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  1. Yeah, need to get my glasses on and look again. Serves me right for trying to be a smart bottom.
  2. I see that the footpath is closed, not the road as the sign states. No traffic management on the carriageway to protect the van or the operatives, should be a lane closure on!. Poor show
  3. Striggy

    Mason Mount

    Doing the usual and immediately going to Google to see who he is, the talk is that he has been recalled to Chelsea in the belief that he may feature for their first team next season.
  4. Does anybody really read this stuff? Stats are the bane of the modern game and only have a place in American Sport.
  5. Striggy

    ffs Wednesday

    This was my first experience of the FFS Wednesday life that I was born into. Most of the others above are a given. Most recent, as has already been mentioned above, was the Hull equaliser this term at Hillsborough, all Westy had to do was pick it up and the game was over, step in JVA to boot it into the air. Notable mention to the Millwall game when we had the ball in the corner with 10 seconds to go, still don't know how we allowed that to happen, and it still rankles.
  6. Striggy

    Ross Wallace - Premature Exit

    Don't think many are alluding to that. Most recognise that the time is right, but that does not stop them from being fondly remembered for what they have given us, nothing wrong with that. I still remember many players that left us in the 70's, I am sure I will remember Wallace and Loovens in the years to come also, especially RW for Arsenal and Fulham. Happy days.
  7. Striggy

    #OnThisDay in 1966

    Looks like a "proper" pitch
  8. Striggy

    Big Thank You To SWFC

    Rob Jones as understand it is a Wednesdayite, not sure how and why. He does not work for Wednesday, he works in Leeds at some sort of football academy training youngsters from America I believe. He was there with his family to enjoy the game and invited to speak. He is very well spoken, and extremely tall. Mind the massive gap between to Kop and North
  9. Striggy

    Big Thank You To SWFC

    He really did much more than expected, and more than he needed to, and it made for a wonderful experience for all of us. Cannot thank him enough, tried to ring him this morning to give a personal thank you, but he was busy as I am sure he often is, will try again later. Top banana!
  10. Gone for Atdhe as he was just what we needed at the stage he came in, always had a big heart and gave everything, but he added the goals and assists to get us out of a mess. Well done too to Reach, who has unfortunately faded a bit of late, probably understandably so considering his appearances and work rate. Also well done Wildsmith, a few errors but had a good run and is continuing to improve. Hats off also to all those that managed not to get injured this season.
  11. The club and it's organisation gets a lot of stick, so for balance here is a big thumbs up to SWFC. My Mum is currently 88 not out, and during a long conversation around Christmas we were reminiscing about all the games we had been to together as a family whist my dad was alive. She said she would really like to attend one more match while still (just about) being able, and as a fool I replied OK if that's what you would like I will sort it! I never thought about the logistics, she can walk a bit, but longer distances needs a fold up wheelchair, she feels the cold, needs to be comfortable, even if I could get her to the ground the sudden thought of her on the concourse queuing for the ladies filled me with dread. So I contacted the club, and after speaking to Hazel in the ticket office, and getting put on to Richard Stanford and finally to Alistair, a plot was hatched. I was offered a reasonable Hospitality package of drop off, parking, lunch, and then most importantly use of the balcony seats of an empty box, where my mum could enjoy the atmosphere of the game in comfort, and without constant interruptions (You now 5 mins after KO, 30 mins sweet or wee break, 5 mins before half time for another pee and a pint, 5 mins after second half ko, leave on 86, that sort of thing) I jumped at the chance and the day went like a dream, got mum safely and early to the ground, parked up in Hillsborough Park, a wonderful lunch in the Dooley Suite, a talk from Rob Jones (just how tall is he?) lift up to the box, a wonderful seat approching the half way line, coffee, drinks and a snack at half time, a 3-0 win, sunshine, coffee and a pie at full time. Collect car and mum, home at 6;00 well happy. A big thank you to all, especially Aliaster and James who looked after us on the day. Made my mum's day and all of us very happy UTO and well done SWFC for helping to make this happen.
  12. Striggy

    Barry Bannan

    Sunderland had parachute payments!
  13. Agreed, not worth the risk, unless we need to win the last match of course
  14. I am looking forward to the game tonight, then Hull, then Reading and so on!
  15. Striggy

    FF miss.

    Not sure Reach meant to lay it off, thought he was trying to control it