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  1. Agree it’s not the fans fault that the manager is stubborn and plays a young goalkeeper who shouldn’t be relied on instead of biting his tongue and trying a proven goalkeeper
  2. I can afford to buy it now if I sell the stadium for 101million when I buy
  3. I’ve recently had my motorbike stolen and they didn’t want to know about it, and now I have no way of commuting to work while their officers assault youths with no right to do so potentially causing life changing injuries
  4. I do anything to relive that play off final day, never experienced an atmosphere like it, everyone was so positive and it just felt like we couldn’t lose, singing for the full 90 mins and about 2 hours before Best footballing day of my life
  5. Anyone with now tv check your emails cause they’ve given out free passes for sky sports and cinema this month
  6. Been given a driving ban and fine after using his phone while driving
  7. He was better than usual but not motm by a long way
  8. Sorry but he’s not good enough Shows little going forward and dribbles into trouble, awful positional play, struggles to pick out a pass, poor tackling and relies on his pace to make up for his mistakes. Palmer on the right and fox on the left, play much better like that and we have two strong crossers there, also Palmer doesn’t have to slow play down and cut back and cross on his right Cost us three goals in recent games
  9. Borner, solid and kept mitrovic fairly quiet, played out from the back well too
  10. Juniors are just shirts infants come with full kit (shirt,shorts,socks)
  11. Yeah but as a professional footballer on a yellow surely he should be able to use his head amongst the celebrations im not saying by no means celebrate but is it worth missing the next game for
  12. Not only is sugar a simple carbohydrate which breaks down quickly as mentioned and gives short term boosts of energy it is also used to increase performance Sugar or more specifically glucose is used in anaerobic respiration (When the players work at high intensity or sprinting basically) so it gives them more capacity to sprint faster and harder compared to a lower sugar diet. Also it can help flush out lactic acid which reduces the chances of cramp Don’t know about the chocolate though cause it’s higher in fat content but the sugar is beneficial Anyway lecture over :)
  13. At the end when Willian was through and put it wide both commentators were screaming “it’s in “ before he’s even struck the ball just bias
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