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  1. Lombado

    South Stand Incident

    I was in a bad way sitting on my seat in the North!!!
  2. Lombado

    Adam Reach

    I forgot he was on the pitch at times in the second half.
  3. yes - me too. It was another terrible performance against another terrible side.
  4. Lombado

    Final Outcome....

    are we in a final?
  5. Lombado

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    whoever plays today just give us some pashun and look as if you are busting a gut all through the game. and win....
  6. Lombado

    Half Season Tickets

    Mine was nearly in half after the last game. Good job they are not made of paper these days!!!
  7. Lombado

    WBA Tickets

    Except on New years day...when the tickets are £20 in all areas for the Brum game.
  8. Lombado

    Bannan Injured

    Hope left us all a while back. I think he is playing in L2 now
  9. Lombado

    New manager

    usually on Christmas eve
  10. Pearson or Megson. I would take either right now.
  11. Lombado

    Birmingham Tickets

    Nice gesture by the club...would have expected a lager crown anyway on a BH. Maybe get a few extra in as a result.
  12. Watched the game online with Russian commentary. Great goal from Jao but terrible defending. How come the old fella upfront can outpace our defence who made him look a worldly... so unhappy with today.
  13. Lombado

    Megastore open Sundays

    45 mins before the kickoff on Tuesday there were just a few milling around. mother-in-law bought a wallet and just walked to the cash desk with no queue. If they aren't busy on match days I have no idea what trade they will get on a Sunday......
  14. Lombado

    The logic of Jos

    I think the magic age is 28. Once you get older and pick up an injury it takes longer to recover and then are prone to further set backs, Hirst snr springs to mind. Waddle and a few others were an inspiration to the older players, but are maybe in the minority. It doesn't help if you don't "fit" which ithink is the problem you are eluding to.
  15. This is exactly the thought process we need. There is always something that can be done....all is not lost.