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  1. Two seasons of regularly destroying teams by 3 or more goals and turning goal-line blocks into counter attacks and goals was quite exciting.
  2. Hughton inherited a terrible team in the Championship that were in the bottom 3 at the half-way point. He kept them up that season, almost got automatic promotion the next, secured automatic promotion with 3 games to spare the following season, and then consolidated all that by achieving safety fairly comfortably in the first Premier League season. Something happened in the second season around the turn of the year. Nothing was in the pubic domain, but you could clearly see a difference on the pitch. I think the reason he wasn’t kept on for this coming season was the fear that the terrible form from Jan to May (and it really was terrible) would carry on next season, not dissimilar to Huddersfield in the second half of 17/18 and into last season. Anyone that says he’s an inherently defensive manager is talking out of their arse. The football by Brighton in 15/16 and 16/17 was scintillating, and they were capable of turning a penalty box clearance into attack (and often a goal) in the blink of an eye. He is however realistic, and he knew that the players capable of employing those tactics in the Championship would get destroyed doing the same against some of the best players in the world.
  3. Where did you get the info that Bong was being made available for transfer? He’s been in nearly every match day squad this season, so fairly sure he won’t be going anywhere this winter. Schelloto (RB) and Suttner (LB) are likely to be available however.
  4. It’s only been running for 4 seasons, so maybe too early to tell. Although I’d guess that the percentage of players that make it to the senior squad will be very low, not because their route is blocked but just because because most U23s just wont be good enough. The difference in standard between senior and U23 is huge even for the top youth league. To give an idea, Brighton U23s beat Man City 5-0 a couple of weeks ago and then got outplayed by Luton (presumably not even their strongest team) in the Checkatrade a few days later.
  5. True, but for a team relegated in 12/13, their final year will have ‘only’ been 8m, so it’s still a surprise to see them on income comparable with QPR, who will have received around £20m for their 2nd year of parachute payments.
  6. Sort of. QPR were last relegated from the Premier League in 14/15, so would’ve been on their 2nd year of parachutes. Reading’s income is a surprise though. It’s not as if they get huge crowds or anything.
  7. Duffy and Murray weren’t signed until the summer after that, and Knockaert was a January signing in Hughton’s first full season. The key key to success, in my opinion, was the recruitment in season 15/16, which was almost enough. Murray and Duffy provided the extra quality the following season to make auto promotion with games to spare.
  8. They didn’t. Where did you get that info from?
  9. The chairman sacked Gus Poyet after losing the playoff semi in 2013. The sacking was nothing to do with results, which had more than met expectations that year.
  10. Is Dejphon Chansiri a successful businessman in his own right or just the very rich son of a successful businessman?
  11. There's no rule preventing a chairman or companies related to him from buying up hospitality seats, boxes etc., apart from that it has to be at fair market value. Buying up a spare 10,000 normal fan seats to give away would probably not pass FFP assessment. It would also be a bit annoying to have paid a few hundred quid on a season ticket when thousands of freebies are being given out every home game.
  12. If you go for the last 3 games of the season, when Brighton lost 2 and drew 1, then Wednesday absolutely smash it!
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