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  1. For £70 a match for our 3 season tickets I would want a private showing at our local Vue cinema with all you can eat popcorn and bottomless drinks
  2. Sod that it's equivalent to £70 to watch the game on a platform that hardly ever works with a few hundred watching it let alone 20k + season ticket holders trying to log on . Will never work.
  3. As a family of three season ticket holders, If no refund is available and we are not allowed crowds until the new year I would expect to attend the remaining games of season 20/21 season as a thank you and get a a full season ticket for 21/22. If this isn't the case then I would like a full refund for 20/21 season and a pro rata refund for this season. It might sound harsh but that is the best part of £1500 I can I'll afford to lose.
  4. Not really sold it though has he. He still owns it .
  5. Let me get this right. People on the Kop are unemployed. And only the unemployed fart. And they are the spreaders of covid19 . So many things wrong in one sentence. Unbelievable
  6. I was meaning people will pay arena prices to go. Not that the Steelers fans will go (some do both hockey and football) and I'm sure between the 6 local clubs the arena will sell out the 8k seats. I don't think it will want to be done every closed season like before bit every few years would be good.
  7. You must be joking have you been to a Steelers game at the arena. Just as expensive as football and prices of food and drink stay the same and it's whole crowd is made up of families.
  8. We have 3 keepers at the club one is playing regularly (Dawson) one is on the bench (Wildsmith) and one is injured or refusing to be benched (Westwood) so your plan would mean one of the 2 fit available keepers going out on loan and leaving us with no keeper on the bench and some people say some fans have no idea. I wonder why
  9. Every team has a bad patch. WBA are next to bottom on current form
  10. So we let Wildsmith go out on loan, Dawson then gets injured. Then what ? we put a (allegedly injured) Westwood in net . Wouldn't it be wiser to put Wildsmith in the net? Hence being on the bench
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