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  1. First time ever

    Yes but at least WE all know about the 20 not going Start of a revolution comrade
  2. First time ever

    Oh OK... Yep get it now Thinking about it I'm not happy with the shirts, lack of stripes, the manager, the chairman, the ground, the catering the signings, Bannan, Big Dave, Rhodes, and not getting a Raleigh chopper as a kid F**k it that's it I'm a changed man not going anymore car park protest anyone?
  3. First time ever

    So what is the point if this thread then? If you don't want to go then don't go why feel the need to announce it? YES we're all pissed off we're not in the top two, we're all pissed off things aren't going our way, we're all pissed off it's our 150th anniversary, we're all pissed off the pigs have had the run they have but that's where we are wipe your eye and get on with it Some reyt moaners on here recently.... UTO
  4. First time ever

    Well I have a TV and as I'm not going to watch the game that will show em...Chansiri will be sorry...
  5. Hutchinson

    Hutch puts in a reyt shift when he's on the pitch. I agree he's injury prone but boy could we do with him back in the team. Remember every game was not about if but when he would get booked, he gets stuck in that's a fact.
  6. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    We I've wanted Carlos out since 2012 when Dave Jones was in charge
  7. #RIP Bill

    Sounds like a great dad RIP Bill God bless
  8. From what I see no one at the club wants him to leave and he would get his chance to prove himself through experience and effort. HE however would prefer to leave and chance a dream at another club willing to pay an unproven 1st team player silly money. I just hope he splinters he gets in his arse sitting on their bench is worth it. Good luck to him but if he's not interested in playing for SWFC "close the door on the way out lad will you"
  9. To provide a little clarity on this situation Tomorrow when you get into work go see the owner/boss tell them how much you love working for (your company name) and how proud you feel to be part of the team however if they don't double your salary you are going to go elsewhere. Let us know how you get on
  10. Thank f**k for that, maybe we will see some attacking football again at S6 A good FF on his day can change a game on a sixpence.
  11. Monday morning..

    Like it or not I personally don't think a change in manager will happen this season. DC has shown his support for CC and from what I have seen once he's made up his mind... As frustrating and dissapointng as i am this season its been my club for over 30 years and I will get behind the team. WAWAW
  12. The most frustrating thing is not the losses per say every team will have them, it's losing to sides who are really struggling at the time and should be absolute 3 points nailed on games I.e Bolton, Birmingham. When other teams are hammering these teams and we struggle to come away with a 1.0 loss it's hard to accept. Thoses three points here and there could make the difference between an automatic or playoff place come the season end Let's hope we push on an recover as quickly as possible.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about finding a new plot of land if one were needed' there's an old building that used to be a cricket ground in S2 that's a derelict s***hole now and could be bulldozed