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  1. Liability Loovens should never play another game for us, he is unbelievable
  2. Togdiver


    Talking about "ifollow", can someone inform them that Lee Bullen is no longer our manager and the ifollow techs should update their Line Ups page on the website to show this....
  3. Togdiver


    Leave the kid alone,he will come good for us I believe , Liability Loovens is the one we should be getting rid of..... looks like the rabbit in the headlights every time he has the ball at his feet and is pressed by the opposition... haven't seen him make a proper tackle in 2 years, all arse push and elbow...a good servant to the club maybe but he is a definite liability now...
  4. Togdiver

    Defensively Inept

    Liability Loovens, someone pension him off, he has lost the plot.....
  5. After reading this (and its quite a read) the Doyen Sports connection really, should worry us all.......... https://theblacksea.eu/index.php?idT=88&idC=88&idRec=1277&recType=story
  6. 62 years,1955, LL end standing at the front wall, Dad 10 yards back with his mates....7 year old but I can still remember the atmosphere.... You only have to be a supporter for One day to to be an "Owl" for life......
  7. Togdiver

    Worse day since...

    This is the lowest point for me since Wembley, even though we finished higher in the Championship last season, then missed out. We haven't seen a continued improvement towards the Premier for a number of reasons all mentioned on here . The "Blades will get their local Paul Carrack to write a song about Sunday the 24th and the 2-4 score line is just too much of an opportunity. We will be hearing about this for years to come, or until we have another "Boxing Day"........ WAWAW...........
  8. Has the club fallen out with "The only Relish in Sheffield" as there was a distinct lack of the big bottles in the South stand on Saturday.... I like it on my superior Quail pie...
  9. Togdiver

    Carlos apologises to the fans

    Carlos please stop, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".............
  10. Togdiver

    Undead rubber

    We should go for the 3rd place.... The "Taxman" (HMRC) are having a good look at Newcastle at the moment, points deduction by the EPL would not be out of the question if they have been "Bad Lads" in their transfer dealings....
  11. Looking at the "Post Match" interview with CC, not his usual demeanour.. he looked pissed off with somebody or the antics of the players in the closing stages of the game. Not "pointy finger" time though...
  12. Togdiver

    Next 8 games

    I feel a lot of "Nail Biting", "Arse Twitching" moments before May 2017, that's the game and the wonderful feeling of following an "Owls" team on the up. At the end of the day all we as supporters can do is support and leave the hard work to CC and the team.....All the best for the New Year... See you at Wembley......
  13. Togdiver

    Joe Palmer Ringing the Changes?!

    If JP is going to make one's match day experience more pleasant, regards catering and shopping, please change out those miniscule TV's situated ten metres up the wall for some a little larger than the one in my "Grannies" front room......
  14. It may be fortunate for the Owls that we go down so easy so early in the season, we were out muscled at Wembley and it would seem we run the risk of of being pushed aside by teams away from home where the 3 points are a must if we are to provide a serious challenge for this league. We need some talented muscle, sooner rather than later....