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  1. Had the ability to be a top class player. Tried to play over in Scandinavia a few months ago and looks like he’s decided it’s just not for him. I’ve no doubt his mortgage will be paid, he will have a fair few properties under his belt and is now on TalkSport 1-2 times a week. Seems a nice lad albeit a very dry personality, can’t see him doing much pundit or commentary work.
  2. I’m not sure, I rung it earlier and who ever answered just kept saying…. Simon, simon…. Simon, Simon, Simon simon, Simon. full disclosure. They then called me a C U Next Tuesday and offered me out in the Arena Car park with the winner getting £40 and a 12/13 Watford away shirt. could have been anyone
  3. Also videos going round Twitter of him having sexual relations with a Thai lady/man. People have got his phone number also. deary me
  4. Went to Barca v Atletico Madrid in January. Game finished 4-2 to Barca, great experience. Always look for games whilst away but generally nothing much mid week. Roma, Sparta Prague, Ajax & Wisla Krakow we’re all away when we were there.
  5. Hope so. Certainly needed in this league. Certainly worth a punt for no fee and what are sensible (for us) wages. Maybe just learning not to get too excited or expect too much from these statement signings as I can’t remember many working out as expected
  6. Undecided if this is a great move or not. Something very similar to the Sam Winnall transfer about this that just doesn’t sit well. Hope to be proved wrong and happy with the Ihiekwe signing
  7. I’ve now got to break the news I have forgot to water his tomato plants or even open his greenhouse since Saturday. Going to turn into a bad day for old Frank this is
  8. Says Smith has moved to Wednesday for an extra £1000 a week, hence the extra £52k
  9. My Rotherham neighbour has just text me, he only knew about smith. I broke the news. ihekwe I’d take and rate very highly, smith…. Just can’t see it working.
  10. It will be the cinemas that end up being effected by streaming, I’m very surprised they came back to normal after covid.
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