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  1. Left on 89 to miss the traffic. Clear all the way home. Risked woodhead and was perfectly fine, got home in exactly 1hr14 according to my trip computer. Wasnt as bad as first thought. Hope everyone got home ok! Now bed for a 6am start, how I love weekday awaydays and Wednesday.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I'm setting off in the next 10 mins because I want to get a good parking space to shoot off straight away at FT. I think I will probably do Woodhead there and M62 on the way back. I'll be sure to post any updates if it's bad when I get there. Again, cheers. Let's bring the points home
  3. I'll be travelling by car tonight to Bolton. They've issued warnings for woodhead about snow, ice and visibility. I don't normally travel across woodhead unless were playing over that way so I've no idea how bad it's been the last couple of weeks with the cold weather. Is anyone else risking the trip? I have to be back as early as possible since I have work at 6am. Should I expect it to be closed this evening? Cheers. And to anyone else whos making the journey, have a safe trip!
  4. Have you been before? This is my first time at Stamford.
  5. Which tier is better for atmosphere? I sit on the North far side standing so occasionally i do scream my heart out and bounce. Have 2 tickets for the top and bottom to choose from.
  6. Would like 1 Boro ticket if anyone has one. Adult and away end. Cheers.
  7. Was at the match last night, but would like to watch it all again as my box didn't record it for some reason. Does anyone have a link?
  8. Oh, just realised I have 2 boxes of Pringles with the passes on. Sitting on top of fridge. Cheers anyway.
  9. Cheers. Dad doesn't have sky sports so he has done this. Worked first time.
  10. Take an early finish and get yourself to Albertus bar in Albufeira! Tell them it's important, some life or death situation.
  11. Hey, I'm gonna get one too. Another one drives a duster.
  12. No really. I can't be dealing with crying babies. I've got enough songs for about 2 hour. I only really want to watch the goal and look at the pretty lights. if I'm lucky I might even see myself which would make my journey more comfortable.
  13. Does anyone have a link to the full match? Going on holiday and wouldn't mind 90 mins of football to get me though the 4hr flight. Downloadable link would be a bonus. Must be crazy wanting to watch it again. Cheers all.
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