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  1. And today he was kneecapped and they only got a yellow....bloody refs!!!!!
  2. Bumped into a Rovram ST holder last night. They are convinced they have it in the bag. come on Wednesday let’s show them who’s the boss. great story Snoots.....
  3. Lombado


    Just gonna miss out I think
  4. Are there any other alternative ways of watching or listening. Can’t get RS up north...
  5. Lombado

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Only just found this thread. Well done Snoots...top drawer as usual. Hoping for a top drawer performance tonight...
  6. When there is a big game we always seem to muster 40k together
  7. My eldest kid is 35 this year....maybe worth a try!!!
  8. Should this be in the valentines day thread? A bic razor will sort the growth out in time for Thusday.
  9. If we were 1-0 up with 10 to go I see the logic. he can hold the play up and is a fabulous centre back for defending set pieces...but when we are chasing a win I thought maybe Fletch was the man to do this....only my opinion.
  10. Lombado

    No "Hi Ho"

    Team was read out too slowly before kick off and then the ref actually kicked off on-time!!!
  11. Lombado

    Today’s line up

    Put your teeth in mate....
  12. Lombado

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    I would love to see us win comfortably but will take another 1-0 er.
  13. Lombado

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    NOTE - Other supermarket brands are avaiable....
  14. Lombado

    Play-off push

    The current top 7 clubs are well in control of their destinies. However, there are always one or two who try to throw it away while rest just pick up a few extra points to attempt to catch up. We really need to re-assess at the end of February and go into the Blunts game with nothing to lose (except the game of course!!!) I am looking forward to the remainder of the season....lets just see what we can do.
  15. reminds me of a girl i knew in the 80's.....