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  1. Musa, Vardy, Slimani, Okazaki, Ulloa and Iheanacho would all be ahead of him at Leicester City and it could be argued that all of those six are ahead of the forwards in our squad. It's difficult to see then, how moving to Leicester City massively improves his chances of first-team football. There's obviously other reasons why he wants to move away.
  2. Tony Coleman (the one with the black arm band) came to us from Man City where he won the Football League First Division title in 1968.
  3. Leeds adopted the all white kit from 1961 onwards. It's the famous story of wanting to emulate the Real Madrid tradition. In fact, Jack Charlton always said it was adopted by the manager because white is the easiest colour to pick out on a pitch.
  4. Slightly different because the Wednesday player hasn't got a terrified face but it always scared me (and thousands of others) witless whenever he played for us!
  5. Championship Top 6

    Having lost a number of key players for long periods due to injury, our deep squad has been vitally important. If those teams above us have similar numbers of injuries to their best players, I'm not sure many of them would be able to maintain their good starts. A deep squad is usually required to cope with a long Championship season.
  6. Quick start

    Has anyone mentioned the kicking towards the kop in the first half? Is that now the direction of choice if we win the throw?

    Ah I see. His subtlety was lost on me.

    What are Owlstakers? Are they people who take owls or people or someone who puts an owl on a stake. Either way, it's not anything I'd want to discuss further on here.
  9. Poppy badges

    Owlstalk at its best. One person's 'canny entrepreneur' is another's 'lines the pockets of a parasite.' All within the space of one page.
  10. This league

    It looks like that type of season where everybody beats everybody and consistency will be the key. Praise from Bruce today shows we're not far away from being a top side. 'You have to say, they were two wonderful goals. They were both different - one from 30 yards which is smashed into the top corner, and the other a good move by them. We found it difficult against a good team, who then sat in behind us when 2-0 up.' This must gives us confidence to become more consistent going forward (literally!). Bruce is someone who many fans on here were calling for to replace Carlos so we should take his opinion seriously.
  11. Palmer

    I know it's only half-time but we're winning 2-0 away at Villa. Hope I'm not tempting fate but it would seem to be a good decision so far.
  12. As it was your fathers' club. As it will be your sons' club and your grandsons' club. Good post but mothers and daughters and grand-daughters support Sheffield Wednesday too. We are one big family!
  13. Pudil and Hutch

    Pity about Pudil. I thought he and Reach worked well together down the left-handside in the first half. He's not afraid to put himself about and is decent in the air. Still, the injury provides an opportunity for someone else to show what they can do so I hope whoever plays there grabs the chance with both hands. (Or both feet).
  14. Naming rights for the stadium

    The income from the stadium naming would be useful. But if the owner is serious about promoting the Sheffield Wednesday brand across the world, then the re-name is essential. As a traditionalist, I'd hate to see our stadium name go but googling 'Hillsborough' gives you hundreds of powerful reasons why our re-name would be a vital part in improving our image and marketing potential overseas.