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  1. Regarding the "penalty shout" on Fletcher, I was 100% convinced that this was a pen at the and that the Stoke player played through him and took him out. Watching back from behind the goal angle it looked like a good sliding tackle taking the ball cleanly. I was also incensed that Harris put the ball over the bar, watching the same replay I am not sure if it was not the defender that put it over, need to see it again. But just proves different perspective and angles give different views, the ref only has the one.
  2. Thought he won quite a few headers playing wide against Wigan
  3. Well it's official, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, there's no stopping them now. If they allow me to land on the pitch think it;s best for me to parachute in.
  4. Think the ruling is that it can not be more than the dearest home ticket. Probably read it on here so may be poo.
  5. Supply and demand innit, they know we sell out normally
  6. As they need to be, not seen much sign of it so far though, perhaps the squad still learning? Good for Monk if he gets it right.
  7. Thought he actually played OK, didn't have much defending to do mind, but looked to go and pass forward quickly, put a couple of decent crosses in and passing generally OK. What got me was him running to retrieve the ball then taking a quick throwing to his own player, why can't we do that at Hillsborough? Well done Liam
  8. But what has collective mentality got to do with the teams performance, attitude and results, that was the question? I had a good day out at Wembely, obviously spoiled by the outcome which was very disappointing. If I had said after that it was not good enough and demanded better, would we be better off now? For all those jumping on the Superfan bandwagon, yes we all want to win every game, we can anticipate, hope and dream, but there is nothing wrong with anyone on here saying that a draw would be a decent result away at Hull, and it will not change anything one jot if they all say they would not accept a draw. Cannot understand why some seem to get worked up by it.
  9. I'll hazard a guess that fans saying they would settle for a draw before a match has no bearing on the attitude of the team, their performance, or the result. So that said, how can such a mentality, if there is one, have cost us anything over the last 20 years?
  10. The immediate Bin laden family number 600+, are you tarring them all with the same brush? Accept his son though, but doubt he will be funding any football teams.
  11. I have not read up on the Bin laden family for quite some time, but I seem to remember that they are a well to do and well respected family, both in business and community, they just had one son who chose a different path. Are you suggesting that all the Bin Laden family are "not to be trusted" or that their money is dirty?
  12. Said this for ages, we never have a clue at throw ins and rarely keep possession. Don't think we need to go as far as Liverpool who employed a throw in coach, but surely we should have a plan for throw ins from different parts of the pitch so players know what to do and what to expect of each other. Agree that everyone seems to hide, so cannot really blame the takers. Unless it's Fox of course, that's fair game!
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