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  1. Seems like only last week we were all concerned about the club’s reputation and its ability to attract players. Now it seems, with DM’s profile and reputation, we’ve become the loanee club of choice. Here’s more evidence. Wolves Scott Sellars said, “We had a lot of interest in Theo over the last 12 months and we’ve picked a club for football reasons, but also obviously it’s a big club, and the pressure of playing for a big club is an add on for player development.” This sort of growing reputation can only be a good thing!
  2. Howard Wilkinson and ******** Bate used to talk about this 40 years ago. They predicted only two out and out fixed positions would be left in the future - the goalkeeper and central defender. Way ahead of their time!
  3. A 'broad'??? Owlstalk has suddenly changed to a 1940's American film script. Interestingly (well it is to me), Frank Sinatra once said, “Calling a girl a ‘broad’ is far less coarse than calling her a ‘dame’" so the post could have been even more offensive!
  4. The maintenance guys behind DM’s right shoulder don’t seem to be doing much work do they. DC will definitely be stopping their wages!
  5. Do we need a poll to vote on how good the poll is?
  6. This would totally go against our ‘new’ recruitment policy. Surely we can find a decent League 1 standard keeper for less than that and hopefully sell them on at a later date.
  7. Fabulous goal. Very early days for him there but it just shows how, with the right team around a player, he can show so much more.
  8. It reminds me of Sunday league teams where you phone round the group of mates you’ve played with before to see if they ‘fancy a game on Sunday’.
  9. This sounds like sound financial advice for my pension pot. Any other tips?
  10. ‘we know their versatility in terms of the positions that they can play for the team’ Looks like DM has come up with a solution to the goalkeeper problem. New role for Bazza!!
  11. All the players have been paid so nothing to worry about here!
  12. Difficult deciding which goal was worst. First one at Wildsmith's near post or the two either side of Dawson's legs? As a defender you'd be expecting the worst every time the ball goes towards goal.
  13. Wildsmith 2 flaps at crosses and beaten easily at his near post. The new goalkeeping coach has his work cut out!
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