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  1. Can you ever imagine last night’s ‘goal’ being allowed at Old Trafford with Sir Alex at the helm or at Newcastle under Benitez, at Man City, at Chelsea or even Wolves to name just a few. I WAS AMAZED TO SEE HOW CALM AND COMPOSED Gary Monk was in the after match interview last night. He was given every opportunity to criticise what he saw on the pitch but just ‘straight-batted’ everything and ‘was pleased with the point.’ So it begs the question, are we pleased that our coach takes the moral high ground and refuses to be drawn into criticising officials? I am certain that referees have been intimidated by high profile and vocally critical managers in the past. I’m sure they would think twice before making controversial decisions against clubs managed by certain vocal managers. Monk gets praise from me for the way he handles himself and I know persistently blaming officials (a la Warnock) after the event becomes annoying and does nothing to change the result. However, my point is do some refs now think, ‘Ah it’s only Wednesday and Monk, they won’t kick up too much of a fuss if I make a mistake. I’ll give it?’
  2. On sale on ebay at the moment. Nothing to do with me. Just thought it was a good plate for someone in the Millhouses area who can afford a couple of thousand pounds!
  3. Thought he did really well at the centre of defence today alongside the machine that is Börner!
  4. Must say the bench looks a lot stronger than in the days when we had a bunch of young lads sitting next to Jos.
  5. Team will definitely hit a purple patch with him in charge.
  6. No, using WAWAW in bold doesn’t contravene the copyright. Poo, I’ve gone and done it now.
  7. Is this where we use the cliche ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’?
  8. ‘It actually makes a nice change to have a manager that not even Concorde park reserves would touch.’ Just for accuracy, I don’t think Concord Park has a reserve side.
  9. Not one of our most recent kits but the design of the knickers is making a come back I’ve heard.
  10. What would be good is if there was just one place where all transfer rumours like these could go instead of having separate random posts on each player - oh yes I see that's exactly what we've got pinned perfectly at the top of our site!
  11. I’ll take Wembley, winning the play off final for 2020!
  12. Thursday 20th June at 9.00am
  13. Jordan Rhodes? Oops, no wait a minute.
  14. Excellent professional who never gave less than his best even when things weren't going right. Just the sort of player who can go under the radar but a vital part of our squad in our most successful seasons recently.
  15. Doesn't seem to have improved any during his time away. A then local manager didn't pull his punches. 'Doncaster Rovers manager Darren Ferguson launched a blistering attack on the standard of match officials after referee Andy Haines waved away a late penalty appeal in the draw with Plymouth. “It’s the most blatant penalty you’ll ever see,” Ferguson said. “I think it’s disgusting, to be honest. To not see that is a disgrace.” They’re part-time, the standard’s appalling, the fitness levels at this level are a disgrace. What would I like the FA to do? Shoot them.” Jan 2018 '
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