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  1. Yeah didn't Reach do same at Charlton for Nuhiu's header? Won't listen to instructions that lad, was screaming at him to take it in to the corner.
  2. I used my silk scalf as a snot rag and emergency bog roll (sacrilege I know) hope you enjoyed it
  3. Me and my bro when early teens got our silk scarves (similar to Snoots) nicked by Forest Fans on the Kop early 70's, tried our best to hang on in a tug-o-war but got 7 bells kicked out of us. In answer to OP blue and white and silky
  4. The thing is, what is injury prone? Unless a player has an underlying medical condition that is identifiable that leads to weak bones, muscle problems etc, then all he will have is a record that he was unlucky enough to get injured and has now recovered. A hamstring tear every 6 months may be a giveaway, but an impact injury every 6 months just means they have been kicked a lot, is that injury prone?
  5. We will be fine, as long as it is snowing and he is allowed to push their defender to the ground!
  6. Yes without the lines and prevarication from afar it would be better. If the ref just gets a second look at it on the monitor and makes a judgement call, giving the benefit to the attacker, it would be much better, and not much more than the old fashioned consulting with a linesman.
  7. Excellent, to be fair I did not see the Norwich Palace game so assumed the previous post was correct. Still hate VAR for off sides though.
  8. 'Well I would have him back in a heartbeat. Been out a long time, so has a lot to prove and is a good age. Yes he looked a tad rusty in the few Palace games I've seen him in, but still looks a proper class footballer. With the connections sure he would be up for it too. Shame about his "goal" above, hate what VAR has become, anyone see Pukki's goal ruled out the other week, absolutely criminal. Its suppose to correct clear and obvious errors, not be an exact forensic science.
  9. yeah I addressed that next post It was not a bad effort, they both began with M
  10. ha ha yes indeed. I had typed Mansfield then changed it having read the post above mine. Good luck to Macclesfield
  11. To be fair to the fella, if you get kicked up hill and down dale and don't get protection from the officials, and if you get targeted for diving, and sent off for getting fouled, and fall out with your team mates, then get banned for retaliating to Macclesfield thuggery, then get cleared at court but get banned again, and don't often get picked when you are fit, then get injured, then get abuse from your own fans, then maybe your head does go down a bit. Love him to bits, but think its time for a fresh start for him and us. Will always be grateful for the good times but time to move on sadly.
  12. Well I voted him MOM for Brighton, but only because I thought Snooty had mistakenly put Lees instead of Lee
  13. Nothing wrong with being nice and showing a bit of class to clap him off. Now if we clapped him on that would be a different matter lol. Did not want to se ehim go off, it would have been better for us if he stayed on, did he not run the ball out on the South touchline 3 time in a row?
  14. How come he didn't do the half time draw? He would have got applauded nearly as loudly as Hunt!
  15. How can you not get excited about a good win for us? The "uncertainty" has nothing to do with the match day experience. I refuse to worry about something that may or may not be, worry about it if and when it happens. Happiness is not a destination, its a way of life, enjoy the now!
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