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  1. I may have missed it but he is never asked about Westwood or Hutchinson. How he answers would then be up to him I suppose but as loyal fans I would hope we deserved some explanation even if it’s something akin to ‘that’s between me and the player’.
  2. I think it’s important we know who the opposition is for this life or death match. Man City, Real Madrid, Crewe Alexandra, Wigan, Penistone Church? Who do we play? We must be told!
  3. Unbelievable refereeing performance today. 7 Yellow cards were given out, the most David Coote has awarded in one match this season! In 18 games this season he's awarded a total of 73 Yellows, an average of about 4 a game. So he must have thought today's match was a dangerous feast of foul and abusive attitudes and dirty tackling. I must say he saw a different match to me. Is it just me or have the refereeing standards shown a severe decline, particularly at Hillsborough, this year?
  4. And there you have it. Any mention of Hillsborough for any reason ‘has’ to include the ‘89 disaster. Google Hillsborough and it’s a long way down before anything other than the disaster is mentioned. That’s why any sponsor would think more than twice about being associated with it or us. The name hammers our sponsorship income potential.
  5. I think the lighting candles thing must have been the standard medical response to players’ injuries in Carlos’ time here when we had 14 players out.
  6. Infuriating to see the Spurs / Chelsea game where the two sets of supporters are separated by a few spare seats and a line of stewards. Will we ever see that at Hillsborough? No chance!
  7. Possession Home57% Away43% Shots Home0 Away6 Shots on Target Home0 Away1 Corners Home0 Away8 Fouls Home4 Away1
  8. The cloud of a points deduction which hangs over us is in danger of killing off any hope of play offs. I can't be the only one who is finding it increasingly difficult to be optimistic in threads like these while the EFL mandarins shuffle with our club's future.
  9. Can you ever imagine last night’s ‘goal’ being allowed at Old Trafford with Sir Alex at the helm or at Newcastle under Benitez, at Man City, at Chelsea or even Wolves to name just a few. I WAS AMAZED TO SEE HOW CALM AND COMPOSED Gary Monk was in the after match interview last night. He was given every opportunity to criticise what he saw on the pitch but just ‘straight-batted’ everything and ‘was pleased with the point.’ So it begs the question, are we pleased that our coach takes the moral high ground and refuses to be drawn into criticising officials? I am certain that referees have been intimidated by high profile and vocally critical managers in the past. I’m sure they would think twice before making controversial decisions against clubs managed by certain vocal managers. Monk gets praise from me for the way he handles himself and I know persistently blaming officials (a la Warnock) after the event becomes annoying and does nothing to change the result. However, my point is do some refs now think, ‘Ah it’s only Wednesday and Monk, they won’t kick up too much of a fuss if I make a mistake. I’ll give it?’
  10. On sale on ebay at the moment. Nothing to do with me. Just thought it was a good plate for someone in the Millhouses area who can afford a couple of thousand pounds!
  11. Thought he did really well at the centre of defence today alongside the machine that is Börner!
  12. Must say the bench looks a lot stronger than in the days when we had a bunch of young lads sitting next to Jos.
  13. Team will definitely hit a purple patch with him in charge.
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