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  1. It's a disaster that's waiting to happen and we don't have to go back to the 70's for other examples. Always remember watching the pitch invasion from the North Stand after the last match of the season against Palace when Wednesday were relegated in 2010. Clint Hill was violently assaulted and it was generally expected Wednesday would start the new season with ground closures, fines or whatever. The Eagles defender had to be rescued by police and stewards before riot cops and police on horseback restored order. “I know they’re frustrated, but should they be throwing punches at people,” said Hill. “A good few landed and I’m a big lad and can take them, but once one has a swing at you, everybody gets a bit brave and starts having swings. At one point there was maybe seven or eight on me.” I understand Hill refused to make a formal complaint to police and amazingly there were no repercussions for any fans or the club in general. Basically, they gave carte blanche for anyone to run on the pitch and assault whoever they liked and get away Scott free. I wonder if one of those individuals involved in 2010 (there were many hundreds on the pitch) reads Owlstalk now and would like to comment. Give us an insight into your thinking. Why did you invade the pitch? Surely not to celebrate with over-excited enthusiasm as has sometimes been stated. After all we'd just been relegated!
  2. The thing is, inflation is so horrific at the moment that 24 had risen to 32 in the time the thread was posted. Look again in a few weeks and the players will have made 36 appearances.
  3. Could we use this kit? Never been worn.
  4. Could the league position have something to do with how good the players are and how well they work as a team rather than their age?
  5. Just to confirm the news above. copyright fakenews.com
  6. Googled it and got this site: https://www.fanchants.com/football-team/sheffield_wednesday/ No problem
  7. Can you mention banana in it somewhere? Just asking for a friend!
  8. Could be worse, you could pay £380-£495 to watch Wycombe waste time, throw themselves down, act injured surround the referee etc!
  9. Just following a similar theme to the other popular topics on here. Surely Gary Taylor-Fletcher has to be in there somewhere!
  10. Is that because DM plays each of the players in half a dozen different positions during the course of the season so they all get a chance to score?
  11. I've thought for years that refereeing was a no go area for me because of my BMI. Looking at this means I still might have a decent new career ahead of me!
  12. Got today's Wednesday result spot on. The rest, not so much!
  13. From Woolwich Arsenal blog. Brian Hornsby was born 10 September 1954, in Cambridgeshire. He came up through local football at Peterborough, and got caps at schoolboy and youth level for England. Brian joined Arsenal as soon as he left school, in 1970, and was part of the Youth Cup winning team in 1971. Their achievement was of course a little overshadowed by the FA Cup and League double, but it was very much (for those of us into such things) a treble, and the success of the youth team made many of us hope that Arsenal’s bright future under Bertie Mee and co would continue for a decade or two. In September 1971 he signed professional forms and made his first team debut on 9 May 1973 in the last game of the season. The season was over by then, and Arsenal were second, and the side put out was not the strongest – Arsenal lost 6-1. In 1973/4 Brian made six first team starts and 3 appearances as a sub, scoring three goals in the attacking midfield role. 1974/5 gave him 12 starts and three more goals, and then in 1975/6 it was four starts – and that was that. He was released by Arsenal when Bertie Mee resigned as manager, and he signed for Shrewsbury Town in May 1976 for £40,000. At this lower level of football not surprisingly, things were very different and he instantly shone, playing 75 games for Shrewsbury over two before being signed by Jack Charlton at Sheffield Wednesday for £45,000. The story is told that the always very odd Jack Charlton took his Wednesday team to Shrewsbury just before the transfer, and he told the Wednesday player Jeff Johnson “You’re up against the lad Hornsby, he’s a very skilful player … I’m buying him to replace you”. By 1978/9 Brian was top scorer for Wednesday and played in the FA cup matches against Arsenal including the game on 15 January 1979 – the second replay, played at Leicester. The Arsenal team on the day was Jennings, Rice, Nelson, Price, O’Leary, Young, Brady, Sunderland, Stapleton, Gatting, Rix with Brady and Sunderland getting the goals. Brian Hornsby, who scored a penalty for Wednesday, was naturally interviewed by the press about his old and new clubs, operating two divisions apart. He declared there was nothing between them, while philosophising that as Arsenal had tried three different formations in taking on Wednesday and trying to win the tie, they would now be far more worried than Wednesday who always play the same way. Ultimately in the fourth replay Arsenal prevailed 2-0 and went on to win the cup. In October 1980 Brian suffered a hamstring injury and that injury marked the start of the decline in his career. He played briefly in Canada, and played for Carlisle and Chesterfield before playing for IK Brage in Sweden, and then Falu FK as player-manager. Finally back in England he finished his career with Spalding Utd and Holbeach Utd.
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