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  1. Think I am happy to let Bruce decide who he takes a risk on to be honest.
  2. To be fair, it's not just like he has said it now, this story came out yonks ago, don't know if TF had already written an earlier Autobiography, or if it was just in the press but he has said it before. Old news.
  3. Well my experience on Tuesday (North Stand by Gangway Q) was that the payment by Contactless was almost instant. Ordered a tea and a pint of Wednesday Ale, lass tapped a couple of keys, presented card and job done. Then she walked to the other end of the serving area (slowly) ordered a pint from the lass at the pumps, made the tea, slowly walked back and gave me the tea, back to the pump where it was obvious the pint just pulled was given to another just before she got there, waited for another, walked back, all in slo-mo. Took 2 mins say. No wonder you cant get a pint at half time.
  4. Because it's a Hooper thread?
  5. No dilemma at all, always all out to win, especially against L***s. If we do not win then there is a small consolation that it may damage Them, but that's all it is.
  6. Have we not blown 3-0 leads against Forest and Derby also, or are they just nightmares I have?
  7. We have missed him a lot. One moment epitomised him for me, we cleared a corner or free kick to the edge of our own box and Hoops collected, for a man with no pace he was quickly on the half way line, tying three defenders in knots before releasing a pass to keep the counter going. His mind is a yard ahead of everyone else and his touch is sure, proper footballer.
  8. Have we had a serious reply yet? No? Well it is Owlstalk. A friend of a friend was told by a friend (yes seriously) that he had been ejected from the South due to "unsuitable language" and that his season ticket was taken off him. I believe he now has to contact the club. Don't know what he said. Hope that helps
  9. One of the best players we have had for a long time and really wish he had stayed fit. However, no matter how much he proves his fitness over the next month, time to move on, let Bruce weave his magic and freshen the squad up as much as P&S allows. For that reason alone Hoops needs to go I believe. If however he does get fit and the club find a way to afford him, and Bruce wants him and he signs another deal and I would not be unhappy
  10. We do not know what the judge said, only what Hayes and the PA reported he said, either way, think the judge took a cop out, otherwise to find FF not guilty he would have to say Pearce was lying, then it opens a new can of worms.
  11. A bit sad this. You started a discussion on a football forum by asking a question, "is any one bothered?". And that is what it is, does not appear to be a slanging match or Spanish Inquisition, just posters responding to your question and further posts with their own views. Should not put too much store on the red down arrow, it is not a neg. The Up and Down arrows are like an electronic opinion poll, and you get a quick indication as to whether others agree with your point of view or disagree. A great tool when you have time to read, but not the time or ability to answer (I am sure most of us read this at work) I also think you got a little confused with "watching" and "supporting" two different things. I am sure that most Owls are also football fans and enjoy watching other football. There does seem to be some sort of boast or a need for a badge of honour from some though by claiming that only Wednesday matter or that they only care about Wednesday. You can enjoy another game without being unfaithful. Hope you change your mind and continue posting. ps I don't mean you are sad or your post is sad, I mean its sad that you have decided to stop posting. keep it up!
  12. Sounds more like you hate the Scots, Welsh and Irish
  13. Being English but also a football fan I would watch Scotland anyway if it was convenient, having an Owl player made it more interesting, just wish he had done better. Being of an age where I remember Ally's Tartan Army i also find it very amusing to watch Scotland under achieve and get beat. I assume you mean "As for Kosovo would you really watch them if Nuhiu wasn't playing" then yes if opportunity arose, i would watch two of England's opponents in this group play. (i'm not very popular in our house as footballs always on!)
  14. Don't really matter if its likely or not, it is possible and therefore we can hope and believe, that's the whole point innit? Don't need to be realistic, just enjoy the ride until its mathematically not possible, the seasons not dead as we thought it would be, bring it on.
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