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  1. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Oderint dum metuant - Let them hate so long as they fear
  2. His response to these questions in this radio clip is VERY worrying. Confused answers and little logical cohesion to what he's saying. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05yv805
  3. Pitch looks in great condition. Makes ours look a bit shabby.
  4. The amount of time, money and effort spent in collecting statistical data on individual players and teams has been become a massive thing for all clubs these days (not just in football). It would seem reasonable to suggest that if all professional clubs are doing this, then rather than having 'no place' in football, this relatively new science will continue to be a key part of the preparation of any team in finding that 'edge'.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05y2x9y Moaning about 'nailed on penalty', the referee, Wildsmith time wasting and loads of missed chances. Was he at the same game as me last night?
  6. Give him an opportunity to score from a penalty to build his confidence. Oh no, hang on a minute.......
  7. Adam Reach

    Has taken a lot of criticism since he came but our most hardworking and consistent performer for months. Nailed on player of the year for me.
  8. The dreaded 'R' word

    RONALDO Samedo is definitely persuading Cristiano to join us on loan as we speak.
  9. Problem with selling in an inflated market is you might think you've made some money but you then have to pay more money in the inflated market to buy a replacement. It's part of Keynesian economics I think.
  10. Brought up on Parson Cross in the early 60's there was absolutely no other team you'd think of supporting. Or else......!
  11. Safety notice

    Seeing this in the Ground Regulations always makes me wonder which regulations clubs pick and choose to enforce and which they just ignore. 13 Nobody may stand in any seating area whilst play is in progress. Persistent standing in seated areas whilst play is in progress is strictly forbidden and may result in ejection from the Ground. This regulation is routinely ignored at most football grounds in the country.
  12. Promotion - Get over it

    Seeing Hull City's league position this weekend did make me think who'd been more successful since the play off final - us or Hull City. There's a good chance they could fall even further! Our success needs to be built on firm and sustainable foundations. Fully understand the view that being able to compete for one just season in the Premier would be amazing and lucrative but it has to be done sensibly always keeping one eye on a the future.
  13. New PA bloke.

    Far too loud tonight. Found great difficulty talking and hearing mates around me at half time.
  14. Today’s line up

    Impressed by the team you picked but more impressed by the correct use of the tilde over the a in Joao. Very rare to see this on Owlstalk!