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  1. Whereas D Taxis advertising inside the stadium is perfectly legal and above board. Coming soon.....
  2. Too right Wouldn't it show a bit of class if they apologised and recognised how right he was?
  3. Seems like not all the rumours posted on here are utter rubbish. Well done Andy. Did you make an appropriate wager at the time?
  4. Referees usually only get a mention if they cause controversy but I thought David Coote was outstanding today. Even leaving aside the sending off, he was firm with the Preston players who were clearly trying to feign injury and calling for Wednesday players to be carded and he didn't stand any nonsense with time wasting. There's always the sense that a ref. will try to 'even things up' when there's been a sending off but he didn't overreact and refereed calmly, accurately and with a quiet assured attitude. I may be wrong but I think he even gave a yellow after the final whistle. As for Pearson? - it couldn't happen to a better guy!
  5. wilfsmith

    Kieran Lee

    I chatted with him for a little while and I said I wished him all the best because it had been so serious for him. He brushed it off and said, 'Don't worry I'm due back to play in 3 to 4 weeks!' Great news if it works out. It will be like signing a multi-million pounds player.
  6. wilfsmith

    IF..You were selling the club...

    I wasn't at the Fans' Forum but it seems clear that DC was adamant Jos was going to stay on Wednesday night but by tonight Jos is gone. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want Jos to stay but what sort of strategic thinking has there been at the top of the club in reaching this important decision between Wednesday and Friday? Is it the same sort of strategic planning that suddenly put the club up for sale?
  7. wilfsmith

    Praise our manager !!

    This all seems a long time ago.
  8. wilfsmith

    Squad photo

    17 coaches / trainers / conditioning experts! You'd think one of them might have a clue.
  9. wilfsmith

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    Amazing to think the keeper is asked to perform week in week out at this level when almost exactly a year ago he was excited about being given the chance to gain experience with Chesterfield at the bottom of Division 2.
  10. Possibly. He plays Westwood, Hutch et al and they win 5-0. In the after match interview he declares a change of heart and promises to be a good boy for the rest of the season.
  11. wilfsmith

    Away fans come first?

    It seems to vary according to whoever answers the phone. We have been parking there for years because my brother is registered blind. Sometimes we get the same answer you did when we phone up but sometimes we are able to buy for three games on the trot. For instance, we were able to buy a place for the Rotherham game two weeks ago! It would appear that it's not just on the football pitch where things aren't operating properly. Phone again. Hope for a different employee answering. Chances are, you'll get one. Good luck - we need all the fans we can get to attend games.
  12. wilfsmith

    As We Head Towards Relegation

    Yes, if we continue shipping goals at the rate we have this season we will concede 82 goals after 46 games played. That's horrendous but it's even worse when you look back over the past five seasons to see how many teams have leaked that many Championship goals in a season. There are only two teams in the past FIVE years who conceded more during the regular Championship season - Rotherham and Blackpool. I'm afraid statistically it doesn't seem to matter how we manage at the other end of the pitch, no one can concede that many goals and survive!
  13. Watching the video just emphasises once again that you don't appreciate what you've got until it's gone.
  14. wilfsmith

    All home kit sizes back in stock

    You guessed! I was going to stitch all four beach towels together to produce a special present for our famous supporter!
  15. wilfsmith

    All home kit sizes back in stock

    Still no beach towels so four of my present ideas will have to change. A 6XL shirt as a replacement present might give the wrong impression!