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  1. Birmingham_Owl

    2 x Blues Tickets Wanted

    Got some. Thanks
  2. Birmingham_Owl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Proper support.
  3. Birmingham_Owl

    Christmas Day On Owlstalk Thread

    Opened this beauty today!
  4. Birmingham_Owl

    3 adult tickets for Villa wanted.

    Just need one more.
  5. Birmingham_Owl

    Bolton Away Ticket Details

    160 tickets left. Anyone know what our total allocation was for this match? Thanks
  6. Birmingham_Owl

    Anniversary watches

    I got one. I'll update you on the quality.
  7. Birmingham_Owl

    Role call for Birmingham

    See you all there. Let's put Sunday's debacle behind us and get behind the team.
  8. Birmingham_Owl

    Wednesday Books

    Check these out. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/august/150th-anniversary-books-unveiled/
  9. Birmingham_Owl


    Where did he go?
  10. Birmingham_Owl


  11. Birmingham_Owl

    Hillsbrough Must Rock on Wednesday.

    It'll rock I'm sure of it. Keep having thoughts of goal celebrations in front of the kop...!
  12. Birmingham_Owl

    Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    At last!!! Got two tickets after 6+ hours. Good job I've got no work to do....