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  1. Lombado

    Ideas/ opinions please

    This should explain my previous comment....
  2. Lombado

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Wow ...this is brill. Not sure if my missus would let me have one. If you shine it in the night sky does Tango turn up????
  3. Young is no good at left wing back with no left peg....always cuts inside and momentum is gone.... Stirling always disappoints iin an England shirt. can anyone take free kicks? We could have Beckam just wandering around just for the moment when we have a one around the box. No major issues anywhere else....
  4. he does look a handfull when i have seen clips of him. At 18 he is defo a decent prospect... Shouldn't the coaches be stood inside the technical area tho???
  5. Lombado

    Brum in for Bannan?

    just gossip...relax!!
  6. Lombado

    Super6 World Cup league

    Thanks, just joined. best position i have been in for ages...joint top
  7. Lombado

    #SWFC Freestyler

    I have done thousands of keepy-ups in my lifetime.....usually in blocks of 10 or 20 before some invisible force takes the ball away from me. You need a lot of cenc.e.ntr..a.tio....n......zzzzzzz
  8. Loovens gave that Ipswich lad a couple of acres
  9. what we need is an accountant to analyse the data...looks like you are the guy for this...
  10. don't talk ballcocks
  11. Forest juniors not allowed to enter???
  12. I wish i could spell Lumbago's name.....
  13. Lombado

    Creating new fans...

    When I was at school it was either Wednesday or United, unless you were exiled in Sheffield and had a preference before moving.....