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  1. Wing, only one I remember seeing play. apart from JH of course
  2. Ha ha weighed up the outrage for cancelling a restaurant booking for 14 family members, may have been worth it for first league game, for cup???
  3. Would have gone to this, cant wait to get back to it and this would have been a good warm up before Donny at home. However booked a big family Sunday lunch before date was announced. Doh!
  4. Much too positive, so it’s a yes from me. I have been very well looked after by some lovely people at the club over recent years
  5. It needed doing as I don’t think anyone could read the backs of the last few kits. White panel is too big though and blue may have been better depending on text colour. Need to see it with numbers on
  6. yes, and the one he scored in the semi final at Blackburn, gave Woods no chance
  7. Think that may have been his point
  8. No chance, don,t even know why you think it could be a possibility
  9. Yeah had a ST in the Upper West when Varadi scored that great solo goal against Forest, just kept running away from us until he became a spec in the distance
  10. Stood next to Roy Hattersley in the gents at Anfield at the Grobbelar walk about game
  11. When Ace appeared on TOTP he had the same Wednesday rosette on his guitar that I had in my bedroom window. Boast post warning - my cousin now plays in his band.
  12. I’ve voted Bannan the man who is our biggest problem. If you think Bannan is our issue you know nowt about football
  13. Enough said really, got my Div 3 season ticket
  14. I didn't get excited as I just thought we would still go down anyway. Well done though
  15. If any one thinks United have better players than us . . . .
  16. Agree with this 100%. Another option would be that contracts have to be honoured and cannot be terminated, although I suspect that would lead to very short contracts been offered.
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