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  1. We are in free fall, Monk has completely lost control. Ayone who can stop this rot will do for me. WTF has happened over the last 5 years???
  2. I was talking to one of dem blaveds last night and quite out of the blue he told me Chris "yellow teeth" Wilder is not the complete tw@t we all know he is. Is it obligatory as a pig to wake up in a morning look in the mirror and recite "Chris Wilder is not a gland" three times before heading off to work? makes you wonder eh?
  3. Carlsberg don't do Christmas but if they did...... Thanks Jos for your effort I don't for oe minute you expected it to fail but I think the job was greater than you expected. I wish you and your family the greatest happiness this Christmas.
  4. Craig, I'm very sorry for your loss, seek solice in your wonderful family love each other and you will pull through this God bless you all
  5. He's not trying to get the sack I don't think he's realised he's a manager of a football club that's all He probably thinks he's in some work experience at la la land.
  6. Unanswerable questions Is there life elsewhere in the universe What happens in the Bermuda Triangle How did Fox become a professional footballer
  7. Absolutely staggering, poor decisions made. Onomah been great recently, were losing and leaves him on the bench you'd bring him on for fresh legs if nothing else. I really don't get it
  8. Ref not the fault stupid mistakes is the fault, lack of subs is the fault, If you want to blame the ref then go ahead but WE f"""""d that up . Borough were average
  9. Great performance on the whole from the team but very disappointing decisions made tonight. 2 nil up 15 mins to go and he takes a forward off and replace with another forward, Sunday league teams wouldn't do this. And I'm sorry no disrespect but Kirby had ZERO impact. Really pissed off at 2 point dropped.
  10. We played IMO the best team I've seen at Hilsborough this season and although we lost 1-0 to be fair held our own. I expect us to win against QPR, nothing more nothing less UTO
  11. Was a great prospect having a wonderful track record of scoring lots of goals, came here with huge promise and totally failed Sound familiar?
  12. The players need to take responsibility for throwng Carlos and now Jos under the bus however I have to agree i think Jos is out of his depth. I dont think we will go down as too many clubs are failing to capitalise on our poo form below us but it's unlikely we will challenge for the playoff places next season with his tactics Oh well back for more on Saturday.....
  13. Why the carlos debacle 13 games in 2 wins now? How long before the Jos debacle?
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