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  1. Surely Sky will show the biggest game on opening day. The Soft Embargo Derby.
  2. If season finishes on 1st weekend in May as usual, we’ll be at Home last game.
  3. I’ve seen an article saying the 1st day fixtures for the 2019/20 premiere league have been leaked. In the article it’s got Bournemouth at home against the pigs 1st. So this means our 1st game should be away because Premier league starts a week earlier and pigs will be at home 2nd weekend. So that’s 3 years away 1st for us.☹️
  4. I remember playing Southampton in 1984,It was our 2nd home game back in the 1st Division. We won 2v1 but it could quite easily have been 10v1 if Peter Shilton hadn't been in goal, World class performance.
  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow Yeeeeeellow Yellow Yellow Yellow In 80s and every time since we've had a yellow away kit.
  6. We have x1 Adult & x1 U21 both Kop stand. I am the adult season ticket holder and I'm selling due to on going illness. My son is struggling to get there and doesn't like to go without me. I had an operation on my feet back in September and now I've got to have another operation In January. They will cover matches from Middlesbrough onwards until last game of season Norwich. Pm me to get a price.
  7. I was at back of kop and also lost the flight of the ball,especially corners.
  8. That's not a bad idea eventually. Thanks for the responses.
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