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  1. Is this the correct place for this thread? This ex-manager doesn't have anything to do with Sheffield Wednesday does he?
  2. wilfsmith


    Now I'm really confused. Are we talking about John or Abdi?
  3. wilfsmith


    Who's Abdi? Don't think I've come across him before.
  4. wilfsmith


  5. Trying hard not to be Mr Picky but the shirt in 1965-72 never had blue cuffs. Perhaps someone's touched it in with a blue felt tip.
  6. It seems as though the FA take as long as possible so that the incident is gradually forgotten by everyone. In this way, when some sort of decision is reached and very little is done about it, there is less of a stir because everyone's moved on to some other issue. It's a bit like the government's way of calling for a public inquiry to deal with stuff like Leveson. The inquiry takes so long to report and then so long to action any recommendations, the problems have long been overtaken by more recent pressing issues and the whole thing can disappear under the carpet once more.
  7. wilfsmith

    Team V Millwall

    Don't know which Team for Millwall thread I should post my team for Millwall.
  8. Supporting Man City must be really enjoyable at the moment. Win every game, score loads of goals, fabulous football throughout and world stars chasing a place in Pep's line -up. What about going to see them instead? Mind you, 20 years ago they were in the third tier and probably had lots of fans who could say their 'motivation and passion isn't there.' However, it's really easy to support them now isn't it? As I say, why not give it a go? You might prefer it to walking down to Hillsborough.'
  9. wilfsmith

    Team V Millwall

    I haven't got a clue what the best team is for this week's game. What's more worrying is I don't think Jos does either.
  10. Although Jos has given the 'I don't talk about the past' comment many times there is no doubt he has heavily inferred that the players' lack of fitness last season contributed to the injury problem he inherited and extended their recovery times. Jos' pre-season of hard running and double sessions doesn't seem to have made a massive difference so far does it?
  11. 'Trevor Birch, the former chief executive of Chelsea, Everton, Leeds, Sheffield and Derby County, and one-time administrator for Portsmouth' Good to see that Sheffield FC gets a mention. I didn't know he'd been involved with them!
  12. wilfsmith

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    He asked to drink a woman's bottled water in the second half because there was none on the touchline. To say thank you he gave her his shirt after the game.
  13. wilfsmith

    Hillsborough 1969

    Southampton by the looks of it. The goalkeeper is Eric Martin and I think the defender is a bloke called Hugh Fisher.
  14. wilfsmith

    Atdhe’s birthday

    Great to see. Used to happen all the time in the 'old days', the players getting together and socialising as a squad but I understand it happens less and less now. I know Adthe and Nando are good friends but good to see the rest of the squad involved too. Can only help team spirit unless one of the players cracks off with someone's wife over dessert of course. https://www.thesportster.com/soccer/15-footballers-who-allegedly-slept-with-a-teammates-wife/
  15. wilfsmith

    Was it more enjoyable...

    The Green'Un was great and used to settle many an argument on the pitch. When opposition were moaning about a penalty or an iffy goal you'd retort, 'Just check in the Green'Un tonight mate' to shut them up. The Green'Un was rubbish in the Summer though. Nowt in it!