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  1. Was convinced he was going to injure himself celebrating. Think he enjoyed it somewhat
  2. I got one similar bought in Prague in 2016 which includes Forestieri and co, its bloody awful!
  3. Yes recall it being a cup game, then again in 70’s /,80’s it would have to be
  4. Yeah also had ST there for a while. Watched Varadi run to the distant Kop to bury that one against Forest
  5. I believe that was the one, big crowd, corner was rammed, couldn’t move!
  6. Yeah and need help to place the game. It was a night match v Liverpool about 40 years ago so no seating. Wicked night, cold wet and windy (the weather not me!) so got proper togged up. Got crammed in like sardines, wind blew over top of us, taking the rain away and got hotter and hotter as game went on till nearly passed out. Think we won or drew 2-2
  7. Not sure if I've been the victim of subliminal suggestion, but I'm thinking Liam Palmer!
  8. All I want from Wednesday and football in general is the opportunity to escape for 90 mins. The anticipation and match day routine. Enjoy(?) the game unfold, cheer, boo, abuse the ref, get upset at S***housery and berate the opposition player, the euphoria of a goal, the disappointment of not winning. Winning isn't the be all and end all, success is a bonus. The most tinpot thing I have seen in football recently is half a dozen Everton fans stage a "mass walkout" on 27mins cos they aint won owt for 27 years. Be a happy clapper and enjoy.
  9. I loved the 70's at Hillsborough, never had to queue for anything!
  10. For me we used to be scraping around at the bottom of Division 3. We are now upper mid table Division 3 with the chance of a play off spot. I see that as progress .
  11. Reluctantly renewed both mine and the Boss's this am, easy to do, but as some have already mentioned only got my ticket credit showing so had to log in again on the Mrs's account to get her credit. All in all with the "loyalty" EB discount and the credits from last term not horrendous, but looking at new bank balance it does leave me less comfortable for Xmas. Sort of happy but miffed at the same time, can understand peoples displeasure at the timing. As others have also pointed out, the ticket credit for last season has now gone towards next season so think that means part of my payment was actually 2 seasons in advance? Sort of!
  12. Obvs disappointed we didn’t win, but much encouraged after last three performances, good to see a home draw not booed off
  13. Went for Luongo, reads the game well, looks calm, composed and assured
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