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  1. Don’t think Carlos is as good a manager as some make out. Thought the first season was fuelled by excitement and a feel good factor the club hasn’t seen in a long time. The second season after the Hull defeat saw this continue but not as much. Think most competent managers with a load of cash, confident and excited fans would have given it a good go, as we did. Its the same when a new manger comes in, a buzz about the place and what follows is usually a good run, then reality sets in and things level off. Was only the same when DC came in and made wholesale changes, just on a bigger scale. What we are seeing now is the come down, the hangover if you like. Restricted financially, low on confidence and the excitement of a new chairman and new money has well and truly wore off. The way back up is for the chairman and the fans and overall the club, is to meet in the middle again, DC should (if allowed) make money available for decent players and a manager if we don’t stick with Monk, the fans need to 100% get behind the players and show some of the enthusiasm that we saw in the 15/16 & 16/17 season, Unfortunately neither are happening at the moment.
  2. Villa in the cup, One of my first away matches that. Buggered of for a hotdog before half time only to hear everyone go mad at Ekoku scoring. Missed the only goal of the game. Look at that villa team, if you’d have asked me if I’d ever seen Ginola, Dublin or Bosko Balaban play id have said no. Aston Villa: Schmeichel, Mellberg, Alpay, Staunton, Stone, Taylor, Hendrie, Hadji, Kachloul, Dublin, Balaban. Subs: Boateng, Enckelman, Ginola, Barry, Vassell.
  3. A new stadium would want to be close to the M1, near Meadowhall (puts tin hat on) lots of redevelopment going on down there with good access links. The New York stadium and Bramall Lane have good corporate suites and function rooms making money from a host of non football events such as property auctions and networking events to name a few with the reason being modern facilities and centrally based. Hillsborough offers outdated facilities and is 4 miles out of town towards the sticks. The right sort venue down near Meadowhall could also take business from the arena.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. Went to the wife’s works Xmas do a few years ago in a suite there, it was a poor experience. Yellow ceiling tiles, small bars long queue and pretty run down. It was a section of the NHS’s party and they won’t return taking their business elsewhere. With how modern technology has moved on in the last 10 years, Hillsborough is past the point of redevelopment.
  5. Whilst I agree with you I don’t think that would be a viable option. I think Championship games will start off being shown live on the Red Button on SKY behind closed doors with a few league 1 & 2 games, it wouldn’t do the BBC or ITV any harm to pick up some lower league live games if they could wrestle them from SKY Keeping sponsors happy and getting the TV money will be higher on the agenda before putting on match days for fans, who in the chairman’s own words, don’t contribute.
  6. I just can’t see the club handing back £1-£2 million back to fans in cold hard cash. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of voucher scheme set up. A % off your next season ticket, club shop vouchers, heavily discounted new shirts and kits for those who have a 19/20 ST, a couple of match day tickets are thrown in for friends and family.
  7. Season should be wiped clean and abandoned. Start again in August if things have calmed down a little. Contracts should end as usual and allow out of contract players to move on. It’s pointless trying to kick start this season as it will have a knock on effect into next. Don’t see the problem just starting the season again with the 19/20 teams all in the same leagues. Re-draw the European cups with the same teams as last year that were still in it from September onwards. Give the scousers a plaque to keep them happy. Bigger things to worry about unfortunately at the minute.
  8. Don’t think people moan about the money being put in but more how it has been absolutely spaffed up the wall
  9. Bottom right is Rory Mcardle, played for Rochdale, Aberdeen, Bradford and as stated above now with Scunthorpe. Bottom left second from end is Greg Mason, offered to Alfreton at the same time Rory went to Rochdale but refused to go. Went on to play semi pro for local teams and now manages the local village team. Both went to Brinsworth Comprehensive, were good friends and good lads to be fair.
  10. People defending or excusing last night are probably the same type of people that would find a better looking bloke banging their wife and offer them a cup of tea. ”There no point fighting it, what chance did I have, have you seen him....... how many sugars John”
  11. To put it into perspective. We beat Arsenal 3-0 in the league cup 2 weeks after they dispatched Bayern Munich 2-0 at home whilst we’d previously drawn a few games and scraped past Rotherham. It’s easy to drag previous games up to use as an excuse. Villa have City a good game on Sunday, are Villa light years ahead of us? No matter how good the opposition are it wasn’t impossible to give them a better game, granted we may have lost by a bigger margin but I’d rather see an entertaining match with a “have a go attitude” or any sort of plan to move the ball (or the back line) forward, whilst City are very, very good they are not invincible and certainly can’t suppress teams for 90 minutes, we did that to ourselves by sitting far too deep for far too long. John Stones was a particular weak spot to aim for and we showed in a very few rare glimpses that we could move the ball forward when playing a higher line. We were far too negative, had no confidence with the ball and sat back and invited the onslaught of pressure on. On another day, a firing City would have destroyed us. We played like a semi professional team that had won a raffle with a keeper out to prove a point. The only positive to take away from last night is that Barry Bannan probably waited until he was off the field before whipping his phone out and chasing Aguero for a selfie.
  12. “we could have” We didn’t, we lost 0-1 at home with 0 shots on target. You can’t take the opponent misfiring coupled with a half decent goalkeeping display and dress it up as a “respectable performance”
  13. I disagree. We struggled to string any meaningful passes together and were star struck from the first minute. On another day that would have been 0-4, Wildsmith did extremely well keeping it at 1 and was a tad unlucky with the goal. Add that to City weren’t as sharp as usual finishing, it doesn’t add up to a half decent Wednesday performance. We were woeful. This was knock out football, keeping it tight, hoofing it out and shaking like a $hitting dog when we had the ball at feet will get you nowhere.
  14. What is the point in sacking Gary Monk? It’s like putting a fresh plaster on a broken leg.
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