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  1. Jack Stobbs Signs for Port Vale

    Tonguey Browney.... oooeer
  2. So Called Highlights

    Looking at the highlights, was their an offside shout? Can't see the top of the pitch to see if there was anyone playing him on, but looked well offside from what I could see.
  3. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    I did find that bit of a stretch myself, Brentford haven't been involved in league 2 for a while, which is where most of their bargain basement signings have come from.
  4. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    He didnt mention anything about that, then again I didn't ask about anything other than us. It would be a big change, be interesting to see what happens.
  5. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    Mustve been 1 of the 200 CB's we scouted that Neymar chap.
  6. Harlee Dean, Brentford captain

    According to a credible source, Dean wants out of Brentford. Been offered a 3 year extension which he's turned down. We're interested and he'd like to come to us.... 70% chance of happening. According to the guy I spoke to, United interested too. Could be a waiting game and take us to the end of the window. Wont name names on this thread of where the info came from, but will disclose on PM as long as it's not banded about in here. Might need further updates :)
  7. Winnall to Brum

    I thought this was going to be a review of the new transformers movie....

    Ah man, you've been served up a fresh batch of NEGNUTS. Regarding your lips, stay clever, keep em together
  9. if you could choose...

    Liam Palmer.... takes his boy hood club to Wembley. Failing that, Winnall just for another giggle at our six fingered friends up the road.
  10. Next Wednesday

    Nerves.... the nerves! :-) Potatoe, potatoe
  11. Next Wednesday

    Haha, it's not that extreme... I fear heart attack and possible feinting.
  12. Next Wednesday

    Can anyone recommend any will writers or life insurance brokers? If this goes to extra time or pens, I want to make sure the kid and wife and set up.
  13. Brighton in playoffs last season.... the result will be the same, Wednesday at Wembley!!!
  14. Views so far

    Mines getting blurry....