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  1. Haven't stressed about the league in a while.

    Do we get to meed Lord Hillsborough?
  3. Did us proud !

    Tango is always class
  4. Because I said so. Nah really it is gonna be because the bottom 3 are really, really bad.
  5. Chansiri out

  6. We're still 7 points clear of the relegation zone
  7. Well so much for that
  9. I'll be honest Don't really know what the feck i'm reading except that we've lost a bit of monies so I don't really think I can moan.
  10. Bristol City game in doubt??

    This reminds me of my schooling days when we hoped and prayed school would close whenever it snowed because we couldn't be bothered to do work.
  11. I found this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/football-manager-touch-2018/id1239862001?mt=8 Slightly more expensive than the Google Play version for some odd reason. If you want to play FM on Mobile this is the way to go (FM Mobile is rubbish in my opinion), but your device may not be compatible with it as I know you can't get it on most Android devices.
  12. FM Touch is basically a simplified version of FM where press interaction is minimal and you can sim through games faster. The Full FM is better if you're seriously into Youth Development (as you have a full reserve team whereas in FMT you have a combined reserves) and if you're really into giving team talks and doing pre-match press conferences every game. It isn't for everyone i'll say that.
  13. I got FM17 Touch just before FM18 came out and i'm pretty happy with it. Got Wednesday promoted and won the FA Cup in my first season after being the evens favorite to be sacked in January. May do a National League side next as one of my mates say it's a big challenge.
  14. Why didn't Gary Megson get the job?

    Didn't know the Table only shows points you gain against the teams below you.