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  1. If you want him swipe left...or am I thinking of something else?
  2. It’s sort of a relief in a weird way. At least we can prepare for it with still 6 weeks to go before next season.
  3. Home shirt looks too much like the one i bought last year, however, the away shirt looks different (good different) and so may get mi wallet out for that.
  4. Great post Snoots...really loved liked it!!! Oh and a win tonight please.
  5. Oh no, here we go with all the fishing puns....reel em out @theowlsman
  6. Had a lie-in Snoots? Not expecting anything today but will take a point with pleasure....
  7. I am not expecting anything today...so even a bore-draw would be fab.
  8. when did Monk leave? Are we looking for a new manager already?
  9. Would like some strikers at the club to do this^^^
  10. Thought you were a day late and a dollar short Snoots. Lets hope we are on it tonight and get another good result.
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