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  1. Or like finding out English Breakfast tea doesn’t taste like bacon, egg and tomato.......... Like I did at 27
  2. Not wanting to criticise DM but is he the man to drag us out of league 1 Donny have played with no pressure and are by no means seen as a scalp in league 1, Wednesday on the other hand......
  3. He could have visited a lady of the night down Attercliffe and felt the same with a £5 left over in change
  4. In fact you can all blame me for the goal as Huddersfield scored about 10 seconds after I put match on
  5. To be honest I had Chelsea v Athletico on and only released we were playing when went on Twitter. Cant even be classed as an armchair fan anymore
  6. I use to cheer myself up after a Wednesday defeat with fry up. Unfortunately, due to the amount I’ve had I’m on the bring of a massive heart attack and am classed as clinically obese On the up side I’ve had my covid vaccine
  7. True story - I nearly knocked Chris Wilder over on Tom lane in Fulwood. He just looked at me in disgust as though he had every right to be walking up the middle of the road in a pair of shorts as a large van came towards him. On that basis, it would be a no from me.
  8. It was confirmed back in Oct for me
  9. Render, Farmer, Brennan, Cox, Rice, Galvin, Waldock, Hunt, Reaney, Hughes, Hagan
  10. Chansiri would let his contract run down and let him leave on a free to West Brom. Fixed it for you
  11. Just shows what a bit of passion, grit, determination and pride can get you. Something we don’t have. Credit where credits due.
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