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  1. north west corner

    When i was a nipper my dad took me to all the games and the NW corner was our usual place to stand. I didn't realise the bugg3r was risking my life and limb and now I realise how lucky I am to be alive. Thank heavens there is plenty of room for my f00ked knees where I sit on the North......
  2. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    15 at the time and it was the season I had my first season ticket. I also got to the return game at bumh0le lane...that TC goal was brilliant.
  3. I said the same thing to my mother in law last night. She was a bit worried about the speculation, but I said that any fans who managed to get the golden tickets are not going to risk getting banned from further away games or even losing their S/T's altogether. The other lot are the minority.
  4. Just noticed the Star has said it's just gone up to 34,854 in time for Sunday. Up nearly 1k. SAG have relaxed a little...... Not sure the increase includes the Kop or the North yet.
  5. Shiney Dockers.

    Thank you from the middle aged massive in the central area of the north. Always feel safe when you you guys are out in force. BTW don't you get tired standing up all the time? I will be in my 79' stripey shirt until the 151 anniversary shirt is available to buy
  6. Another great OMDT Lord. Avoid a defeat and injuries today. Won't be pretty but not too worried about that. Already feeling it for next week.......
  7. Hopefully they will want to leave early as we rack up a cricket score....
  8. I always used to buy the England world cup shirt...this was soon put into my kit basket with all the others I became ashamed to wear after only a couple of months of use.. At least I can wear the new Wednesday shirt for several months this season, and for the next few seasons. I am, and have for a few years now, worn the 79' kit at matches. Just ready for a change I think and the annivesary kit will do nicely.

    I usually take advantage of the 180 degree view from my seat. No point looking behind me as the only talent near me is on the pitch
  10. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    love these threads Lord. I feel there may be bus parked accross the pitch tonight, but as long as we are patient we will get a two goal victory
  11. this thread is just starting to get interresting. September will be a good month for us.
  12. Is that Irma in the background?
  13. Didn't know there was a beach at Watford
  14. Sat at home reading Lord Snooty's OMDT. About to get ready for the game (always an odd day when the ko is not 3pm)
  15. another fantastic OMDT Lord. Did you mention that Little John is buried in the grave yard at Hathersage...being a Hope valley dweller I have (sad fact I know) visited several times. A good performance and comfortable win today....