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  1. I thought that, I’m sure he scored that header in a 3-0 win at home
  2. The foundations of the pitch are made of sand Underneath the topsoil so they have to keep it wet before play so that it doesn’t just break up when the players studs go in it. Normally the home coaches can ask for the pitch to be wetter to suit their play more, I know Carlos did this as he liked the ball to fizz across the surface at higher speed with less resistance
  3. Andy Rhodes goalkeeping coach I think he meant
  4. Dawson’s starting today so I presume he’s the no.1 for the season
  5. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/football/josh-windass-set-exit-wigan-athletic-2957424?fbclid=IwAR0651pmVo4j994PFAk2i8HS_aUL5782k1Q7umEcVkzRjcT84chIuxkBu78 Sounds like Windass is on his way
  6. Theres always a chance he might tune out good but I never really rated him while he was here on loan
  7. Best place to go if you could travel if probably thorncliffe, they have a great set up and attract lots of scouts from United / Wednesday
  8. Can we spend what we like in the transfer market or are we still in the market for rejects and freebies ?
  9. He’s just not good enough, shown it all season and it’s not changing, within 5 minutes of coming on leads to a goal being conceded and gets booked
  10. Fingers crossed we get a new one, not a fan of this years at all
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