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  1. It's not even a program . Just a bloody poster
  2. Straight back into the squad after a big injury too
  3. Didn't we nickname him Keegan when we played at millmoor pre season ?
  4. Going on % he needs another 500 votes to catch up
  5. I know there is a U12 tournament on may 12th
  6. Offered 2mil . Turned it down and they didn't come back with another offer so I don't get the 5mil part at all
  7. Cat called Ozzie used to shag everything and a fish called Waddle who swam upside down in small circles for some reason
  8. Remember it well . wondered what the hell was going on
  9. We Also do a free mascot every match drawn from the junior owls members. My lad was lucky enough to be picked end of last season. Ground tour, meet both sets of players, programme with signatures, play on the pitch before game, walk out with favorite player, photo in centre circle with captains and officials and tickets in south stand. All in all was a great day and something he will remember for ever.
  10. Get in . at least had something to smile about when I got home. Thanks to Chris c for putting up the prize. A DM sent
  11. Look good will have to go to the superstore now . going for 25255
  12. Obviously somebody who has never played in goal or thinks its an easy job . its the hardest position with the most demanding physically and mentally and the longest hardest training with hardly any recognition or glory. It takes a certain type of character to play in goal and unfortunately some of our fans give too much stick to what is essentially a keeper learning his trade at the top level and doing a fine job yes he has made mistakes but a damn sight less this season than most of our outfield players make in a single game. Get off his back and give him some support
  13. my lad and his mate were singing this on kop at half time at WBA match . bloody annoying but they are only 11
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