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  1. Thing is we had no social media, internet or wall to wall football on TV in those days, yet I know nearly every name on there from all 4 divisions. Haven't got a clue about most other teams players these days, but then again don't play them there modern footie games.
  2. I once told my brother that nothing was impossible, so he asked me to open a tin of beans with a banana. Now that was very frustrating!
  3. Well I must confess I’m starting to get a little bit worried now!
  4. Well this has even surpassed that game against Millwall a few seasons back when we had the ball in the corner at the end of stoppage time holding on for a 1-0 win. Something more recent to wind me up and make me angry at random moments over the next few years until we top this.
  5. Was it Chapman who had to chase the ref to stop the game??
  6. The thing is everyone in the ground knew exactly what had happened except the ref who blindly played on
  7. Was just providing more info/data for Owlsman. I’ll let others make any correlation if there is any.
  8. I got refunded early doors, but I did purchase an earlybird for this season
  9. He will have a very large sample of new badge designs to choose from if he looks hard enough!
  10. I prefer the boob eyes, much more akin to the traditional badge I grew up with. instantly recognizable, easy to draw so 70's logo Owl can fizz off I suppose we should all learn to accept and grow to love the badge that represents the club at the time.
  11. Am I missing something in the OP, or not seeing something in the photo? Puzzled
  12. Reminds me of the David Icke interview with Wogan, with old Terry pointing out to David "they are no laughing with you-they are laughing at you!"
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