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  1. Well done . and a great photo
  2. Keeper situation

    Thought Jake kean was now a Mansfield player ?
  3. Ipswich play 5 youngsters

    I would but the filter won't let me
  4. Ipswich play 5 youngsters

    The bloke is a full weight knob
  5. Play-Off Final

    Booked the whole week off back in December . Held off booking the hotel at the moment though
  6. Your Dad.

    Cheers for that. Didn't get for a fair few years after as I was only 5 at the time but memories never fade and loyalty is forever
  7. Your Dad.

    1977 first and last as he died weeks later but made sure I new where my priorities were . Wednesday till I die .
  8. Keith Stroud

    Sorry guys but it's only a RE take if the defending team encroach. If the attacking team encroach it's a free kick. That's according to the book had some refs on radio earlier confirming it. Also a well know local ex ref was not too pleased this morning that he was getting so much stick after getting decision correct .
  9. Tonights game.

    yessssss get in Joao
  10. Might not be liked by everyone but the new shirt looks good and it's not the first time we have moved away from stripes and it won't be the last. I remember in the 90s the away shirt outselling the home shirt because people wanted a change and preferred the look of the away shirt. each to their own but what goes down on the pitch means more to me than any shirt will do
  11. Were we in Telly today?

    Yeah was a good stream believe it was HD 3 sport . Or something like that
  12. Parking Fine

    If you park on the grass verge of a road that has double yellows, it is still not permitted as the yellows mean no parking access is needed and by parking on the verge you are blocking access