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  1. I just think you are wrong just my opinion ! If Dawson does lose form, then Wildsmith steps in, forget Westwood. Its the future!
  2. I have really missed Wallace, good luck to the lad.
  3. Striggy


    It all has been done to death this, but we are where we are. There is no point trying to understand it, accept it and stop worrying. Westwood will not be with us next season, so it makes sense to me to play one of the youngsters, and as someone else has said above, the only downside is that for whatever reason, we have not been able to move him on, so have not made any fee and not saved any wage. Jos has made a decision, and the result is that our young goal keepers get a chance to development playing first team football for our own club, and that development includes building relationships and understanding with our own players, which is something they would not get out on loan. They will be a year more advanced come next season, when Westwood would need replacing anyway, so even if you disagree with Jos' decision, there is still merit in what he has done, accept it. Dawson has also made more saves than any other keeper in the Championship thus far. I do believe that Westwood is on the wane a bit too, and do not believe that our choice of goalkeeper will be the difference between success and failure this season. Don't matter what reason Westwood is out for to be honest, we have what we have and there is good reason to embrace it.
  4. For nostalgia Fantham For entertainament and excitement Waddlle For Goal Scoring D Hirst
  5. yeah may dad always used to get us ST's in the West Upper, until we eventually moved to the north when it became the away end
  6. No I don't, just seems like I have always been going, must have been early sixties but cannot remember a time when I was not an Owl and going to matches (may be due to 40 odd years of alcohol abuse though)
  7. Well we did not get that many opportunities to get a good look at what he could do, however I am a tad undecided. When he did get a couple of games together (and I cannot remember which they were) in the first he looked like the only Wednesday player up for it, was very good, won everything and looked a real handful. The next he looked like he was completely out of his depth and though he tried was awful. He did score a few good goals though, and his record at Barnsley was good, so we should give him a chance if he does get the opportunity for a run in the side. ps Nuhiu may not exactly be the best player in the league, but he is not a donkey and has shown that he gives a lot to the team, and you pulling him down to beat the Winnall drum detracts from your argument.
  8. Striggy

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

    This has actually made my day
  9. Striggy

    Keeper Situation

    Did I not read just yesterday that Dawson has made more saves than any other keeper in the Championship so far this season? Think it was a BBC report.
  10. Striggy

    Tonight’s attendance

    So who is boycotting the game? How many games in how many days? Long BH weekend for some, back to work for others. Surely for a cup game we are all POTG?
  11. Striggy

    Tonight’s attendance

    Well I shall be there, with two other ST holders and 2 who for various reasons are not. There is a match on at Hillsborough, why would we not be going?
  12. Striggy

    there’s something about Jos....

    My mood and opinion didn't change from the end of last season just because we did not get off to a very good start, still think him and the team will come good and we will build from here. Not sure why you had to add "win that was only just about deserved" in my (and others) opinion it was a well deserved victory.
  13. Striggy

    This Would Sound Great

    Final Countdown would be reyt naff!
  14. Striggy

    Bazza Was Immense Tonight

    Barry was on a mission last night, think he had determined to win the match on his own if he had to. Some great surging runs forward. A few passes did not come off, but at least he was trying them. Well worth MOM for that performance.
  15. Depends if you just want to watch the game, or if you enjoy the experience of actually being there and supporting your team. Don't think it will affect season tickets, but as said above, will possibly kill POTG especially at our prices.