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  1. YAY... I’m in I think we will release most of out of contract players and rely on loans for next year. I guess there is the limit of how many loans can play at once so we have to be careful and ensure we have enough of our own.
  2. Great summary Snoots. Still looking forward to the game even tho the playoffs are out of reach. Lovely summers day at Hillsborough is always a pleasure.
  3. I think that was point Jos tried to make, but it backfired as we were too weak in midfield. If we get 25+ games out of him next season he will be an asset.
  4. How did he see the Dawson handball for starters.
  5. Two games in 4 days!!!! Maybe saving him for Monday
  6. A different post Snoots but full of facts and correct. I have to agree with you with the clear out and then the excitement starts again for next season.
  7. I agree with Alan. 4-4-2 as a starting formation. We have all watched games which end up 5-5-0 or 3-4-4 but only because of reacting to how the match pans out but with the same players who begin as a 4-4-2
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