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    The players need to take responsibility for throwng Carlos and now Jos under the bus however I have to agree i think Jos is out of his depth. I dont think we will go down as too many clubs are failing to capitalise on our poo form below us but it's unlikely we will challenge for the playoff places next season with his tactics Oh well back for more on Saturday.....
  2. Why the carlos debacle 13 games in 2 wins now? How long before the Jos debacle?
  3. I've got news for him...he's not the only one
  4. Craziest line up ever

    Erm.......... I mean erm...........
  5. Song revamp

    That ship has sailed, the song should never be repeated again IMO. It had it's time and place. Carlos DID have a dream as did we all unfortunately it didn't come true. He should be respected for the good times and leave it at that UTO
  6. People sat near you at matches

    I'm extremely lucky where I sit on the South Stand I appear to be surrounded by top quality international managers who just haven't been discovered yet..
  7. "For just £2 per month you can help a poor under priveliged trumpeter buy a tuner"
  8. Can't we all just chip in and get them music lessons?
  9. Improved players under Jos so far

    Not sure if it's just my imagination but this new fitness regime seems to be showing on the pitch Funny that eh
  10. No better sight in football

    Such a good player and very strong love the way he holds back defenders. He has his critics but that man deserves a regular place. He's never bitched when on the bench always cheering on the team when warming up along the touch line. No joke for me, give him a shirt
  11. Dawson

    Fantastic game some really good saves at some key moments 10/10
  12. McLaren

    He's got a season ticket sits behind me on the south
  13. Hope you like fixing things cause you need to if you get a lambretta , bloody things always break down. I've had one for 30 years (bought my 1st for £150 and still got it ) Still love em though
  14. Once you realise that every thing dem blades say, do, post or talk about is totally irrelevant you will save a load of your time. I have as much interest in dem blades as I have in going shoe shopping with the missus, Don't encourage them and they tend to.go awa
  15. Get in there Dave!!! Missed thw game due to traffic delays on M62 travelling back from work