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  1. Read what Ive put. I said grabban doesnt run in behined cant you read
  2. Similar player to Grabban? Theyre about as different as they come. Grabban is a target man and Nketiah gets in behind.
  3. Love how direct Aarons is, when he picks the ball up his first thought is driving at the opposition, which we have lacked. Fletcher was immense again, love to see him battling in the air for every high ball.
  4. I think it's the top half of that block that stands up.
  5. Totally agree, should be a ban-able offence.
  6. Fair play to Luton for bringing good numbers however I often look at away fans at Hillsborough and think, why do they sit down? Why travel 4 hours on a coach sat down, to then sit down for 90 minutes of football, to then get back on the coach for another 4 hours sat on the coach? When teams like Luton, Norwich, Blackburn and Rotherham come and 3/4 of their fans are sat down, I'm always thankful that we (like Villa, Leeds etc) are one of the clubs where every single fan is stood up at away games.
  7. Come on T1, on the North stand. We’re all stood up. Dont get that problem here
  8. His deal with Chelsea doesn't expire until summer 2020 according to transfermarkt
  9. Lets hope so! Would be a huge shame if we have to sell Reach
  10. Hahaha you know I'm right though. Calamity Palmer or Baker who is nowhere near ready
  11. Or you at putting the same reply on every one? ......
  12. May as well play with 10 men than play either Palmer or Baker.
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