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  1. Jimlinzi

    League Finishing Position

    This season ain’t done yet ! Fridays desire , pudil , reach and Lucas j’s upturn in performance, fernando back anytime ! cup run on the way !, let’s turn this season round !! IT WILL HAPPEN !! WAWAW
  2. It was still poo , donkey poo, dog poo , cow poo ....... infact let’s hear views on just how poo it was !!
  3. Jimlinzi

    Right, I've cracked

    Carlos should walk after that ! The worst tactical or total lack of it I have seen in a long time !!
  4. Is it the players ? , or is our style just ......... ??
  5. Jimlinzi

    So... 4-3-3

    Didn't cc start last season 4-3-3 ? (just saying !! )
  6. Sh£!ting myself ..... cos I'm laughing so much !!!
  7. Jimlinzi

    Leeds v Owls - Free on SS Mix

    That 'kodi'chap is quite handy !!! £60 sports devil , if there's a stream it's on !!! Or so I've heard !!
  8. Anyone remember darko kovacovick who went on to juve and was top scorer in Europe ?????
  9. Jimlinzi

    Training on the pitch

    Stick them in "hi viz" jackets and they will be bullet proof !!! And a helmet 'in the middle of a field' as this is a must !!!!!
  10. Jimlinzi

    League Cup First Round Draw

    Chessy v piggies would be interesting !!!!!
  11. Better played on the left !! Possible upgrade ??