 3-1 and Nuhiu scored 2 goals (yes it HAS happened) to bring us level and almost won it with the final kick. Anyway I've rambled enough but it goes to show some good can come from parents divorcing, I wouldn't of been a Wednesday Fan If they hadn't, I would of been Supporting Arsenal and enjoying League titles, Fa Cup wins, CL every season, Damn my Parents why did they divorce HAHA Nah I wouldn't swap it for the world WAWAW, Wednesday Till I Die
  11. I think everyones over stating just how much the Parachute Payments actually help Look at that list Villa, Newcastle, Norwich, Qpr, Cardiff, Fulham, Reading, Wigan Newcastle have the wealth regardless and with or without any financial help are always going to be around the top and an attractive proposition for any player The Payments haven't helped The other teams have they Sure Fulham and Reading made the Playoffs this season but they've been out the Prem for what 4 years now and almost got relegated last year with even bigger payments being made to them, I can't see how having the Payments helped them Cardiff are just mid table and Qpr even worse then that Wigan have been relegated twice with the Payments being made to them Villa like Newcastle will have one of the biggest budgets anyway without any additional payments and even with that still finished mid table 2 of the sides that went up this season didn't have parachute Payments being made to them so its not like its some Impossible task without them
  12. WHO? Who can we realistically get to come in as our Manager who has a proven Track record better then a 6th and 4th Place Finish?
  13. leeowls87

    Penalty Shoot Outs

    A Wolves fan at work said to me Thursday Penalties shouldnt be used in the Playoffs A whole season, 10+ Months coming down to a lottery just seemed so unfair I asked how can you decide it then, he came up with the idea of play extra Time as normal and if its still level after 120 Minutes then the team who finished higher in the league advances or gets promoted if it happens to be the final Imagine how much better ET would have been if Huddersfield knew they had to score in ET or wouldn't be going through. It sounds quite a fair Idea and also makes the end of season more meaningful as finishing higher might be the difference. We might of played a stronger side vs Fulham to guarantee 4th if we knew it gave us an added advantage in the semis.
  14. leeowls87

    did some of players want promotion

    Yeah makes sense I'm Sure the players would rather play away at the likes of Burton (No disrespect to them, they did really well this season) on a Tuesday night then visit Old Trafford, Emirates, Anfield, Stamford Bridge etc etc every other week
  15. Maybe we should ask Conte or Pep first?