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  1. Austria have them a game, Spain overran them. We didn’t trade blows at all with them after 15 minutes
  2. Southgate was way too cautious tonight. That’s the defender in him, Italy made changes, prodded and poked, we sat back and waited to be unlocked. You can’t defend a 1 - 0 lead for 110 minutes. A better manager would have put more forward players on around 60 minutes, especially with 5 subs. Writing was on the wall with penalties and their keeper. It was there for the taking tonight.
  3. I saw more queuing outside leppings lane chippy yesterday dinner time
  4. The man has played a significant part in what has happened.
  5. I used to get free tickets for Donny matches via a construction firm I worked for. The bloke I went with stood talking to a small balding man wearing glasses and a flat cap, longest and most boring 10 minutes of my life. ”who was that Nigde” “Phil Collins” “Who” “ask yer mam”
  6. Westwood Palmer Borner Hutchinson Osaze Dele Bannan Reach Green Rhodes Windass
  7. Would people like to see us give Derby a kicking if it meant Rotherham stayed up?
  8. Would like to see Rotherham stay up. Paul Warne has done a decent job on a small budget with a tiny squad, they have been hit with COVID on a few occasions and the EFL have just launched games at them, I think they have played 4 in 8 days, or are in the process of doing so. I am by no means a Rotherham fan, but I am from Rotherham so like to see local teams doing well, I wouldn’t begrudge Barnsley getting promoted either. If it was a straight choice between Wednesday and Rotherham staying up, obviously I’d choose Wednesday but we are too far gone now. There’s a bit of a love in for Derby at the minute on Talksport, as mentioned above, Frank Lampards Derby, Wayne Rooneys Derby $hite, it is annoying and would be far funnier to see them slum it in league one next year.
  9. Couldn’t have put it better.
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