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  1. It's one of the best chants of the lot. Anthemic and can be sung for 5-10mins on the right days and just gets better! It was sung at Fulham last season for a good few minutes. Gets 2 pages in the book 'The history of football chants' and the book rightly points out it defies logic. Not a huge fan of concourse moments but this one below I like and remember mainly as it's at a rarity at home, 3-0 up at HT to Birmingham. Let's face it Home concourse moments are pretty unwarranted these last 2 seasons. :( Shows how the song can be sung.
  2. It's a fair point. It's attractive if you can afford it and you know you are going to be a multiyear STH, but only really attractive if we make the PL. You would be losing money I think if we don't. I would say your average punter perhaps can't afford it. The key point a lot are making though is that it's another gamble... bringing forward revenue to this season. All designed in the hope we make the Premier League where some free season tickets is probably a drop in the ocean against big league TV revenue. BUT.... if we don't make it to the Premier League soon we are surely just storing up the problem and worsening the revenue line for future sustainability.
  3. Its a bad picture for the club to continue to make these mistakes... it's just completely storing up a problem for the revenue line in the future to bring forward yet more income into this year. Smacks of a last ditch attempt to avoid the embargo and anything else that comes with it. Good luck if the money comes in but I don't really think it will. Which fan can afford to take a gamble of many hundreds of pounds on a benefit that very easily could not happen. The scheme basically shows that everything is pinned on making the Premier League financially ... and as many have pointed out it's totally at odds with statements DC has made about the fans money not making a difference and making the Prem was not a crucial need. I think a lot more fans would connect with the club if it showed them some long term sustainability plan and didn't spend silly transfer money and hand out massive contracts. At the moment we are just bringing more and more income forward in a perpetual gamble. The Derby model hasn't got them to the Prem no, but they are in a way better financial state than us. We need to learn to cash in on players when the stock is high, it's that simple. It's the only way clubs at this level can make it work.... Brooks, Vydra, Maddison, Chris Wood.
  4. Sold out now though so you would have had to be sharp off the mark. :-/ I managed to pick a couple up as it turned 2pm. (Live too far away to be in the ST holder gang).
  5. It's reached general sale now and still some left
  6. We signed him from Chelsea, (Signed him from Chelsea) Hull said he's sh !te, (Hull said he's sh !te) He's like Beckenbauer, (Like Beckenbauer) In Blue and White. (In Blue and White) Yes We've got.... Michael Hector, We've got .... Michael Hector... To "Glad all over" by Dave Clarke Five... The tune that City fans use for "We've got Guardiola".
  7. Oh and if anyone wants to question Bullen and his credentials, then what a refreshing little insight he gave on going round to Dawson's place and giving him the news. Can any of us really imagine CC or JL doing any of that dirty work? We could do with whoever the new manager is to have something about them to do that kind of sh*te and talk honestly about the team dynamics. Fans want to feel a part of what is going on. The last 12 months have felt like smoke and mirrors. Bullen has spoken very honestly and openly in 5 minutes of interview time, I never had 5 seconds for anything JL had to say. Sounded like he didn't have 5 words to say to the players at the end of a game either!
  8. Funny!! 100pc Westwood is a man's goalkeeper.... Commanding.... and I think he gives each defender in front of him 10% more confidence, and that counts for a lot. Can't deny he's faced less shots, but Westwood is a shotstopper anyway. Dawson isn't a bad keeper but we've lost too many characters and experience in this team all at once. Westwood didn't need to be one of them.
  9. Haha... made me laugh that. 8 pages of hot air. Hutchinson has shown nothing but commitment to the cause for Wednesday. Jos never got out of his seat. Just a throwaway gesture in the heat of the moment, maybe just maybe Sam got a little over excited at winning a tough game. Not sure we ever let less than 3 goals in at a tough game when Jos was in charge.
  10. Agreed. Hope this is end of thread. The bloke isn't even here yet and pre judging him on needing a darn Xmas in a year of woe.
  11. ^^^ This and sonofbert2 Reach has come on leaps and bounds as a player... yes he still neshes challenges but he is a clever footballer and will suit the prem... actually maybe he neshes challenges to never get injured because he is clever. Don't think he has ever missed a game for us thru injury. Sell when his stock has value... hate to say it but the Derby model is the way to go. Sell the likes of Vydra. Similar to Leeds selling Wood. We should have sold Tom Lees when Burnley came asking. Venancio could have done the job for us at 20% of the price.
  12. I took the last minute decision to go and not sulk about Sunday. Expected a player reaction but there was no urgency or real energy until they scored. I don't get why even more so this season than last we have to wait to go a goal down to start playing with any tempo at all. We knock it out about nicely but all in front of them with no change of pace or fast quick passing to catch them off guard. I echo the the thread on Hooper, he was unlucky to have it ruled out and he is about the only intelligently quick player we have... he feeds balls and links play that the opposition don't expect and quicker than anyone can spot from the stands as well. He put a great quick disguised cross on the far post that had Rhodes been alive and gambled it would have been buried. Joao and Reach chances stood out but the game was in the balance and they had the best chance not that long before they scored. Hunt got done too often and Fox wasn't up to much. Rain was blowing in even 20 rows from the front! Not sure the players were really up for the challenge in the conditions. Birmingham were generally poor and we should have attacked them like we did when Joao came on from the off. I think we need something to change... maybe some money on mental coaching and positive play for the players, how to think like winners, because we are a good side. Am on the fence about Carlos himself at the moment.
  13. Best away day I have been to in 3 years for the constant noise. Preston last year and the year before with over 5k there was rubbish compared to Saturday. Agreed the applause for Carlos and Nando set the tone for a positive day out. The whingers on this forum need to get out there and sing their hearts out and it might just transmit to give the players the heart too. Bannan supreme on the day by the way... literally everything went through him.
  14. What about ripping off City's "Guardiola" song... just insert "Steven Fletcher" instead.
  15. Settle for them letting us in the freaking West stand lower on a regular basis. No matter how she ee ite the west looks. Get some standing folk screaming some Wednesday noise rather than a silent 2 mile wide pukka pies banner.
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