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  1. Let's take another look..

    Love the goal, love the commentary and just love Fernando....
  2. Pudil

    he only had a shot because everyone in the crowd shouted for him to do so...sort of an after thought though and it was a bit tame.
  3. Todays Referee

    The ref was good when we were still 0-0
  4. good call. Both are good. Only fair Camron gets a few more games under his belt ready for next year. No issues with Joe at all though....

    I was right in line with him and the post from my seat on the north. Went in like an arrow.....brilliant...love the guy.
  6. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Great post Lord.. I can't wait for today. Still get a buzz on matchdays. Will miss Saturday afternoons....yes Saturday afternoons.....until August.
  7. Lets be honest, they don't really know. My BBC Weather App has something different each time I look. Was going for the short sleaved footy shirt option, but now may need my H/H thermal underneath...
  8. I was always worried when Pudil was on the "Carlos" team sheet. However, I have been quite happy with him since Jos took over and gave him regular games in a back three. 1. Pudil But is not the future...thats another thread Then we have Lucas and Atdhe who have been great for Jos 2. Lucas 3. Atdhe And finally for me is Frederico. Didn't get a look in under Carlos but has certainly now proved his worth. 4. Frederico
  9. Who to move on?

    Hopefully he has seen enough of the ones we should ditch. The injured lads under contract get a pre-season to prove their worth. Is the transfer window shorter or closed earlier next season?
  10. Suns out... Guns out...

    I may get mine out tomorrow...a teat for all
  11. Under 23s Title Defence

    Young Blunts and Saplings can still catch us for the play off places. One win will secure that. Win Both and we are top.
  12. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Well spotted..... can't say i noticed but will look out for it on Saturday. Another conversation piece when there is not much to talk about......
  13. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    ouch...I can still feel the pain for the lad.