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  1. Would it be possible to widen the concourses behind the North with some sort of suspended floor on stilts? Could then get people eating and drinking out of the flow and maybe provide shelving to lean on, stand a glass etc. could then probs have tellys back.
  2. was just wondering if anyone had already been through this process thanks for the reply though
  3. Good morning all, are we excited about Friday yet? Looking for a bit of help and advice from those that know. I have purchased next seasons season ticket already but the Mrs will no longer be able to attend. The Son-in-Law has bravely volunteered to take up the challenge so my question is is it easy to just change the details on line and swap over (in same age/price bracket) or will we need to cancel one and apply for a new one? Many thanks in anticipation of all helpful and unhelpful replies
  4. I’m a ignorant heathen so had to Google La Isla Bonita to see what advert it was from
  5. 16:28 mine and includes a link to download PAH ticket, as a previous poster though, no ink in printer
  6. Not quite an away day photo but as close as I get these days
  7. In the 90s when I had a young family so let my season ticket go, I could hear the cheer of a goal from Dungworth
  8. 11, but then again I’m old. Didn’t know much about Lincoln to be honest.
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