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  1. Gave miy program to my 9 year old nephew, he's a Sheff Utd fan (unfortunately) i definately dont don't need a remembrance of that day, I Never even looked at it
  2. Wednesday or England

    Stopped watching England after the horrendous 2010 campaign in South Africa, I've probably watched less than a handful of games since then. Hugely overpaid players putting in a 2nd rate performance. if I'm honest I have very little interest in the premier league all I care about is what's happening in the division Wednesday are in, if that's the championship the premiership or back when it was league 1 then that's the completion I am interested in, everything else is a distraction.
  3. Praise for Barry Bannan

    I'm in Glasgow tonight due to work (last minute thing) thought I'd try to get tickets for the game but sold out... Can imagine the boozer will be a bit rowdy, might join them if Barry scores
  4. Bannan

    Barry was superb on Sunday, I agree he needs to play more in the opponents half as he is not as effective when playing too deep. Some truly quality moments of premiership standard against Leeds, that turn was spectacular. the highlight being his salute to the club when he was pumping the badge on his shirt and thanking fans when he went off.
  5. Hutch

  6. Walk-out music

  7. Keeper

    I was there last night and I don't recall any booing after the game. He was very poor but so were the majority of the players, I'm a Wallace fan but he was terrible last night, Pudil put in a shift and Bannan tried really hard apart from that I'm struggling to compliment other players in this game. on the bright side this isn't our focus this season so if losing 3-2 means we push on in the league then so be it.
  8. Proud of this forum tonight

    I think we also realise sadly the better team won over the two legs so we can be magnanimous, I can't help feeling however we have just lost not only a play off semi but as "non automatic" promotions go a very good opportunity to return to the top flight, we should have done much better and Reading are nothing to fear. I'm absolutely gutted....
  9. What we need

    We need to do the double over them red and white w****rs next season, !that's what we need.
  10. Wagner far more positive than Carlos

    What ever happened to OUR slick passing attack game? We used to have that and it was a delight to watch, now it's passing back to the defenders knock to around at the back and then long ball up front. The service for the forwards has become poor over recent weeks. Sorry (and I'm not calling for Carlos's head) but it's not good enough.
  11. OperationPig

    Sick in the base of my stomach but I can't complain with the result, penalties are always a poor way to go out. As others have said you played better over the two legs. No animosity from me. Good luck in the final.
  12. Dan Gordon - Congratulations

    Not seen it, is it a fair unbiased documentary?
  13. Lucas joao

    Do you really think he's good enough for a place? he wouldn't even make the bench. im not sure what the fascination is with Lucas, he had several chances to cement his place this season but didn't do it, Carlos even went on record to say its in his hands but he failed to take it. a player who had all the credentials and promise but who sadly disappointed and didn't cut the mustard..
  14. Joao

    He was terrible, not physical enough, fell over at the simplest of tackles, no confidence in the box and Carlos stuck with him and gave him more than enough chances which he failed to take. im glad he's at Blackburn he'd have to do a lot more than score 2 goals against a poor side for him to be reconsidered in our first 11 again.