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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    I was there with my brother half way up the Kop. We were in truth dreading it and not expecting the win as United were well ahead and looking at promotion and we were well . . . Meh really. Incredible atmosphere and once the game started you could sense we were on it. Turned into a blissful dream, could not believe what was unfolding before our eyes, we went mental. Does show that form counts for nothing in these matches though. The result turned our season around, and we all know how it finished. Same again Sunday please.
  2. Well spotted, must learn to read posts more carefully rather than the usual skip over speed reading, although that's the best way to read most of em.
  3. Only being pedantic, but has he been here three seasons? Surely we have played only 4 games of his third season which has only just started.

    Well I am Ok with them, nowt to dislike, there is nothing "horrific" about them and they will do for a season. The home shirt is absolutely fine by me, my first strip and happy memories of being a child Owl, even if the footie was poor! Happy days
  5. Third division away days

    Yeah that was some night, stood outside well after kick off in a massive queue, all of a sudden we started moving like a tide, no chance of not following the crowd, suddenly we were inside the ground. A little cramped though. Don't remember much of the game to be honest apart from it being rubbish.
  6. Pigs and Leeds games on Sky

    Good for me, fly to Corfu on the Friday, so should now be able to find a bar and sit in the warm sunshine with a glass of Mythos or two watching us trounce the pigs.
  7. Seem to remember Betty in the refreshment hut bottom of the old Kop next to South Stand. Would propose her as best tea lady.
  8. Rhodes

    From the poll that Middlesbrough are running on their site it appears 60% did not want him to leave
  9. Question re: S6 PA system

    It was the music for the dance troupe that did me in, painful it was!
  10. Carlos's Contract

    Well its not constructive criticism thats for sure
  11. Are we excited

    Just got mine plus 4 friends and family, bring it on UTO and very excited
  12. Drink up Wednesday

    In caravan in Whitby having watched the TDY, bottle of Retsina and a big smug smile. Party time next Sunday
  13. I am 58, so this one for me, sorry no stripes in it!
  14. Well for me the retro 60's kit would be fine by me, its the shirt i grew up with, didnt know anything before the blue body with white sleeves and if Owlstalk was around at the time of the change I would have posted against going back to stripes. However, i grew to like the stripes, and I have grown to like this years strip. Its only a kit after all, but what do I know, I'm only a fan!
  15. Birth date result

    Season finished well League Division Two table at close of 1958-59 season Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GAvg GD Pts 1 Sheffield Wednesday 42 28 6 8 106 48 2.208 58 62 2 Fulham 42 27 6 9 96 61 1.574 35 60 3 Sheffield United 42 23 7 12 82 48 1.708 34 53 4 Liverpool 42 24 5 13 87 62 1.403 25 53 would have been 90 points in modern money