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  1. Cheers...not sure what we would do without OT somedays.
  2. i think form may turn on it's head when matches return as the layoff may have come at the worng time for the teams playing well. There is always one team which has an almost miraculous start to a season, and others which just can't get going...maybe we can re-adjust and let this be a new start.
  3. I guess it figures why so many are out of shape (fat) after they retire. 12 slices of pizza = 12 pints calorie wise...you wouldn't eat the pizza before a game.....
  4. Ahhhh yes - a lot of my clothes have shrunk...Waiting until I start wasting away and they fit again.
  5. and on the other side was Bob Jackson and his military music to get the teams scoring.
  6. I quite like the tight fit of my shirt....just keeps getting a little bit tighter!!! Overall though a good shirt. I got one without Chansari on the front which I preferred.
  7. Glad you are OK. Not sure if I've had Covid-19. Bit of a chesty cough end of Feb, put that down to running in the cold. and get Hay Fever from Spring to mask some of the other symptoms. I guess we will get some sort of "thank you" for buying a ST. Not expecting much though...... I would hate to see just 3k dotted around the stadium. Not sure if I would apply for one of the seats if it became possible. How would you select the 3K? Be trouble if one didn't show up for whatever reason.....
  8. Keep for me, Looks a fit and hungry chap. Just needed a change and now a run in team.
  9. cheers Joe @YesWeCrann I guess you have relocated to Sheffield from Johannesburg now....
  10. Judge Rinder will be eternally gratefull...
  11. How's the French and Spanish coming along??? Any fishing books you care to recommend? PS - I got the original shirt still in my drawer. The advertising was like thick felt and stuck on the front and now quite faded....A bit like my memories of the 90's
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