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  1. Think you’ve got your answer right there! We’ve saved a helluva lot of money on salaries though.
  2. Certainly think Pulis is a big enough ‘character’ to deal with Westwood and get him sorted. As for Rhodes, not sure anyone can make the difference!
  3. Excellent marketing by Chesterfield and some other clubs. It has led to the obvious question being asked - if we can all squash inside a room to eat and watch the live stream safely, how come a few thousand can’t sit on the seats in the stands outside?
  4. Is it just me or does this sort of thing really wind you up too?
  5. In his post match interview the coach was asked what we need to do to improve our goal scoring record. To hear his answer, repeated several times, that ‘we just need the ball to fall for us’ and ‘the goalkeeper needs to play less well’ misses the point totally and smacks of a Sunday League manager summing up in the pub after the game. If Monk doesn’t have a solution, who in the club does?
  6. I’m disappointed. I thought it was a new lockdown quiz.
  7. The highest-paid Championship manager was reportedly paid 3.46 million pounds a year, with an average across the division of 878,000 pounds a year. - Reuters I wonder how much we’ve paid him over the past 12 months to achieve this standard of performance. Utterly disgraceful!
  8. Jermaine Johnson. Even though we knew that 9 times out of ten his possession would end in disappointment, he was one player who could get the crowd off their seats when he picked up the ball and started running at the opposition.
  9. Not everything has changed. Joao’s still scoring!
  10. Great marketing idea. Certainly way better than the 1867 Club! Would probably sell more too.
  11. Expect is a strong word. One thing we’ve all learned over the years is expect the unexpected where Wednesday are concerned. However, I do thing we have a decent squad capable of holding its own in this division and so have a good chance of finishing mid-table. Achieve this, then a big push next season in front of big Hillsborough crowds!
  12. Just the right time to remember the old old adage, ’The harder I work, the luckier I get.’
  13. Could you ever expect to hear such a clear, honest, open and interesting piece today? Now there are far more press and media conferences during a week but we, 'the punters' (hate that derogatory term), get absolutely no information when compared to Jack's simple but effective programme notes. Whilst we're being all nostalgic, I think having The Rt. Hon. The Lord Netherthorpe is definitely missed at SWFC too!
  14. I've just come on here to say EXACTLY the same thing. Talks sense, is honest, speaks clearly in sentences that make sense and he can pronounce Nuhiu properly! Needs to be used again regularly.
  15. 'Yeah, look, yeah, moan, yeah, moan, look moan, moan moan, yeah.' Get the excuses in first. I wonder how much damage this sort of interview has to a player's confidence and positive attitude to returning to playing.
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