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  1. You can always tell someone who's not from Parson Cross cos they call it 'Parsons Cross.'
  2. Forest's purchases today suggest nothing has changed and some clubs are willing to speculate to accumulate and throw money at it.
  3. wilfsmith

    whose selling this pile of poo ?

    2https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/jsyk2118/m.html?item=123176651904&hash=item1cade68c80%3Ag%3A4C4AAOSw0LhbAZVA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Even Derek Dooley 's available. Form an orderly queue.
  4. wilfsmith

    Shirt maker

    My nan used to tell stories of knitting socks for our soldiers in the trenches in the First World War so I think she could have produced a few dozen for the squad. Unfortunately, she died many years ago.
  5. Looks like it's raining to me.
  6. wilfsmith

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snodgrass by a mile. I'm desperate for Villa to go up just so we don't have to see him cheating at Hillsborough next year.
  7. Based on the performance we saw from them on Sunday, he'd score even fewer goals for them than Wednesday!
  8. wilfsmith

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Quite surprised and disappointed to hear his interview. Hearing how he talked was just as odd as what he actually said. He sounded like a recalcitrant teenager who blames everyone else for any diffculties he might have had. As a pro player you are brought up to face head on the being judged and criticised every single day of your life. When asked to explain further, he seemed to back track and go back on what he'd said. I think he's been a great servant to the club and amazing since Christmas so I personally haven't been negative about him but I can't help but feel his complaining tone was unnecessary. I thought he was better than that. Like Hurst, and others I'm sure he'd find another club keen to take him and so I'd thank him and wish him very good luck for the future if he thinks he'd be happier somewhere else but it's a pity because I think he could be on the brink of something really positive at Wednesday.
  9. wilfsmith

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    Hakeeeb had too many 'e's!
  10. Players wearing gloves. Particularly with short sleeved shirts. Can you imagine what your old PE teacher would say?
  11. This might be the Kim Jong-hun you meant; As a player, Kim Jong-hun has spent his career at April 25 Sports Club. He was capped four times for North Korea during the qualifications for the 1974 and 1986 FIFA World Cups. After ending his player career, Kim became a manager. He managed April 25 Sports Team until 2007, when he became the manager of North Korea national team. In 2009, he led the team as it qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, their first since 1966. After a disappointing showing at the World Cup, Kim faced harsh criticism upon his return to North Korea. Radio Free Asia reported that he was publicly shamed and condemned for hours in front of 400 people, including the North Korean sports minister. At the same event, the team members were commanded to individually criticize their coach, who was accused of betraying General Kim Jong-un, the country's heir apparent. His punishment for not being a successful coach seems a bit harsh!
  12. Loved seeing the Huddersfield left back tying his boot laces as his winger runs passed him whilst yet another goal is being scored. The sort of thing that drives coaches WILD.
  13. wilfsmith

    Caption Competition

    I'll get us promotion 'just like that!'
  14. wilfsmith

    Daily star today

    Always remember Brian the Blade saying Wednesday or to get in for Harry Maguire because one day he would be a top top premier league centre half, playing and eventually captaining England. He got at least one thing right didn't he?
  15. Not quite the end of the season but I love it when an 'Owlstalker' stands up for what he thinks is right and is proven totally correct!