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  1. Lombado

    reach vote gotm

    Done my best.... Need to start getting ready for tonight!!!!!
  2. Lombado

    Tonight’s programme cover

    Looks like he is down at Snoots place @Lord Snooty
  3. Lombado

    penney may be off

    If we are in talks with the lad he knows he will get a better deal than what he is on and that he will play for us this season, regularly.
  4. Is that when Daniel Poodle broke his nose...all the beeding an all???
  5. Great OMDT Snoots... Seem ages since we last played. At least we have some decent threads to reply to now the games are starting again!!!!
  6. Hutch needs to prove his fitness in the ressies first, even then only a place on the bench becons.
  7. Lombado

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Sheridan - Wembley Waddle - Wembley Bright - Wembley Antonio vs Carlisle Mellor at Blackburn Curran at Bumhole Lee vs Brighton Lee vs Bristol City soooo many great ones which still make my hairs (whats left of them) rise.....
  8. Lombado

    Last season's away shirt

    Have you been working out those guns again???
  9. Just “Hi Ho’d” on strictly....when’s the next game????? Can’t wait
  10. I meant @theowlsman can keep tabs on him for us. must concentrate more on Strictly!!!!
  11. @Owlsmancould keep tabs on him for us
  12. Lombado

    Last season's away shirt

    I got a medium and it fits me fine. I like the colours best....
  13. Lombado

    Sam Winnall

    Club captains past, present and should have beens
  14. Lombado

    Adam Reach WINS

    He deserved this...now one of our key players.
  15. Now in 3rd place...just nipped ahead of the Forest Green kid.