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  1. That vacancy has already been filled. Someone called Abdi?
  2. What a night that was. You left the ground believing a bright future lay ahead and it really was going to happen. How wrong we were.
  3. Wow! The Sheffield Star reporting really has gone downhill hasn’t it?
  4. I already had read it before I posted the thread and the point still stands. I would have thought the players would have been more than just a ‘little low’ even if they were just thinking about the staff redundancies that will ensue (a very valid point made by you recently, I think). They may feel they are not personally responsibly for the relegation outcome but I imagine they will still feel more upset about the whole situation than DM indicated.
  5. I didn’t read it. I heard it on the Radio Sheffield post match interview. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09h168b
  6. At least DM is honest. When questioned in the post match interview that was his honest answer. A little bit low? Really? Is that all?
  7. Sometimes I wish I, like the players could get a move to a different, better run club. Unfortunately, being a true supporter of your club makes that impossible doesn’t it?
  8. Typical Wednesday. Biggest match for four years and we don’t turn up cos we got the kick off time wrong! Brilliant!
  9. Dean’s Record 22 appearances 79 yellows 8 reds I think Hutch might last 10 minutes!
  10. Interesting to see Wallsend B.C. in 4th place. Presumably, B.C. stands for Boys' Club. I thought all those non-woke titles would have disappeared by now. Are women / girls even keen to join a 'Boys' Club'?
  11. The goalkeepers don’t seem to be doing much to improve their skills. Perhaps they’re inside doing something important.
  12. A minor point really but just seeing the first two names on the programme and comparing them to our goalkeepers now just illustrates how far we’ve fallen!
  13. Just to point out that the Carry On film ‘franchise’ was one of the most successful in British film history making a total of 31 films to strict budgets making good money at the box office. Just saying.
  14. It’s similar to Darren Moore’s ‘in terms of’ when discussing anything. He even did ‘in terms of in terms of’ in this week’s interview.
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