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  1. Cheers Snoots. No wins in how long? Its got to be our day this time. Best shape we have been in for ages.
  2. I quite like the look of a FULL north stand. Always an impressive sight. At least the spare seats (non s/t's) next to ours will give us some extra leg room, as these will never be sold in the current conditions.....
  3. Yes - I want to have a go at getting knocked out in the first round again........
  4. lets get this back on track...another win today will calm the nerves. Can't make it tonight so SAG with be pleased i won't be clogging up the exit on the North........
  5. So that’s where you have been. great post again. Let’s get another win today for a fantastic weekend
  6. We used to stand on the Leppings Lane end in those days, generated some atmosphere from the narrower terrace.....
  7. I think it was a reasonablke statement to make. A lot of areas of Sheffield do not even house English perople, never mind Sheffielders. A lot of people will say they have a soft spot for any articular club, but only a small percentage are active supporters. I am also aware that several people who sit near me do not live in Sheffield. I think the withholding of council tax was just a bit of a joke.....but the percentage of Wednesdayites is about right.
  8. A lot don't actually live in Sheffield anymore. I moved away 15 years ago but still have a ST.....
  9. Brilliantly from Gaz put them back in their box for a few seconds. Deliberate you say.....oh yes
  10. He was terrific today. Really missed him the last 2 years
  11. Yep. I have left the White Walkers behind from this side of the wall. Hadrian needs to a wiggle on with the rebuild. J35a is my normal route back. Hopefully they won’t be too cross with us!!!!!
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