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  1. Seem to remember him coming into the Shoulder one night, there was 2" of snow on the ground yet he turned up in flip flops and shorts. I have an image of him stood at the bar with a little dog cradled in one hand and a pint in the other. RIP TT
  2. Well its interesting, other than the fact that its not interesting. I only opened the thread because I thought it would be interesting, but it wasn't.
  3. Took my 90+ mum twice. Spoke to Alastair who was excellent and had 2 wonderful experiences. Give him a call if still there, sure he will advise and look after you well.
  4. The club appear to have ramped up the process a bit, 4 family members who hadn't heard anything have now been contacted, and two of us, who have been reimbursed last year also got calls. Didn't want to upset DC by getting a second refund, so owned up and got an apology for the inconvenience.
  5. Well I have succumbed, three of us going. Hoping to see some of our new players who haven’t featured yet!
  6. I'm with this, I don't need people telling me to reign it in, or reminding me its only 3 games, or pointing out who we have played and where they are. I want to get carried away and I want to enjoy it. Plenty of time to mump if it all goes **** up, but somehow I believe it will just get better. Would be a duller forum if we all thought the same though!
  7. Not if you listen to the players and managers, all say it’s great. Maybe it just projects onto the pitch and not round the stands, or maybe we need more pyros?
  8. I disagree with the OP, I think you do wanna to be a party pooper!
  9. Got our lasses this morning, all I had do do was call in at her previous address and pick it up!
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