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  1. I don’t think any channel has really capitalised on champ/L1/L2 football. The BBC didn’t do a bad job, but 11:30pm on a sat night is too late. Channel 5 was cringey and tried too hard. This Quest thing will just die a slow death. Something on the BBC on a Sunday afternoon or even better a Monday night (around 7/8pm with the full round up pressed into 40 minutes would be bang on and draw more interest.
  2. Mac_77

    Have we gone backwards?

    Disagree there. We had bad players who played their hearts out and gave everything, just weren’t good enough. Now we have decent (supposedly) players who do quite the opposite
  3. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    I agree Stubborn & Inexperience Not naivety
  4. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    To be honest mate I will give every change Chansiri makes a chance. The CEO and new manager included. You cannot defend the way he has wasted money on near every aspect from player recruitment to commercial side of the club on “Ill advise” He signs the cheques
  5. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    He’s had 3 years at the helm. We are past naive. No one was complaining in the first season because we simply hadn’t made the endless blunders which he has now. He takes the credit when things go well and he gets things right, he also has to take the flack when things go wrong. The money invested in the long term future of the club probably equates to 6 months of Urbys wages. Not counting the pitch and scoreboard which I give him full credit for. The commercial and marketing side of the club I would say is in a worse state than the MM era. He has has wasted an absolute fortune, a ridiculous amount of money. The re-branding of the club, shirts and tat on offer, traditions and annerversaries, players in and lack of out. Contracts and wages. The last 2 years off the pitch have been a complete embarrassment. I’m prepared to give every idea and change a chance but these failings are now becoming a regular fixture
  6. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    On the commercial, marketing, and player recruitment side of things he has been incompetent. Naive would be kind. The money wasted on that obliterates any long term spending plans.
  7. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    People are getting mixed up with investing and spending. He has spent a lot for short term success He hasn’t invested much in long term apart from the pitch and scoreboard. Where has money been spent (including players) where we might turn around in 5 years and see the benefits? The proper foundations haven’t been laid to compete properly in the Premiership.
  8. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    With sell on clauses and how bigger teams pay big bucks for the next best thing it’s a revenue stream we should be investing in. Its Charltons choice what they do with decent prospects, they recently got £11 million for Lookman. im not grumbling at how much has been invested, just where it’s been spent.
  9. Mac_77

    I finally cracked....

    I’ll throw my negative comment in here as well: Whilst I appreciate most things DC has done, the fans have not been treat with the respect they deserve. I hoped when he came in the club would be stripped back and rejuvenated into a a club that could emulate the likes of Stoke, Southampton with mid table Premiership ambitions. Traditions of the club have been dismissed, I appreciate we use to play in solid blue, but from what I gather fans prefer and identified better with stripes. I don’t really care, I don’t buy shirts, but he should. The badge, the old owl we have had for near 20 year was a simplistic and modern design. Most teams now are moving to more simplistic and modern badges. Brentford, Man City, West Ham for marketing and branding purposes. We’ve just sacked ours off when we had a 20 year head start. My point is the identity of the club is being watered down, and I don’t like it. I’m all for change when it’s needed and warranted. Id have rather seen more investment into our academy and youth, some proper money spent on the ground, similar to the World Cup plans. Things that didn’t need changing have been changed. Things that needed changing have been ballsed up.
  10. Mac_77

    The final straw

    I said this in the match day thread and I’ll say it again. This ‘dream’ has been built on poor foundations, throw money at it and reap the rewards in the Prem within 2/3 years. It hasn’t worked and now we are left with remains. Things needed to change at Wednesday but the kit and the badge weren’t one of those things. God only knows what will happen next
  11. These are taken from Twitter. £50 for the shirt
  12. What we see now are the results of trying to build something on poor foundations. We tried to buy our way out and gloss over the real problems at the club & managed to throw away a recognised brand and p1ss off half the fan base along the way. This problem runs deeper than a manager.
  13. Mac_77

    Post your top 5 choices.

    Smith Fonseca Naglesmann Phelan Mr Farrel
  14. Next 3.... Next 5... We’ve heard it all before, just get rid
  15. No mate, I wouldn’t pay £50/£60 for a shirt made by a manufacturer I have never heard of. Nor would I pay £150 for a celebration picture with the names the wrong way round, or a sekonda watch with the price bumped up by £90 and over sold. Im not calling for Chansiri to go but he is badly letting the fans down at the minute and has done for the last 18 months.