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  1. Rhodes - for not kicking the water bottles as he trudged off. Was he sobbing in the stand? Didn’t do much, but didn’t do owt wrong. Had nothing to work with
  2. I will second this. We played Jonny Quins All Stars at Stannington. We were all young bucks and I was a pacey, tricky goal scoring striker. Looked at the old bloke in the middle and thought I would have a heyday. Never got near him, his positioning, speed of thought and control were outstanding. If I got too close I realised that he was also made of granite. Off all the All Stars he made the biggest impression on me. Played em twice, lost 10-1 each time.
  3. Wilshire, Ballotelli and Sturridge, dream team
  4. I would just like to know WTF was he thinking going into a challenge like that, always gonna be a red. Same as JVA the other month. Its hard enough 11 v 11, think we have finished with 10 men now 5 games out of 9? ps I know Lees was an injury but still cost us a goal and 2 points
  5. This for me, seen many more but have forgotten most in a haze of old age and alcohol. What made it special was getting soaked to the skin walking to the ground and having to spend a fortune in the club shop before hand to buy dry clothes. Sat with my wet gear in a bag under the seat, steaming away not knowing if the match would start or be abandoned. Watching Tammy totally rule us and going 1-2 down. Then that sending off (was it Hutch's diving handball/header at ground level?) and penalty began what I feel was the most bizarre turnaround ever. Fearing a 1-3 scoreline 30 seconds later it
  6. Said it in another thread, this is my most visited away ground, never seen us win. First match was when Prendo broke his leg (1974?), and that was a boring 0-0. Last one was 2-1 defeat last year. As I cannot be there this time, nailed on we win
  7. Yeah, the final equaliser in the 4-4 for Hudds grrr
  8. My most visited away ground, not seen us win yet. 2-0 Wednesday as I can't be there.
  9. The Desso pitch does seem to have a lot of players slipping, could this be a contributory factor do you think? Although we do seem to also get a lot of injuries in training also.
  10. playing em in't dream, smashing the scrubbers is the dream!
  11. I have a season ticket on the North and my refund was £120 if that helps?
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