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  1. Owl14

    Quick thought on Morgan Fox

    First time I really remember him was the norwhich 5-1 (first one) when he got a goal and he played superbly, in fact he played wellness most of the 16/17 season but he’s started going on a bit of a downward spiral since What id love the lad to do is to regain his confidence and show it to us fans that he can be a good player and be a good attacking full back
  2. Owl14

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Abysmal marketing !!! Ive seen better advertising campaigns on The apprentice
  3. What would your perfect cup draw be for the third round ? Big team at home Ground you haven’t been to before ?
  4. Owl14


    Someone should send the poll results to the club and see what they do
  5. Owl14

    Time for a poll

    Ask for it in a dipping pot if if you want it just dip ur kebab in it if not you’ve got some chilli sauce
  6. Owl14

    Caption competition

    Ooh new contract friends
  7. Owl14

    Man of the match & scores

    Baker Hutchinson Neilson Fox Preston lee jones Boyd fletcher Forestieri started as a 4-4-2 but think it went more 4-3-3 towards the end
  8. Owl14

    Anybody notice....

    Chris Morgan is a football agent nower days and could be representing one of ispwhich’s players or negotiating a deal for someone/thing
  9. Would last night change your decision on who is the league keeper or are you happy as it is ?
  10. Anyone know why we are training away from Middlewood
  11. Owl14

    Who next...?

    Like to see 3 more out David Jones Almen Abdi George Boyd 3 passengers all on a high wage who offer nothing replace george Boyd with reach Bring in another midfielder (on loan if needed) and bring in a midfielder from the academy
  12. Step up ash baker proved he’s good enough against Norwich
  13. Is it just me or did it seem like a rerun of the play off semi v Huddersfield England scored and dominated for 10 mins like Wednesday Columbia got back into the game and hit back and got a lucky goal like Huddersfield Extra time not much happened then in the pens vardy bottled the pen like Rhodes henderson ( who plays in similar position and does the same role) misses the pen) near the end of the shootout Pickford makes a save like Westwood did only difference is England won
  14. Love being back in stripes