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  1. Caption competition...

    Could we get unlimited ice cream because he said a cone full but our cone has a hole in it
  2. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    I always wondered why my mum wanted my camera and laptop
  3. It's probably got Forestieri on the back cause that's a clean shirt
  4. Since we signed the legend that lives urby emanuelson

    Can see him dropping down to league 2/ conference now tbh shame cause he is a really good player
  6. A new owl is born

    Can she play as a winger ? On in a serious note congratulations mate best wishes to you and your family
  7. My view exactly, I rate him very highly always plays with his heart on his sleeve sometimes it has pros and sometimes cons but he is a great finisher and also has good link up play and I'm sure he thought this was a good move after Barnsley but no Carlos bought Rhodes unnecessary and blocked a lot his chances meaning he is wasted here really
  8. Places you've not sat and why

    Not been in any of the west or the corner sat in the directors box too but it was a u23's match
  9. Positives.

    That's brilliant thinking that, your kind of combining the two together Id love to have your endless knowledge and commonsense
  10. Positives.

    My view exactly, what's your view on beef chow mein or sweet and sour chicken ordering a Chinese
  11. Positives.

    Ah thanks, I was thinking of watching it too, tempted to do so now who says owlstalk isn't filled with good consumer advice
  12. Forget the kit, look at all the Jaffa cakes in the bottom left
  13. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    Oh god can see today's trend being nuhui to wolves fessi off to wolves Fletch to wolves winnall to win it all with wolves All Rhodes lead to wolves
  14. Off To Leeds

    Ahh well at least the club will be able to buy a new centre half Wait a minute im a centre half