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  1. Not sure if I can make out @lanzaroteowl in the background
  2. You can add Palmer to that list as well
  3. Agree. It took a while after he was stripped off before coming on just to add to the anticipation.
  4. I want to watch us play entertaining football, try to win most home games and with a bit of good fortune get a play off place. Heart wants us to go up in any of the places, auto or playoffs, which would then exceed what my head says... Lot of travelling just for homes games so need something for the long drive home.
  5. yes - he was years ahead of his time!!!
  6. He obviously liked looking at himself in a mirror...even the picture is his own reflection.
  7. reminds me...its our wedding anniversary....better not forget otherwise it will be a SCHITSTORM
  8. DC has a garage full of them
  9. Anyone abroad with their customary pictures of Wednesday kit on beach or by the pool? I am going away soon and will try to smuggle my shirt away with me. She, who must normally be obeyed, thinks it's a bit common tho!!!!
  10. Preston is the nearest to me. Look forward to going back again if it is a Saturday afternoon
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