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  1. I’m not an expert in employment law but I don’t think you can sack someone for not being vaccinated. Of course things might change after Boris’s presentation next week!
  2. Nearly 30 years and The Star printing the badge the wrong way round still sets my teeth on edge!
  3. By my reckoning 8 players who played in the League game against Wycombe played in the 'meaningless match in the rubbish cup.' Surely, they should have been good enough to give the patched up Hartlepool team a better match. Or am I expecting too much?
  4. For many years I couldn’t afford a season ticket. As a lad in the late sixties and seventies, the rich people sat in the stands using their season tickets. The rest of us paid on the gate. We never really thought about it. That’s how it was. If one can’t afford a season ticket and still want to watch Wednesday play from time to time, I guess you’ll save up to pay on the gate every other week. I can’t see much wrong with that myself.
  5. Not an obvious Wednesday jumper but lifts the spirits after losing at home to Hartlepool.
  6. Only 3 teams have conceded fewer goals than Wednesday and they have played fewer games so the statistics don’t really back up your argument.
  7. I think I heard a group in the North chant; ’Would some trained, specialist medical practitioners carefully lift the injured party to a place of safety where his condition can be ascertained as quickly as possible, please?’ I think there might have been an ‘F’ word in there as well but can’t be certain.
  8. At Amazon apparently if you believe some people on here.
  9. And that would be a great way of investing in local communities and protecting our heritage but the UK is a free market economy, which means that buyers and sellers have most of the decision-making power and are not restricted by government policies. If the Premier League operated in somewhere like Russia or China then the governments of those countries might have the power to force the Premier League clubs to do what you suggest but I don’t see that happening anytime soon in the UK.
  10. I'm always in a minority of one when it comes to discussing players' wages. It's not popular to suggest a player receiving millions for playing football 'deserves' all that money. I'm from an era where you nervously went to see the manager at the end of the season to see if you were to be retained. He told you what you'd be receiving in wages. You didn't really know other players' wages and professional agents who were experienced, articulate and well versed in current player values etc were unheard of. Players had to argue for themselves and in my experience, very few were well placed to do so. Hence, you get those who represented the most successful England side ever, having to sell medals and other memorabilia just to make sure they could fund some sort of living in retirement. The Bundesliga model is one which is quoted very often as a paradise for fans but the German clubs cannot compete with those in the Premier (and elsewhere) when it comes to paying the highest wages and thus can't attract the world's best players. That's probably one of the reasons their product isn't as attractive to overseas markets and therefore doesn't receive the billions from TV rights that the Premier League does. It's a vicious circle but they have chosen a business model which attracts big live audiences in Germany but not in other parts of the world. It works for them.
  11. By ‘wagers’ I presume you mean wages. I am still interested to hear who you’d suggest receives the massive profits from the sale of the rights to the Premier League matches. If not the players, who?
  12. The Premier League is a very successful product which sells for billions of pounds annually in free market economies. Who should receive the income form these profits if not the players? I'm genuinely interested to hear who you think deserves to benefit more than the actual people who provide that product - the players.
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