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  1. Could you ever expect to hear such a clear, honest, open and interesting piece today? Now there are far more press and media conferences during a week but we, 'the punters' (hate that derogatory term), get absolutely no information when compared to Jack's simple but effective programme notes. Whilst we're being all nostalgic, I think having The Rt. Hon. The Lord Netherthorpe is definitely missed at SWFC too!
  2. I've just come on here to say EXACTLY the same thing. Talks sense, is honest, speaks clearly in sentences that make sense and he can pronounce Nuhiu properly! Needs to be used again regularly.
  3. 'Yeah, look, yeah, moan, yeah, moan, look moan, moan moan, yeah.' Get the excuses in first. I wonder how much damage this sort of interview has to a player's confidence and positive attitude to returning to playing.
  4. Got to be a place for Alan Warboys up front. Even his name is appropriate. A famous quote used to describe a different player was entirely apt for him, ‘he wasn’t born, he was quarried.’
  5. A very famous, successful manager once said, ‘Football’s not a matter of life or death. It’s more important than that.’
  6. Need to see his attitude in training and with the rest of the group as well as his match performances to have enough evidence to judge as big a decision as this.
  7. Meanwhile massive crowds are still enjoying their freedom to watch horse racing. Will be fascinating to see whether the mortality rate from the virus goes up dramatically following four days like this.
  8. Just wondered if anyone had revised their opinions of our leader three and a half years on.
  9. Thanks for that. I've changed it thanks to your rapid and sparkling advice.
  10. Just seen him with Christiano in the Bernebeu watching El Classico! Perhaps he's lining up a two for one deal back to Hillsborough. Derby nicked Rooney. We could have Ronaldo and Semedo next year!
  11. I may have missed it but he is never asked about Westwood or Hutchinson. How he answers would then be up to him I suppose but as loyal fans I would hope we deserved some explanation even if it’s something akin to ‘that’s between me and the player’.
  12. I think it’s important we know who the opposition is for this life or death match. Man City, Real Madrid, Crewe Alexandra, Wigan, Penistone Church? Who do we play? We must be told!
  13. Unbelievable refereeing performance today. 7 Yellow cards were given out, the most David Coote has awarded in one match this season! In 18 games this season he's awarded a total of 73 Yellows, an average of about 4 a game. So he must have thought today's match was a dangerous feast of foul and abusive attitudes and dirty tackling. I must say he saw a different match to me. Is it just me or have the refereeing standards shown a severe decline, particularly at Hillsborough, this year?
  14. And there you have it. Any mention of Hillsborough for any reason ‘has’ to include the ‘89 disaster. Google Hillsborough and it’s a long way down before anything other than the disaster is mentioned. That’s why any sponsor would think more than twice about being associated with it or us. The name hammers our sponsorship income potential.
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