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  1. Sorry Hootie, twas a sarcastic dig at another post which stated that we are poor because we accept players such as Nuhiu. I'm a big Nuhiu fan myself.
  2. We wont win tonight because some of us accept Nuhiu as part of the squad
  3. South Stand Kop end, surrounded by Man U supporters. Got a good view of the scrap bottom of the Kop though. Amazing game, seemed real football in them days more and more an old get.
  4. You do realise that what the fans "are happy to accept" or not has no bearing on the teams fortunes do't you? good luck for getting 200 negs, well done!
  5. Question for anyone who may know. There is a lot of talk about charges, defense, hearings, sanctions etc. If we are being charged under EFL Rules/Procedures for a breach of said rules, then surely there must be Procedures/Protocols/Timescales within said rules that must be followed, by both parties? We know we have been charged, we know we have issued a statement saying we will defend, but what is the next step? Do we attend a hearing to defend charges? Does the EFL's independent committee just review the case and recommend sanctions, that we then have to appeal? In construction law, and contract law for example such procedures are well documented and timescales/procedures etc. are well defined and definite. Or do EFL just make it up as they go along as we all suspect?
  6. Reach's fault, we had the ball in good possession and were starting to get into our attacking positions/formation/shape and he inexplicably gives the ball away, catching all out. Mistakes are not only there at the end, but also at the start, I was going mental with him a the time. Simple stuff done badly.
  7. This all day long for me ^^^^^^ Its a source of real frustration for me. In my day as sub you were fully kitted out ready to go when called. Just whip your tracksuit off and your on! These days, remove designer hat and snood, take gloves of, remove quilted jacket and trainers, search for boots and shin pads, cut feet off socks, wrap a couple of miles of tape round your legs, remove training top, don shirt with your name on it, have a drink, receive 5 minutes of instructions, stand on the line for 5 minutes waiting to get on, wait 5 more for subbed player to inch off. Put gloves back on and trot into the action. Hate subs.
  8. His header back to Dawson was particularly exciting
  9. Didn't quite a few of his Hollywood balls come off last night, remember a few across field passes, and a few down the middle that others failed to control (ie Reach for one early on)?
  10. Agree with this, there is no commercial sense having a big shop in expensive Meadowhall, its just for show offs. It could not support itself. As Jammie says above, been there done it. Most sales will be done at the Superstore or on line. Our fans will only complain of over priced tat of poor quality anyway.
  11. The Sid James smiley may have been a give away, but hey ho Let the Accountants work their magic!
  12. That is not true is it? Accountants are like Lawyers and politicians
  13. Not referring to any of that, just that people jump on the ground sale spouting all sorts of things, but ignore the professional posters on here that explain that this can be done in accordance with normal accountancy standards. Bending rules? Maybe? But no evidence to suggest that he is lying about "selling" the ground, or lying about when the transaction took place.
  14. This is one side of the argument that gets rolled out everytime someone wants to back up an argument against DC, in this case you appear to use it to suggest that DC is a liar. What has been done may or may not transpire to be within the EFL Rules, but as has been stated on here many times by a couple of our Qualified Accountant posters, that what appears to have been done can be properly done under accepted accountancy practices. If that's the case then DC would not be lying about having sold the ground.
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