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  1. Wouldn't it be great if Wednesday's away fans were referred to as 'excursionists' today. Much more respectful I think.
  2. Just think how good he might have been if he hadn't been on the ×××× all the time.
  3. £8000 in 1955 is about £200,000 today so a good response for DD to try and begin a new life.
  4. It seems the tide is turning against the popular belief about the importance of stretching. A review of the basic scientific literature suggested five reasons why stretching before exercise would not prevent injuries: First: Immobilization, or "heating-induced increases in muscle compliance", caused tissues to rupture more easily. Second: Stretching before exercise would have no effect for activities in which excessive muscle length is not an issue (e.g., jogging). Third: Stretching won't affect muscle compliance during eccentric activity (where the muscle is contracting, and an external force is trying to lengthen the muscle: negative reps), when most strains are believed to occur. Fourth: Stretching can produce damage at the cytoskeleton level. The cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure which maintains cell shape, often protects cells, enables cellular motion, and plays important roles in both intracellular transport and cellular division. Fifth: Stretching appears to mask muscle pain in humans. (www.bodybuilding.com/fun/pre-exercise-stretching-and-injuries.htm) Seems like I've been 'exercising' properly all long!
  5. Thought last night felt like the early days of Carlos again when we pressed from the start of games and put teams on the back foot.
  6. Surely Bruce is not allowed to 'referee' as well is he? Mind you he made a good job of trying to do that when he came to Hillsborough as Villa manager.
  7. It’s all about opinions so each to their own but 3 people voted for Boyd as man of the match. Perhaps they’re his dad, wife and sister.
  8. It's ironic that when the 70's owl was introduced it received a VERY mixed reception. No badge was worn on the kit then anyway and no replica kits were on sale at extortionate prices (Suggs sold a few shirts now and again) and no social media then of course but The Star's Letters Page had a number of disgruntled fans commenting on our tradition being washed away. I must be getting old when we have come full circle and the 70's design is now a classic not to be messed with.
  9. It was clear from the use of VAR in the cup game that both decisions surrounding the penalty decisions were correct. It is also clear that the Assistant Manager was unaware of the rules concerning the use of VAR and expected the game to be re-started with a Wednesday corner instead of knowing that the game would be re-started with a drop ball. This drop ball, as has become the norm following a head injury break, was not contested by Wednesday. Why not? The circumstances of the drop ball restart were completely different to the usual drop ball situations and we could and should have legitimately challenged for the ball. I’m disappointed that our staff seem unaware of this and these tiny advantages could make a difference in the future. Moan over!
  10. Love the idea of The Wednesday setting up 'hot attacks'.
  11. Thought this was a rehearsal for Bruce's first home game.
  12. Whereas D Taxis advertising inside the stadium is perfectly legal and above board. Coming soon.....
  13. Too right Wouldn't it show a bit of class if they apologised and recognised how right he was?
  14. Seems like not all the rumours posted on here are utter rubbish. Well done Andy. Did you make an appropriate wager at the time?
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