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  1. New Kit update picture

    Get the step ladder out.
  2. "Kieran Lee from distance!"

    Like a ginger step child...
  3. Jack Hunt

    Trust me they'll have to visit a plastic sturgeon by the time I'm through. As per the OP hopefully its not for long i really rate him in spite of A: he looks like hes in Hollyoaks B: he sounds like a glaswegian insult
  4. Jack Hunt

    Sounds fishy to me. Anyone not upvoting this stunning wordplay will roe the day.
  5. Joao

    Just to throw what may well be a completely bat bobbar idea out there but even bringing on Dave and Joao late on. with Joao behind Dave, big dave to hold it up with Joao blasting past him for the knock on... would completely change what the 2 cbs have been dealing with for 70+ minutes. Ps i have had a few whiskies don't judge me
  6. Joao

    Like to see him replacing Dave on the bench in the 'different option forward role' alongside rhodes
  7. I think because it's televised the match won't be streamed live on iFollow, I'm working on wind turbines out in denmark and unless the weather is bobbar tomorrow I won't be able to watch live, does anyone know if the full match replay will go up on iFollow and if so how long will I have to turn off all electronic devices to prevent spoilers before it's uploaded? Meanwhile can everyone do a raindance for me so I don't have to work and can watch live!
  8. The Pig Pulveriser

    Formation for tomorrow:
  9. Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    God tho when hunt passes wallace on the overlap then cuts the ball back and ross cuts inside with a few yards space 25 yards out and winds up the left peg...
  10. Kop not sold out shocker

    Were you behind a handbag?
  11. At least the second Owl up there, did it myself 4 years ago, no scarf though cos I'm an amateur
  12. Swfc v cologne

    Won't be available till the start of the second half of the last game of the season... bringing it out at same time as the new shirt
  13. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    You're trying my patience