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  1. I don't usually post but I thought I'd bring this to the attention of the Wednesday fans outside of Instagram etc...
  2. Maybe not straight away but at least this one doesn't have a clique of four assistants, with whom he can carry on speaking in his native language, isolating all of the other staff and the majority of the players. Carlos' poor English might have been forgivable to start with, but no improvement in 2 1/2 years? Not so much.
  3. That would be understandable if the fans were baying for blood, but they sounded like they were giving incredible support, saying that, Reach apparently reacted badly to a fan hurling abuse, which tells its own story.
  4. Regardless of Carlos debate and indeed the result, the players response to the catastrophe of Loovens' sending off was decent and I'm sure many of us were expecting them to crumble. They showed more heart today with 10 than they did last week against a poor team with a full side. Why? Did we perform better when we became the underdogs? When the pressure was off??? We smashed Leeds, a team undoubtedly outperforming us, and Fulham whose efforts last season arguably marked them out as a real threat. Sides we weren't necessarily expected to beat. We lose TWICE to Bolton. We fail to turn up in the Derby and in two play-off campaigns. What is it about the weight of expectation that is so terrifying for this team?? Do we need a sports psychologist or summat??
  5. If anything, it shows Loovens is feeling the pressure. It's written all over all of them tbf, I don't get why anyone can think they don't care when the nerves are there for all to see. Having said that, our fans sound absolutely fantastic today and that's just what's needed.. WAWAW
  6. It was a 'mistake' by SYP to claim to have arrested Norwich fans. Some shady blade copper manning the Twitter no doubt! I'd be furious if I were one of their fans not to mention the victims!
  7. Oh well, Rawson with a hip flask it is.. To those who are going: I'm sure you'll do us all so proud on the telly. Can't wait !!
  8. So are 'best seats' determined by price? The corner south seats can't be considered "better" than most kop seats unless you're talking about concourses etc... Which the vast majority of fans won't care about..
  9. Behind the goal on the kop still available but corners of the south sold out??
  10. I think I just cursed myself by posting on here because I'm now back at 1672!
  11. Currently 279 after being thrown to the back of the queue once... is this just a lost cause now??? (Hi first post )
  12. Why can't I post?

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