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  1. The FSA are organising a minutes applause for Bury F.C. not sure if it’s been mentioned on Owlstalk? Football supporters everywhere were shocked and saddened when Bury FC were expelled from the EFL on 27 August. A 134-year-old institution gone. Generations of fans left without the cornerstone of their community that so many of us take for granted. We fans often revel in the tribalism of our game but the deep love we have for our own club serves to strengthen solidarity when a crisis emerges. In the past couple of days there has been an outpouring of compassion, empathy and sorrow from hundreds of thousands of fans across the country and throughout the leagues. This weekend be grateful that your club has a game to play, that you can continue your matchday rituals with friends and family, like every other Saturday. Soak up the experience and appreciate it... and in the 27th minute applaud for one minute in a nationwide display of solidarity for Bury. Why a minute of applause on the 27th minute? Because on 27th August a football club was expelled from the league for the first time in 27 years. The FSA (Football Supporters' Association) wants fans to show that they care and we are angry that this situation has been allowed to happen. The FSA is lobbying hard to protect our clubs from unscrupulous or incompetent owners - conflicts of interest have to be removed as owners have shown they cannot regulate themselves and our clubs deserve special protections more in line with those afforded to listed buildings. Football clubs are not just another business. We'll need your support for that campaign in the weeks and months ahead, but for this weekend, let's start by showing supporter solidarity with Bury fans on the 27th minute.
  2. I would expect tonights match to be on ifollow tomorrow lunchtime.The Sunderland and Wolves cup games from last season are still available to watch on ifollow.
  3. Does anyone know if any of the 17 wheelchair/disabled tickets are left?
  4. Surely Sky will show the biggest game on opening day. The Soft Embargo Derby.
  5. If season finishes on 1st weekend in May as usual, we’ll be at Home last game.
  6. I’ve seen an article saying the 1st day fixtures for the 2019/20 premiere league have been leaked. In the article it’s got Bournemouth at home against the pigs 1st. So this means our 1st game should be away because Premier league starts a week earlier and pigs will be at home 2nd weekend. So that’s 3 years away 1st for us.☹️
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