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  1. I thought Reach played well - along with Buckley, he was the only one prepared to take on players and provide attacking threat.
  2. I have just bought a ticket in the South Stand for my son who is coming up from Brum for the match - cost me £49 which feels excessive. The Club are doing themselves continuing damage with their pricing policy.
  3. Really timely and spot on reply - it makes us seem incredibly disunited, when we aren't really,
  4. Great stuff. Very Churchillian and cogently sums up the current situation with the club.
  5. Started a thread on this earlier on in the week - May 7 is destined to be a scrap with Fulham for a playoff place. We are not especially good in 'winner takes all' situations, but with home advantage and the return of key players we should be able to do the business. May 7 is also my 40th wedding anniversary, so maybe will have 2 things to celebrate on that day.
  6. Just as I saw it; Sasso's lunge was as inexplicable as CC's reaction.
  7. Great header. Why did he not nod em in like this for us?
  8. As you say, tosh! And yet another chiselling away of the 15.00 hrs convention - soon we will be saying to our sons and daughters: "They used to KO at 3, you know!
  9. Yep, really interesting - today'a flashpoints are mild by comparison.
  10. Yep, in my opinion, he is the most comlete player ever to don the shirt - he can pass, tackle, shoot, head and dribble, all with pace, energy and verve. It would be hugely disappointing to see him go. He doesn't make the team, but he does give it something special.
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