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  1. Mansfield will be starting their first season as a cat 3 academy when lockdown is over upto now it's only been a grassroots Sunday team
  2. I have never said he had. I said if they so choose to underperform not a risk a manager would take hence current debate taking place and on that note I'm out.
  3. He wants to be paid up in full. Maybe?
  4. You are right he can't refuse to play. But he doesn't have to put 100% in neither.
  5. Always said he was a quality keeper that's not the problem but like stated who says he's been frozen out. Could be of his own doing
  6. Why is it do hard to believe he is a bad egg. There are reasons he has not made it big at any decent club and always the bridesmaid on the international scene when quite clearly the most talented player in his position for his country at the time
  7. NO re read what I put. You insist he has been frozen out could it be possible he refused to play or
  8. No thanks why would I pay more than I already do
  9. Stupid of the club to let a manager who had no intention of seeing out his own contract offer a player a new contract thinking a leopard can changes his spots then yes. But wise to drop him again yes. A player can't refuse to play as that would go against a contract but a player could if they so wished play poor and make mistakes 😂 that are totally out of character costing the club any way. As well as being disruptive and divisive in the changing room.
  10. So the club have frozen him out for no reason? Or he has thrown a paddy again? so the club do what's needed and replace him with someone who is willing to do their best to help the club achieve rather than risk playing someone who is half hearted and not really bothered what happens to the club.
  11. Exactly only 50% of the managers that says more about Westwood's attitude than the managers. Only 1 coach said that and it was Rhodes probably the best keeper coach we have had ,ever. Also got the best out of Wildsmith and Dawson. The problem with KW is he thinks he knows best and that does not fit with managers.
  12. If Westwood is willing to do that then great. But he isn't willing to do it. the few keepers and ex keepers I know say KW is a right pain in the ass and a prima Donna ( this also includes some coaches views too )
  13. Most keepers don't make the first team regularly untill they are 24 so both are only just starting on their careers in the pro game. Henderson is a great keeper and I think will be on the world stage in a few years. You seem to forget he is not the average academy product he was picked out at as young lad to be a future star by the number 1 academy in the country. On top of that he is a top lad a great coach to the youngsters and a good ambassador too.
  14. Westwood is good but past it. Wildsmith is one for the future but will be a good number 2 to whoever we get in.
  15. Sheffield Wednesday will not even register on his legacy. We are a side show a distraction a play thing you might say insignificant to what else he has going on in his life. We are just a business that has failed to get any glory for a few years the same as 90% of other clubs in the UK
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