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  1. Striggy

    Jordan Thornily

    Think they only had 3 shots on target all game, one being the penalty. If Reach could have took the very early chance, or the VAR gone our way, could have been more interesting. Forwards and onwards now though, new Brucie era and Ipswich to come.
  2. Striggy

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    For the first time ever I have made a complaint to the BBC, as I was livid at the time, and have subsequently read Alex Bruce's tweet. And yes I have got my knickers in a twist, and rightly so, think Bruce and his family deserve an apology.
  3. Serious question, does anyone really believe that anyone on here knows more than the club about FFP/P&S and how you can/can't get around it, seriously?
  4. Striggy

    P&S issues

  5. Striggy

    P&S issues

    Good point and well put. Of course you do not need to pay large amounts, but finding the right players at lower wages is harder and less likely, think you need a good scouting system, and also a bit of luck. You do not need to look at our neighbours (who would want to) many teams seem to have a knack of doing well on less, but in the norm, paying higher wages for better players gives you a greater chance of success, but as this is football nothing is guaranteed. The point of my initial reply was and still is, if you get rid of Hooper and Lee (who we have undoubtedly missed) (and regardless of made up salaries) you do not save £70k a week. Not sure we would need to replace Abdi though
  6. Striggy

    P&S issues

    Think the point I was making is that we have not got on along OK without them. If we do need to let them go due to their injury problems, then we need to replace them with equal or better quality, therefore we will not be saving any money.
  7. Striggy

    P&S issues

    But we have not got along OK without these two, we have missed them!
  8. But many on here will only label that as a failure, just as the play off final and semi final are labled failures
  9. The tea lady in the hut at the bottom of the Kop?
  10. Striggy

    Average age of squad

    so 13th highest suggests we are around the middle then, neither too young or too old?
  11. Striggy

    FA cup v arsenal

    Missed the away game, listened on a radio in the tap room of the Blue Ball, Worrall, thought we had won it, gutted they equalised. Went to all the Leicester games, very foggy and slow on M1 I seem to remember.
  12. Striggy

    George Boyd.

    Really chuffed for Boyd, thought he played very well yesterday and put a reyt shift in. However, I went to Sunderland for the cup game earlier this season and must say he was absolute garbage that day. Lets hope that we now have the real George Boyd. Over to you Brucie baby!
  13. Striggy

    Shine a light protest

    Well the protests have worked well so far. They have failed to remove Jos from his position, but have pushed the Chairman to say he will put the club up for sale. I would hazard a guess that there will not be many takers at the Chairman's valuation of our club, and would also guess that he will cease pumping good money into it, so look forward to a long period of stagnation, no investment, no new manager, no new players. Well done all.
  14. This really must be the most pointless poll/thread ever. Apologies for the sense of humour by pass, but really?