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  1. Might have a pop at that, be interesting to see how it changes over next few hours if folk starting betting on it
  2. Asked what odds are on request a bet might be worth a quid or two if there decent
  3. Dont know much about both of them to be fair, just done the obligatory google search and pigott scored 15 goals and 3 assists last season which aint too shabby for £250k they rekon he would cost.
  4. Daily mirror reporting were in for joe piggot at Wimbledon after reading failed to finalise a deal.
  5. Could be 2 now, dont know how credible fl tranfers are though.
  6. Looks like your right just spotted this on their site
  7. Looks like it, this is from their official twitter page
  8. First post be gentle.... Just come across this on twitter
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