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  1. Only two teams with a worse Goal Difference too so it's not that we're scoring freely at the other end to make up for it. Double whammy!
  2. wilfsmith

    There's only one ex boyfriend

    I'd take it as constructive criticism and work hard one of those enlargement contraption thingies that GUARANTEES SUCCESS.
  3. He'd just run it off in my day.
  4. wilfsmith

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    Did you hear his after match interview? If I was unsure that he could turn it around before hearing him, that interview convinced me he has to go.
  5. wilfsmith


    I thought the fans were great too - showed. Superb ovation for him considering the situation we were in. As you say, now expect him to be dropped for the next match!
  6. wilfsmith

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Can't take any rumour seriously if the journalist can't even get the possessive apostrophe correct - "sides' attacking options".
  7. wilfsmith

    How many are out injured now?

    I'm not suggesting everyone reads this study from cover to cover but a quick peek shows just how professional many clubs are in monitoring injuries over time. It shows how much time and effort is put into study injuries, their rates of occurrence, injury causes and player availability both for training and for competitive matches.One small bit of information which is pertinent here (Section 6 for those interested) is that the average percentage player availability for competitive matches at each club was just under 90% over a 9 month period. Sheffield Wednesday's player availability over the past two years with or without Carlos has been nowhere near that! Here's the link - https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/Medical/02/28/70/88/2287088_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  8. wilfsmith

    125 years ago today!

    Interesting to see that 'Boys' paid half as much as adults to get in. Imagine the furore if Junior prices were half those of adults now!
  9. wilfsmith

    Jos on Penney

    Looking over this thread written in August just show how far he's come in such a short space of time. Now a first team regular?
  10. wilfsmith

    Slept on it thoughts

    A win last night would have put us fifth. Those dropped points could cost us at the end of the season. Disappointed to see that Jos said he was happy with the draws against Leeds and West Brom because we showed we can match the best in the league with loads of missing players and as the home team we need to believe we can beat these teams. If and when we get more players back we could still surprise a few people on here and battle for a play off position.
  11. wilfsmith

    Matt Penney Contract

    Figures released for 2016-17 show Wednesday's wage bill as nearly 30m for that year so £5000 a week (£250,000 a year) now would be one of the smallest wages at the club.
  12. I'm wondering if Westwood could play a more central role. His ability to organise the defence has been commented upon frequently on Owlstalk and being more involved in the middle of the park could be the answer!
  13. wilfsmith

    It's A Grand Old World #WAWAW

    I think this is the point where half the fan base says, 'They don't make 'em like they used to' and the other half choruses, 'Thank God!'
  14. It seems the data just includes shots stopped (inside and outside the box). It would be interesting if it included crosses collected, caught or punched clear of the penalty area too.
  15. I guess you're joking with your response but just for accuracy the averages are like for like. They are all calculated over the regular 23 home games each season. It would be an invalid statistical comparison if one were to compare averages which included play off games etc. As for flu that was confined to S6 - that's some special flu bug!