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  1. Loved this momemt... actually got slightly warm as it gave me a reason to jump about and stretch my freezing cold knees... Thought it may have been the winner as well......
  2. Wrap them up in a play-off t-shirt first... I can sell you one of these bags...
  3. PTO (Pay at Ticket Office) is available on match days. Plus the small booth outside the South stand sells match day tickets
  4. Looking forward to seeing the game on Saturday regardless of what form some player s are showing. Just needs a good game or a couple of good incidents in the game to get a player back on the up....Reach MoM on Saturday.....
  5. I think anyone can buy kit from the club shop. I have one of those stripey shirts!!!!
  6. Forgot all about this...International breaks just suck the life out of me regarding football these days, I have even started channel hopping for Brexit news!!!! Anyway back to the game tonight. I am hoping for a win and a brief spell at the top of the table, This will be a pivotal moment in our season. We don't want to lose and drop away from contention..
  7. Travelled as a young lad on quite a few Supports club coaches with her just before the Intercity Owl took off.
  8. Maybe a tie-break if it goes on. One team each from the same fixture.
  9. So..... what happened with your choice @s29wfc @Daz ????
  10. Just getting ready for the trip down. Hopefully a win and a great weekend.
  11. Great summaryt again Snoots. Hoping for another win and a tickle (not a squeak) with the top two by the weekend....
  12. I guess it can change from game to game, but generally I think 442 works well. I got negged for suggesting this before the Fulham game....but Boro are no Fulham so what do I know........
  13. Hypocrite is the word..... Lets get another win on the road. Onwards and upwards
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