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  1. Striggy

    Call to arms

    well I'm in!
  2. Striggy

    Joost Van Aken

    Thought he looked really good at first, brought the ball out well and played some lovely passes. Made a few errors, as we all do, and has had some time out, think he can go on and get better and needs our support and encouragement to give him the confidence.
  3. Striggy

    One more sleep

    Yes can hardly wait, as said in another thread, one of the best days of the season for me. Gonna make a day of it with my daughter and enjoy every minute, win, draw or lose. (may not be 100% true that last bit!) Come on you Blues, Play Up Wednesday, bring it on!
  4. Cannot read anything in the article under discussion to indicate that he hates us at all, let alone with a passion. Are you sure you are not letting some previous petty grievance colour your view about the person and everything he writes? Also you do seem to have some paranoia issues going on and I think you will find that in reality not everyone does hate us. If the guy gives you so much angst then perhaps best not open topics with Alan Biggs in the title. Chill and look forward to the game tomorrow. WAWAW
  5. Nothing wrong with that item. I generally think Biggsy is Ok and don't understand some of the stick he gets.
  6. Striggy

    [Rubbish thread title]

    Think I am like many others on this thread, been supporting since 1966 and still get as giddy as a kipper for the first home match. Will be going down early with my grown up daughter, visit the mega-store to buy her a new replica shirt, then a couple of pints in the New Bridge before strolling down to the ground for 2:30 to soak up the atmosphere and anticipation. Will be a great day as always that only the performance and result can dampen, but will never spoil the day. Hope for many more seasons in whatever league as long as it is our Wednesday. WAWAW
  7. Striggy

    What do you think of this?

    Don't like it, too modern and lines look odd, Can I have the Taylor Swift poster instead please?
  8. Striggy


    With a quilted padded chest!
  9. Striggy


    Goalkeepers jerseys should be green!
  10. Striggy

    Rain forecast for Saturday

    Please rain, please rain. Fed up of neighbours tutting every time I get the hosepipe out and no its not an innuendo or euphemism .
  11. If you are wanting guaranteed success for your money, and the Chairman's investment then i think FIFA or FM computer games are they way to go. Life's not like that, he set his stall out, and had a good go, but fell that little short. We now need to consolidate and get ready to go again. The alternative to the fans being fleeced (or doing their bit) and if FFP would allow, would be for the Chairman to put more and more of his own money for little return, but then again these days it seems that everyone wants something for nowt, for someone else to pay.
  12. The point I am trying to make is he is not robbing or fleecing us to make money for himself, or to pay large dividends to greedy shareholders. He has set out his structure to invest as much as he can in the team with the aim of promotion to the Premier League. We have attracted a better class of player than we have for a long time, some have worked out, some have not, and we came close, but ultimately failed. Money, investment and dreams cannot guarantee promotion, just ask Villa. We all know what the score is, and although this season we might have to trim our cloth a bit, we need to stick with it.
  13. I know this gets done to death every time prices are announced, but it is the opening home game and will command a higher price. The club (Chairman) could be called robdogs and any other such insult you can sling at them, if they were charging these prices to generate bigger profits for the benefit of greedy shareholders, but that is no the case is it? The Chairman said he will invest as much as he can, but we as fans will have to do out part, and the best way to do that is to invest in the club by paying slightly higher prices whilst getting to watch better football (last season excluded of course ). We could go rattling tins at Rotherham's ground I suppose but that would be tinpot, literally! We can't surely expect a rich sugar daddy to keep feeding us and give nothing back in return? An unpopular stance maybe, but just my humble opinion. Bring on the season, lets get cracking.
  14. Striggy

    I want our owl back

    If the Club did not do rebrands then you would have never have had your cherished Owl in the first place, we would still have has something very similar to what we now have. Your opinion would perhaps be better put across without the insults