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  1. Fancy a win tonight based on nothing in particular!!! UTO
  2. Why are people talking about it affecting gate receipts ? Seems like excuses at the ready to me (not aimed at people with work commitments and genuine reasons) but let’s be right, derby v forest was on a Monday and sold out !!!!
  3. I can’t believe the amount of people starting Rhodes .... irrespective of what people say about him being a goal scorer, to date he has offered nothing and his all round play is non existent. At least joao is unpredictable and there’s a chance he could make a difference.
  4. Rhodes should not start regardless of who is fit !!!
  5. Well, this morning I was petrified about the upcoming derby with no players or passion ..... now I’m just petrified!!!
  6. My Nan would rip loovens to bits .... i was referring to hutch
  7. Agreed ... definitely need him for the 12th . Just hope he stays on the pitch
  8. Hutch was spoken to on Saturday and stated he was fit but left out of the squad !!
  9. Carlos should have gone 12 months ago in my opinion , however on the subject of now or the end of the season, it makes no sense to say , DC will wait due to not wanting to pay contracts up. if CC still in charge, DC will lose far more in the way of season ticket sales... Not to mention the insanity that CC remains in charge at our club.
  10. It's happening ... trust me .... just hope I get a ticket !!! Ha
  11. Yep ... very surprised but wouldn't post it if I wasn't 100%
  12. Yes mate . I don't post very often and I'm as surprised as you. Sure it will be announced in due course
  13. Game at the lane is to be moved to Friday night (12th) ..... from a very reliable source..... surprised it's got past SYP but can only presume it's sky
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