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  1. Yes, it was a fantastic stadium and still is in some respects. But taking the tinted glasses off, my opinion only, it’s seen it’s day. Do we really need a near 40,000 seater stadium that has can’t even be filled to capacity due to restrictions.
  2. This used as a shirt badge would be fantastic. Can’t recall seeing it on a shirt, correct me if I’m wrong.
  3. Will be an unpopular opinion on here, but the ground has absolutely nothing going for it. Location is poor. Parking is sparse The whole area is in decline commercially It’s a constant risk of flooding The stadium is outdated The facilities are a shambles The name of our ground is synonymous with the biggest stadium tragedy in English football. Its too big for what we need It cost an absolute fortune to run and maintain. There’s no income steam from any other avenues because of the above (local boxing, music concerts ect ect) The stadium is done and should have been the first thing on Chansiri’s list. Its not 1995 anymore
  4. By no means an expert but I’d guess it would be cheaper to knock it down, weight in the scrap, sell the land and start again over renovating
  5. Some really good comments on this thread. After the Steve Bruce fiasco between Ashley and Chansiri, I’d imagine Ashley would give him a wide birth. It looks like Ashley has waited to pick Derby up at the cheapest possible price, they’ve had several interested parties over the last few weeks. Pains me to say it but there’s numerous reasons why Derby are a more attractive buy than we are.
  6. In defence of DM, the club is stale and rotten to the core. It’s an uphill job for anyone. Until the club is dragged into the 21st century, whoever is in the dugout makes little difference.
  7. 2 more golf courses tore up over the festive period. The Grange at Rotherham and Rother valley. Quad bikes on the grange by the looks of it.
  8. Cars 3, 18 & 47 were dotted in and around Sainz Tsunoda, Gasly - what impact has it had on other teams and drivers only allowing half of the lapped cars unlap. If this was mid season there would be widespread uproar
  9. You find yourself in a position where every driver is confused due to Christian Horner pressuring the race director for “just 1 lap” It was dangerous and disgusting
  10. This is more than just bending the rules. The decision caused utter chaos and confusion for all drivers. The video speaks for itself
  11. Do you really believe that? Genuine question BTW
  12. It’s coronation street on wheels / ie scripted
  13. But that’s how sport works, how many times have you seen a football match being built up as a spectacle only to end in a 0-0 dire and dull draw, or an away goal rule from the first leg. Anything can happen and it should be between those contesting in said sport. Joshua lost to Ruiz and then Usyk, it was fair although not the result most wanted. Italy won the Euros, it was a fair result based on performance. England list the RWC to South Africa, again, it was played out on the field to a fair ending. This is the meant to be the beauty of sport, it’s meant to be played out on the field, track, table or whatever. You don’t just hit the reset button in the last minute for entertainment value, this de-values the whole build up and subsequent work that went in to the build up. The FIA have made an absolute mockery of the sport on what was suppose to be the ultimate grandstand finish the sport has seen in decades.
  14. The thing is Verstappen has found a loop hole here where he brakes late into a corner and basically refuses to back out, meaning whoever he’s attempting to overtake (usually Hamilton) either runs off track or they collide. You then get Horner saying “let them race” if Verstappen comes out on top, or he demands track position if the move doesn’t work in RB’s favour
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