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  1. Absolutely amazing team spirit, they all dug in after a poor start and stoke had many chances to finish us off yet they stuck it out, what a result could be defining this season that another happy weekend so far.
  2. I don’t see how it breaks momentum we won on the last day we’re still training as normal after a few days rest and gives the Jos longer with the players to further his ideas and concepts ideal time in my eyes we don’t have many if any players away on international duty so the group are still all together and the spirit will be sky high. I can’t see a negative to take from it personally UTO
  3. Has come at the perfect time IMO had a really busy start to the season, and the last 3 league games the boys have given everything left it all on the pitch, so a nice little break plus the fact we will be closer to the returns of Hooper and Lee, it gives the 2 new boys time to settle into the mix. Things are looking up at S6 to say everything was doom and gloom a big + is the majority of us have stayed positive and things have turned in our favour. WAWAW
  4. And the spring carried on we won 2-0 few beers in the sun afterwards to celebrate what a wonderful weekend here’s hoping for many more of the same.
  5. Spring in my step this morning, well worth the drive there yesterday, at times we were amazing playing neat football and as for Bannan I just don’t think people understand. Hope the spring carries on this morning through our football team our first match of the season UTO and UTA(Angel)
  6. Got to be Graham Hyde he was an absolute nut case or Derek Gearey he was a mad man after a few ales
  7. And that bothers me why? He's moved on from there in many ways and is supposed to be a top quality striker according to his wages I know what I'd be saying if I was his team mate and he was earning 30/40k a week more than me
  8. Best asset we've got? a striker (they score goals)that hasn't the confidence for a free shot from 12 yards, on 50/60k a week, then all I can say is we're doomed
  9. Some people scare me to death do you not see what Hooper has brought to the team? Not a coincidence that we have picked up 4 wins on the spin with Hooper starting he links the midfield with the strikers and that inturn drives defenders crazy, making them come out of the back line to try and stop him which creates space then a substitution after 60/70 mins when the defenders are mentally allover the place which is why Rhodes is allowed so much free space to get the chances he's been getting, please try and at least understand football before you let loose on players for not scoring anyway rant over WAWAW
  10. I got the sack once because of my love for Wednesday, I was working on a Tuesday night at a school sports hall and Wednesday we were playing grimsby in the LDV vans cup 2003 and I didnt want to miss the game so I just left and left the whole school open needless to say the caretaker reported the incident and we bloody drew 1-1 wouldn't have it any other way WAWAW
  11. That's what I've read so the premiership teams think he's got something left but he's said he doesn't want to be involved in relegation battles so what about a promotion push?
  12. So as the title, would you take him if we could muster a cheeky little bid to sign him until the end of the season. Personally I think he could offer us something in those drab games where we need a killer pass or someone to pop up with a goal. This is going to be fun reading.
  13. He didn't celebrate fessi's goal either just trudged off the mardy little bugger hope he was given a right going over becasue that's not the attitude we need at our club
  14. The guy who got sent off couldn't walk properly because all his studs were bent and mangled from the force of the man machine Hutchinson and to think people wanted to wrap him in cotton wool what a waste of Sammy's career
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