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  1. I like your plan, segregation works but it's hardly a quick fix. Building a bridge aint a quick job, with design and planning to go through. And who owns the land on the opposite bank of the river? Environmental Agency would presumably get involved with any proposed works in, adjacent or over the river. Good long term strategy though, unless we could get a quick fix temporary Bailey Bridge, good army training exercise?
  2. yes I believe that there has been an argument on here that did not really exist cos Mr RS has posted so poorly that I think everyone believed he was talking about the club, not SYP, I certainly did until he explained it. Needed to be more clear.
  3. indeed, can't catch an away game to gain points, always back of the queue to true fans
  4. Only got 490 points, logged on bang on at 3pm all gone
  5. from the North I thought Borner was offside for the cross so did not celebrate the goal as my eyes were on the Lino'
  6. Of all the reasons for not wanting Holloway, this would not be top of my list
  7. There was plenty of audible booing from the North and Kop when Fox's name was read out. Really poor form our superb fans.
  8. Yeah but to be fair to the OP this is a good forum to discuss the decline in the quality and content of the Star in respect of all things SWFC, the only error he makes is to post the link. I used to visit the Star site more than regularly back in the day when it had a vibrant and well populated comments section that was easily found at the bottom of a well written article. They then did the Facebook link and the comments descended to the bottom of numerous pages of adverts, which sometimes you could not get to the bottom of. Now instead of articles they are publishing lists spread over 3 to 4 pages, bullet points only, nothing to read, and a SWFC snippet on the last page which as the OP states is often over sensationalised rubbish or rehashed old news any way. Blatant click bate for any other reason other than imparting SWFC latest news to the fans.
  9. Stewards standing at the top of the stairwell on the North during the game making it difficult to see the action. From my seat the Steward blocks the view of the goal, looks at us all gormy as we shout for him to get darn!
  10. Just when you had got me back on side. A big red down arrow from me.
  11. Got to admire your sense of humour and resilience, gonna give you a plus.
  12. you were saying https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/sheffield-wednesday-lee-bullen-speaks-out-on-chances-of-becoming-permanent-boss-claims-hes-living-a-boyhood-dream-at-hillsborough-490092
  13. Good piece that, Star take note!
  14. A lot of Owls supported Jos because he was our manager. He turned a few things around at first and we finished his first season reasonably well, geting the best out of Nuhiu and Jaoa on the way. Unfortunately he made a fe bad decisions that did not work out for him, and was dismissed as results took a turn for the worse. Always happens to a manager at some time, even with such as Wenger, Jos' demise just came round a bit sooner. Its over gone, why bring it up, point scoring? hindsight I know best?
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