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  1. May Bank Holiday 2005

    Made 2 out of the 3 didn't make the testimonial as father in-law passed away
  2. Signed . don't live in Sheffield but my son plays in the Sheffield league and there are a few clubs having to play at other grounds. It needs sorting
  3. Obligatory Ref's a clown thread

    Not to us oldies who remember its original incarnation WWF
  4. Kieren Westwood wears Samba

    Precision pulled their sponsorship then
  5. Jon Paul McGovern

    Ahh bless . some of our younger fans have seen bugger all talent playing for us. Do feel sorry for them.
  6. Can't really call for his head he owns the whole shebang he's not a GM you can hire and fire its his business,toy, hobby whatever you consider we are to him . its a case of suck it up and see what happens . he has a lot more to lose than any of us
  7. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    Agree with should and could have done better . but dont agree with him staying on his line . the only time a keeper should be on his line is for a penalty
  8. Ticket Refund-Bristol

    This country is a joke . a small amount of snow spread over 48 hrs and it grinds to a halt . people were panicking before it even happened.
  9. Pretty much like our previous 2 seasons I would presume
  10. Planning permission for a Lidl has been granted
  11. Was one of the biggest and best in the country back in the day .
  12. Peanuts . statutory redundancy pay is next to nothing. That's if any have been made redundant.
  13. That's because strikers drop clangers game in game out so we as fans shrug it off and accept it . keepers are once in a blue moon so it gets criticised . wrong to do so I know but thats the life of a Keeper. Believe me I know as my son is one , a young aspiring one, but a keeper never the less .
  14. Brilliant . well done Derby , what an amazing memory that young man will have forever
  15. No leeway, won't get passed as no car speedo is accurate enough due to too many variations even tyre wear makes a difference of upto 2mph