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  1. We have a manager and need to get behind him whilst ever he is here. We need to Win the EFL case Not get relegated Not get an embargo Let Monk recruit and have a pre season bring his own backroom team in Give him at least a full season. See what happens Support Not much to ask oh and win a few games!
  2. I went to Bradfield School and our English teacher Mr Bertram often reminded us that he went to school with Donald Pleasance and that they were best buddies. Anyway, back on topic, any news yet?
  3. Done, really easy but could not see how to do 2 tickets on same application, so had to do 2 individual ones, got both confirmations by email straight away. Sort of feel bad, but times and circumstances have changed.
  4. I think you are wrong, and either way they are our 1 and 2 now.
  5. Positive, excited and optimistic, why wouldn't you be? Fresh start, lots to play for, have a car parking space (on the drive) have a reserved seat, whats not to like? 2-0 Wednesday
  6. Hooligan related, home v Forest mid 70s I would guess. We got on the kop early and were sat reading the programme when a voice said "lend us a scalf mate". Looked up to see half a doz Forest fans so I legged it down the Kop. Turned round to see my brother in a tug of war holding on to his prized scalf for dear life while the six kicked 7 bells out of him. Had to go back to assist and got a reyt beating and lost a scalf. happy days
  7. Non hooligan related was away at Chesterfield many years ago when we were all stuck outside at kick off cos the turnstiles couldn't cope with our numbers, an exit gate got kicked down and we were swept inside in a crush whether you wanted to or not, feet never touched the ground.
  8. True think the current retro shirts come with a badge, but don't recall the 60s shirt having the badge on, certainly the replica shirts of the time didn't. I remember it more from scarves and programme covers to be honest.
  9. Disagree totally, and nostalgia and personal taste is not nonsense at all and does not add to your argument to say it. Obviously preference is not totally down to personal experience, memories etc. but even many who have expressed their love of the stick Owl have mentioned that part of their love for it comes from its association with the good times in the 90's. People keep referring to it as an iconic and unique design, I just don't see it that way and prefer the traditional badge. I do find it strange that a lot of fans express their support for stripes as it identifies Wednesday and is their traditional strip, yet don't accept the traditional badge because they prefer the more modern cartoon. One of my earliest memories is my dad bringing a programme home and being struck by the old old badge etched into the plain blue cover in silver. Each to their own though, and there's less of us old sods about to support the new old badge these days.
  10. I like badge 1 best, I have very good taste and I do not wear boot cut jeans, so your statement is flawed before we begin 😀
  11. Flicked between the two to start with, both options are a poor substitute for the real thing, but it is the best we can have at the moment. Decided on balance that it was slightly more watchable with the fake crowd noise so stuck with that. Blades first match back after lock-down and first to have a goal not given by Hawk-eye, priceless, two more for their Honours Board.
  12. Most of this is down to your earliest or fondest memories really. For me I started my Owls journey with a version of No 1 and with blue body/white sleeves, they will always be my preference.
  13. We do know who is available to play on Saturday, and the next game, its after the end of the month that there is uncertainty, but all have been asked to extend.
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