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  1. Great game from the keeper Courtois, knew I recognised him from somewhere
  2. Ah cheers didn't know much about how the tribunal works, maybe just a gentleman's agreement then?
  3. They have to have a tribunal as he's an academy product to figure out some renumeration to us
  4. Off to Manure to never get used except as a sub against 1st division teams in the cup... away you go chap mebbe try put a clause in about us getting him on loan
  5. One of McKees fat bingo dobbers would be a better CB than Loovens.
  6. Guessing a few of you saw that nobhead bcfc fan bringing up the Hillsborough disaster as a reason we weren't allowed to be pissed off at the game going ahead after the Bristol police were telling people not to travel. I've just had this pop up on my feed. Absolutely disgusting from an swfc fan. This guy needs to give his head a serious wobble. Our fans made me proud at the match today considering what they were watching and then you have scumbags like this. An embarrassment to the club and to humanity.
  7. In summary: "Indonesia, could they do a job for us?"
  8. In terms of lack of choice of strikers btw, what's the crack with Winnal? how long was his contract and is this loan deal swap wi Butterfield part of a permanent swap deal to sidestep FFP? If not whats the odds of bring him back cos right now we're in need
  9. That or just as likely jos wants to get a feel of the ground
  10. I've heard Urby Emanuelson is a free agent... could he do a job for us?
  11. It's not in mine anyway since that time we ran out of bogroll in my house.
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