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  1. And don't forget we nick all your songs.... I mean every single one. Seriously though. You're having it tough at the moment and deserve better than this. Rowett wasn't that bad. Only 5 months before he left Fans were happy to see him get an improved contract even though he was only here for 4 months. As you point out, hopefully tongue in cheek, fans aren't always the best judge whether Rams or Owls. If given the chance to have Rowett back or Nigel Clough back though I would go for Clough every day of the week. If you can overlook he managed the Blades, he would be a better bet. Anyway all the best. As I've said before I always like playing Wednesday, feels like a big game and my first away game was at Hillsborough with a gate of about 47000, so it shows it was quite a while ago.
  2. Would be grateful if you could come up with a classic, we need a new song. Appreciated and thanks.
  3. Just like to say thanks for Winnal. We use him as a squad player but almost always scores when he plays and works his heart out for the team. How's Butterfly doing for you guys?
  4. Thought it was a pen, sending off harsh. Thought you should have had a pen for the shove but not the other. Not a great game, typical 10 v 11, thought you were decent Bannan MOM.
  5. That 3-3 in the cup early 90s was a classic. Jemson late equaliser I think?
  6. I was there but not for Derby's late goals as had trudged off accepting defeat LOL. Lets be honest we've both been on the decline since arround then.
  7. Ermm Ok, my first post on here I was called a sheep fiddler but took it with the humour it was intended. But OK I'll try to "grow up"
  8. Must admit that the Wendies visit is one of the bigger games of the season. As a North Derbyshire Ram there are a few Owls around to taunt (or avoid) depending on result. My first ever away game was at Hillsborough 1969, 1-0 defeat to a Warboys diving header. Also a sizeable scrap in the middle of the Kop, crowd was mid 40sK. Anyway enough of that, will be decent game between two proper clubs even though a lot of you seem to look down at Pride Park a little? I expect a draw.
  9. Blessington may be a bit difficult to find. The Brunswick near the station is great and about 10 mins to ground. Those in centre more like 20mins. The Exeter, Derby Tap, Silk Mill and Dolphin are all good beer and friendly. As ever its probably not a great idea to to go OTT about being an away fan though I doubt it would be a problem in any of those.
  10. Didn't Wednesday start "You'll never walk alone" and then those thieving scouse b'stards knicked it.
  11. The wellies have already been put to good use thanks. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
  12. As a Rams fan (sorry folks) I think we would be in the prem if we had stuck with Nigel. He has a brilliant eye for quality players who will really play for him, he is not all negative by any means. I would welcome him back in a flash.
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