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  1. Did Loovens push him over?

    He raised his arm when realising he had lost his man and pushed him over. The only time you use your hands in football is either when taking a throw in or playing as GK. Loovens was doing neither
  2. Carlos IN

    Your entiltled to your opinion mate, and I respect that. But ask yourself what is point of him being here if he cannot deliver on the big occasion, which is something he has continued to show.
  3. Carlos IN

    You can't run a business of giving people chance after chance. A section of fans, who are entitled to their opinion, keep on giving him another few games, months or whatever. He doesn't deliver when it matters and the last time he did was Brighton at home in the play offs but that was well over a year ago now. Regarding yesterday, I've said for quite a while, his man-management skills are poor, yesterday proved it. Those players should have come out ready to fight lions, they didn't, they came out like quivering wrecks who looked allergic to the ball. I don't think they could have been sent out in a worst state than what emerged yesterday, an U11s Sunday league team come out with more fight and passion than that yesterday.
  4. Same as me, I seem to be getting negged for saying i that's the point I stopped paying to watch Wednesday while CC was in charge. My point is, I don't have cash to burn and have other things in life to pay for, I had a season ticket for a few years in the days of 00 - 04 (the bad days) and have ploughed a fair bit into watching Wednesday over the years. The point is value for money, £40+ for what we are seeing today is wee wee poor. At least back then we tried, had passion and pride to wear the shirt (even thought it had chupa chups on the front). i stand by my comment, I won't pay a premium to watch while that clown is in charge.
  5. We beat Rotherham with a lucky last minute penalty last season at home. The way we played left me with the decision not to pay to watch Wednesday while CC was in charge, and I haven't and won't.
  6. Was bad enough losing at home to Rotherham. This takes the biscuit
  7. iFollow

    Really poor from ifollow, stuttering every 15 seconds now. Becoming unwatchable.
  8. iFollow

    Yes, did the same in the Sunderland match too
  9. The way he has handled the Mcgugan situation. Favouritism towards players that don't perform. Urby Emmanuelson Abdi
  10. Clever gits

    Paulo Sousa Sam Allardyce Pardew Tuchel Karanka Mazzarri
  11. Stopped backing Carlos last season at home against Rotherham. Nothing has changed since, this is not a blip it's his style of management which doesn't work for Wednesday for what ever reason. Poor history Bad transfers No man management skills Poor tactics We should be brave and get rid now because this is only going to continue.
  12. Next season kit

    It is very poor from a marketing perspective. New kit should have been out towards end of last season with old kit sold off for dirt cheap.
  13. It probably didn't, but we were on the decline at the time and the city centre has been dying a slow death since the early 00's due to parking and Meadowhall.
  14. A lot. But you'd be surprised how good tat sells when it's in front of you. That's the problem with the club shop, we don't get our 'tat' under people's nose with money to spend. On a serious note it would be about presence and branding and would draw interest and possible future support which is priceless. Theres a big gap in the market in football terms for a Sheffield team, Leeds have recently opened a club shop in the city. I would possibly downsize the club shop and push another location that has the passing trade. i.e. Meadowhall.