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  1. “Were doomed” c3po star wars
  2. Jimlinzi

    New song !

    Are you ready ??!! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCLy6-72NzYpFztbJ7jNEMkg
  3. Jimlinzi

    New song !

    Answers after 11.00pm
  4. Jimlinzi

    New song !

    What have I done !! 10 pints though it might work !!
  5. Jimlinzi

    New song !

    I just will be happy seeing a vid of this on some away concorse at halftime
  6. Jimlinzi

    New song !

    Can make it for Jo’s lukay doo doo matius doo doo ash baker doo doo thornley doo doo big hector doo doo but obviusley a whole verse dedicated to each !! Like I said one for the away support !! I know !! Make others pay !!
  7. Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo / Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo / Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo / Baby shark!… Full lyrics lucas Jaoa doo doo mat penny doo doo fernando doo doo After a few beers can we make the full team work !! If if you haven’t experienced the whole song just you tube baby shark (beware) I think this maybe a good one for the away boys !!
  8. Jimlinzi

    New song.

  9. Jimlinzi

    New song.

    Jossy has a dream to save our football team Carlos f@&£d it up we didn’t go up we built with the lads cos he’s got big gonads were jossis giants were on our way up
  10. Jimlinzi

    Player songs - non existent

    To the usual banana Rama tune matty matty penny matt penny matty penny
  11. Jimlinzi

    League Finishing Position

    This season ain’t done yet ! Fridays desire , pudil , reach and Lucas j’s upturn in performance, fernando back anytime ! cup run on the way !, let’s turn this season round !! IT WILL HAPPEN !! WAWAW
  12. It was still poo , donkey poo, dog poo , cow poo ....... infact let’s hear views on just how poo it was !!
  13. Jimlinzi

    Right, I've cracked

    Carlos should walk after that ! The worst tactical or total lack of it I have seen in a long time !!