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  1. so you thought their equaliser was quality then/couldnt have been prevented, it was a shambles of a goal.

  2. would be great if we could do the flat caps sunday, not sure that everyone will get the message in time though

    1. Frank_Lucas


      Sunday would be great or semis at home, I know folk say it's korny Barnsley have done it but lots of things in football get replicated why not do it ? And make it 10x better 

    2. debram


      yea why not, and we would, tribute to our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers, would be a spectacular sight

    3. Frank_Lucas


      Most definitely my grandads a yorkshire irsihman he always wore a flat cap and i too already have one could get a bit of last of summer wine look lol or an old coal man that sort of thing make it look spectacular really push boat out  

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