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  1. I got as far as London on the supporters club coach. No programme sellers in evidence there...sorry.
  2. I’ll have the Bunny Ears please...but just a half. Hold that....What I want is 3 points....pleeeeese
  3. Another player who has lost his way and hoping a new club will rejuvinate hime....I hope so too.
  4. Well i just can't help myself, so I'm in.... Not watched any internationals, and don't even know how Engerland got on last night....will check it in a few mins....but with Wednesday I just have to....... I am suffereng from "long wednesday"....
  5. We over paid the 350K fee for Patterson
  6. Morning Snoots. So let’s get it back on again today and 3 points in the bag.
  7. Enjoy these Snoots..but let’s hope we are enjoying the game later...come on Wednesday.
  8. I know someone who would've paid good money for that!!!!
  9. I was listening to Absolute Radio rock'n'roll football program on Sunday...they took the p!55 out of Parker with a remake of the Streets "dry your eye mate" from one of his recent post match interviews.....very funny and just sounds like the guy in the original.....
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