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  1. Then discuss why he is not the man for the job. Childish snipes about his speech and eloquence make you look lacking. As others have said he is not an after dinner speaker or a sports presenter he is an ex footballer come manager. Leave it out.
  2. Never saw a red card for the second yellow, Greggers certainly was sent back on at first
  3. To be fair he did pull their lad for a land grab at a throw in first half and give us the throw
  4. All I can add to this discussion is that from the moment that ball kicked off last night is that I was watching a game of football. I was cheering on the England team, moaning at the ref, getting excited at every attack, grumbling when things didnt go well, and cheering like a nutter when we scored especially the 3rd which had me out of my seat. An evening in watching footy with the bonus of a victory and a final for our side, whats not to like. Will defo be doing the same on Sunday.
  5. Agree with the above. I had heard in mid July that Wilks was a done deal. Source was a family member of someone on the playing staff at HCFC. Could have posted it claiming ITK as would have been a good source and with good intentions. Quite sure if I had I would have been slaughtered by now.
  6. Don’t know it it helps but mine arrived a couple of days back. Can’t wait for Saturday
  7. Worked with his dad and sat behind him when he scored the equaliser at Villa Park in the semi. Went mental.
  8. There are indeed, most I block out of memory or I’d go daft!
  9. Odd one this cos I’m 63 and seen a lot of throwaways, but one that still rankles more than it should is home v Millwall a few seasons ago. Needed a win, 1-0 up deep in stoppage time and got the ball in the corner. Somehow didn’t keep it or put it out, but let it get nicked of us, boom up field they go avoiding one lunging tackle, cross, tap in, 1-1. Still riles me typing this!
  10. Saltergate - reyt crush getting in when exit gates gave way/kicked in/got opened. Belle View - tripped up on all the weeds growing through the broken concrete terracing
  11. Better stay, just bought a mug!
  12. Bolton: inc Sidebes winner and Jordan’s double
  13. Look, Bannan is not the Messiah, he is not even a very naughty boy, but he is a good footballer and we are lucky to have him. He is committed, loyal and hard working, traits that are all many want to see. That some don't see his value is a puzzle to me, particularly this season but each to their own. Its OK to voice that opinion, it's a forum, but to keep pushing it and endlessly trying to justify it is getting tiresome.. Also to just slate the club as crap is over simple. We are playing at a lower level than we would wish, but we are competitive at that level, that to me means we are not crap, we are good at the level we are at.
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