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  1. Lombado


    There were plenty of rossers with go-pro's. All looked calm when I wandered past.
  2. Lombado

    Foul on Bannan

    correct. I said the same. That WAS that if a yellow was shown the fouled player was not penalised by having to leave the field of play..... This was the least of my complaints during the match tho...
  3. Great read Hieronymus Erratic sleep pattern last nigh made me sleep in so didn't get an early read. How long til KO...…...that's a minute just gone by....
  4. Lombado

    Nixon comments

    Is that because he use the new app sniper instear of twitter?
  5. Lombado

    One more sleep

    Don't know which shirt to wear. 150th Anniversary shirt (hardly worn) or go back to my Circa '79 knitted cotton one (well worn) with long sleeves.... Forecast suggest it may be warm enough for the 150th short sleeve version...
  6. Lombado

    One more sleep

    Nice one. have good time Simon and don't let the wifes bad back be an excuse for no hokey cokey!!! Holiday hokey cokey is always the best.....
  7. Lombado

    Joost Van Aken

    Shoulders, back of the neck and the bald patch on the top of his head....if that helps?
  8. Lombado

    One more sleep

    any where nice?
  9. The oddest area is the "Tango" stand
  10. Do you feel you are walking on glass?
  11. I'll be there so 26,650....or did you already count me in your total?
  12. Lombado

    One thing in common

    Win today and all will be forgotten......
  13. Sums the pre-season up perfectly..Brilliant OMDT Lord. Now to the footy...
  14. and....back in the room!!!