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  1. Can we spend what we like in the transfer market or are we still in the market for rejects and freebies ?
  2. He’s just not good enough, shown it all season and it’s not changing, within 5 minutes of coming on leads to a goal being conceded and gets booked
  3. Fingers crossed we get a new one, not a fan of this years at all
  4. Thought that bit of skill in the first half to get him out of danger was great, wondered if anyone had any clips of it? Just got to give fletcher a little shoutout to for that poo housery in added time when he kept flapping at the ball and didn’t pick up up
  5. Agree it’s not the fans fault that the manager is stubborn and plays a young goalkeeper who shouldn’t be relied on instead of biting his tongue and trying a proven goalkeeper
  6. I can afford to buy it now if I sell the stadium for 101million when I buy
  7. I do anything to relive that play off final day, never experienced an atmosphere like it, everyone was so positive and it just felt like we couldn’t lose, singing for the full 90 mins and about 2 hours before Best footballing day of my life
  8. Anyone with now tv check your emails cause they’ve given out free passes for sky sports and cinema this month
  9. Been given a driving ban and fine after using his phone while driving
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