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  1. Wildsmith and Dawson went backwards when Rhodes left. Probably because they had been under him for a long time and a new coach comes in and tries to change the fundamentals which you should not do with keepers this far into their development, should just be tweaked to accommodate the new coaches methods.
  2. Didn't leaves us. We totally abandoned him and Richards shat on him and us from a great height.
  3. Thank you to the Mods for pinning this, it's very much appreciated
  4. https://gofund.me/a1baab07 Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I know this section gets the most traffic. A fellow owl called Chris is in need of funds to go abroad for liver transplant the NHS will not do this as cancer was found at the same time. A transplant will save his life. He is only 35 with a wife and young family. Chris and his dad Pete are owl fans and have had season tickets on the kop. I was lucky enough to have worked with Chris when he was just starting out in his adult life and he is a great lad .please donate if you can, every little helps. Thank you Dave
  5. Saw 5 things thrown on to the pitch today 3 from the North 2 from the kop. The lino removed 2 giving 1 to the ref which he passed to the 4th official , Bannan removed a bottle at the kop end then another was thrown on at full time. That's just from so called Wednesday fans even more was thrown on by the toy towners. Not been to a game where as much was thrown onto the pitch in 30 years as a ticket holder
  6. Didn't look no where near as bad as that Tuesday night
  7. That is the more recent one. The flag in the 90s was almost double the size it used to just fit between the posts on the kop and almost rich from back to front. I remember fans surfing on it and sliding off not to mention getting punched a few times on the way down.
  8. Guy Whittingham scored 4 in his first 2 starts
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