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  1. That’s all I got on laptop, switched to iPad now
  2. Yeah I’m on Chrome, had pressed the play but it just scrolls. No problem on iPad after I’d shut the other down
  3. Like others works on iPad but not on SmartTV via laptop
  4. I just have a black screen and a scroll bar 😱
  5. Proper player, proper pro. Can't help but believe that Carlos and Wednesday broke him with that early comeback.
  6. Garry Bennett for effectively ending Ian Knights career (deliberately) and for being an absolute bell Peter Beagrie Billy Bremner Peter Osgood All Wimbledon Players
  7. Don't get all this anger re peeps wanting a refund. I have been a season ticket holder (on and off) since 1966. However pre lockdown I had unlimited work in construction at very good rates, during lockdown I had no work, post lockdown I have part time temporary work at poor rates, my income is down 75%. Do i continue to support players that have lost what % income?
  8. Just embrace the day, we have a striker who when converted to CF may just be Warhurstesk in his transition
  9. Agree with you except the goal keeper, both Cam and Joe will prove to be competent Championship goalkeepers going forward.
  10. I would suggest that Joe Crann a professional sports journalist and owls fan has done some research also
  11. Starting to understand how this works now, if they sign for someone else, its a great loss and the club is a shambles and can't organise a wee wee up in a brewery. If they sign for us they are carp and the club is desperate and cant organise a wee wee up in a brewery. Is that right? Don't know why its quoted Guru, was a post on its own, sorry G Also thought I was in the Kurchunga thread, time to put the bottle away and go to bed I think
  12. No comparison, I mean literally no comparison. What a pointless thread.
  13. Cannot believe half the stuff I have read on this thread. From what I have seen, which is mainly v us in their promotion year he looked pacey, lively and dangerous. He is ours now and his past history is just that history. Its now down to the player, the manager and the coaching staff to get the best out of him, and if he delivers his best he will be a great free signing, get behind the lad, in current circumstances we aint going to be signing much better. Welcome to SWFC make yourself a name, lets see what you can do!
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