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  1. Filmed in good old fashioned green and white!
  2. Wrong section if you are asking a question, get thisen to Quiz section!
  3. Please please stop posting in this thread unless on topic. I for one am here to get away from all this nonsense and discuss Sheffield Wednesday nonsense!
  4. Possibly the wrong (or loaded) question from the OP. I have and will always support Wednesday, my only team. However, I watch a lot of football cos I love it and I take sides/favour some teams over others cos it makes it more interesting. This is not random thing, as I am 60 odd now and growing up forged a few links. Man U over City - grew up watching Best, Charlton and Law, and remember the European Cup win over Benfica, 68 was it?. City got us relegated from the first division, even though they tried their best not to! Liverpool over Everton - grew up watching Liverpool in the 70's European games when there was not a lot of footy on telly, had a reyt team and great players (not over fond of fans though) Everton beat us in 66, that's enough for me Tottenham over Arsenal. Loved watching Ardillies, Villa, Waddle and Hoddle among others. Don't really need to comment on Arsenal do I? Don't like Chelsea in any way shape or form, so Arsenal and Tottenham to beat them. Real Madrid over Barca - not sure why, another 60's 70's European thingy maybe? Stranrear - Used to go on Holiday there. Think that's it, all other teams it depends on how I feel on the day or what's at stake, usually go for the underdog.
  5. Is this Charlie Adams a different player to Charlie Adam?
  6. A very close run thing between Hector and Fletcher, so i voted Bannan
  7. Would make Mansfield seem like a walk in the park
  8. Think I am happy to let Bruce decide who he takes a risk on to be honest.
  9. To be fair, it's not just like he has said it now, this story came out yonks ago, don't know if TF had already written an earlier Autobiography, or if it was just in the press but he has said it before. Old news.
  10. Well my experience on Tuesday (North Stand by Gangway Q) was that the payment by Contactless was almost instant. Ordered a tea and a pint of Wednesday Ale, lass tapped a couple of keys, presented card and job done. Then she walked to the other end of the serving area (slowly) ordered a pint from the lass at the pumps, made the tea, slowly walked back and gave me the tea, back to the pump where it was obvious the pint just pulled was given to another just before she got there, waited for another, walked back, all in slo-mo. Took 2 mins say. No wonder you cant get a pint at half time.
  11. Because it's a Hooper thread?
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