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  1. I recall Helan played for us in the playoff final after Wolves season had finished. Is this not the same?
  2. It took him a long time to read it..must have been joined up writing!!!
  3. No no no no no no no no no no no no there's no limits.....bit of techno to get the heart pumping. Hoping for a win tonight.
  4. Fixed it for you...just in case you were not aware.
  5. I emailed to this [email protected] and they did it for me. Just told them the problem and got an email back regarding someone getting in Touch within 60 days....blah blah blah
  6. Wife had an antibody test two weeks ago while giving some blood for summat else. She had no antibodies even though we were convinced we both had C-19 back in March. Stopping in Lakes for the summer. Was good to see all the tents/kites the last 2 days....
  7. Double fold at 11:55 Lets hope we don’t have a double fold and get back to winning today!!!
  8. Borner is the obvious one for me. Maybe Lee in for Reach, otherwise the same with Connor and Jordon up front
  9. Get one of those pointy tents while you are at it. (No I will not explain!!!!)
  10. He did OK in a team which the best I can is also OK. Atleast we took the game to WBA and Odubajo played his part in that. We will never win the league with this team but will not go down, EFL decisions permitting....
  11. He has only signed for the VIP box. There are some good deals to the end of the season!!!!
  12. Good news. Keep the back three as they have done well so far.
  13. just fancy some Fish and Chips now.... But tonight may be a risky one. Baggies will bounce back and I just hope it isn't tonight. If Baggies are bang average like Brizzle then we will do OK.
  14. Can he head the ball? Not sure LCB is for him.
  15. Is that the white box which vibrates a lot? Our lass stands very close to the corner for some reason....
  16. Great post again Snoots. Would love a win today but still feels like pre-season....
  17. Sunny up here in the Lakes as well....
  18. I think there will be plenty of others available. Not sure if I want any of their rejects...
  19. Not many sexy names in Bradway in the 60's.....
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