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  1. Donny El

    Keiren Westwood

    Obviously somebody who has never played in goal or thinks its an easy job . its the hardest position with the most demanding physically and mentally and the longest hardest training with hardly any recognition or glory. It takes a certain type of character to play in goal and unfortunately some of our fans give too much stick to what is essentially a keeper learning his trade at the top level and doing a fine job yes he has made mistakes but a damn sight less this season than most of our outfield players make in a single game. Get off his back and give him some support
  2. Donny El

    New song !

    my lad and his mate were singing this on kop at half time at WBA match . bloody annoying but they are only 11
  3. Nobody ever considers a game against England as a friendly , they all bloody hate us
  4. Donny El

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Comes to something when you can't congratulate one of your mates for doing well
  5. Donny El

    Red Button Coverage

    Watched the game at Forest and the picture was good no download lag or fuzzy picture. commentary was poor and obviously no replays. watching through v6 box
  6. Donny El

    Young Owls

    Yeah every club has an age group like that unfortunately. At my sons age group its Handsworth.
  7. Donny El

    Young Owls

    Think you getting them mixed up with handsworth
  8. 2660 votes ahead at moment . well done Bazza
  9. To say all the games before that was dire is a bit harsh the run In towards the end of last season was good with some good football and excellent results. The start to this Season was poor but I can't remember a good start to any season Wednesday have had in the last 20 years
  10. Donny El


    There was only 3 on the day . my boy and the Bolton lad both free the other lad was from Cumbria his dad did pay for him as a birthday treat dont recall any game where we have had 11 mascots
  11. Donny El


    My son was a mascot last season when we played Bolton. All arranged by the club and absolutely free. He had a fantastic day got a ground tour, got to meet all the players from both teams got all autographs in a free programme , played on the pitch before the game walked out of the tunnel with the players ( thanks JW you made his season ). had a photo in the centre circle with the captains and officials then got a photo with Joe in the goal mouth we did pay for that. All in all it was a great day which we all enjoyed I can't praise the club and staff enough for that day. Also the Bolton mascot got the same and it was also free . the club does take some criticism but this I think they get right and deserve some thanks and praise for it . WAWAW
  12. Donny El


    With input and feedback off the coaches who actually know what to look for in a specialist position such as the keepers.
  13. Donny El


    Different keeper coaches like certain things above others. Rhodes believed JW edged it,now looks like Weaver favours CD. Both are very good young keepers and will get chances throughout the season
  14. Donny El

    More Owls Foundation winners

    Same here been a member for 3 years. And eventually won. Any ideas how you claim your prize or is it sent out automatically?