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  1. Wednesday fans are such an emotional rollercoaster. Awww, we're poo, everything's poo, we're gonna get smashed every week in and out in League One... ahhh hey, gettt iinnnn, we're top of the league, hms p$ss the league ready to set sail, nobody can beat the massive, ahhhhh poo, ffs, poo defending, ahhhh we're fizzed... oooooh, getttttttttttttinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, what a strike, we're getting promoted, here we go!!!!!
  2. I also loved the win vs Preston where two of their players got sent off for fighting each other... bizarre scenes. Forestieri sent off, we lead 2-0, they reduce and are able to tie but mess up an attack and two of their players get so mad at each other they both get sent off for fighting
  3. Where's the demand for the linesman to go on social media and apologise for being a fool and getting that decision wrong? I mean, Bannan apologised for missing the penalty, shouldn't we demand the officials to follow suit?
  4. nah mate, my comment was to the OP about social media and the implicit demand for transparency permeating everything everywhere... I don't need Bannan to apologize for missing a penalty, neither should he even feel that he needs to go on social media to apologise for that... would that even have happened in football 20 years ago? It's football, whatever happens on the pitch, happens and then you jeer them slightly for wasting an opportunity to bury the game, but once the full time whistle blows, I don't need the player to make a public statement how sorry he feels... You failed to hit the box, shrug it off, do better next time. Won't be last time you miss a penalty either. This just being one example.. the comment was slightly in jest but at times I do actually miss how it was much simpler before. /oldfart finished ranting
  5. Yeah yeah yeah... science schmience... I believe in theories based on scientific data but will it be able to factor in the complete randomness of Sheffield Wednesday's inconsistency?
  6. Only a season late... EFL seem to have a new, big target in their crosshair every season these days
  7. This set of players should not be allowed to perform so poorly, after what we've been through.
  8. On the positive side, BPF's value is going down again... Come on Wednesday, get back into this!
  9. Cheers for that, Snooty. Let's hope the untimely arrival of Lady S isn't an omen of things to come for Wednesday, right? It really is remarkable how things suddenly turned around.. I remember one week concerns over unpaid wages and suddenly a few days later, things cleared and we just went from one good signing to the next. Knowing our recent years, I'm half expecting a backlash, not daring to fully enjoy what's going on at the club, but really, it's just too good not to. So, come on you magnificent blue and white wizards, up the Owls!!! Plymouth won't know what hit them!
  10. Imagine winning and ending the thread in the 2nd post! This is just too good!
  11. Seen the Inspector already post highlight from Twitter, but here's highlights with sound... I've fast-forwarded the clip to the penalty. Seriously worry how long we will manage to hold on to him though if he keeps up playing like this
  12. Impressive judging by the extended highlights and how he worked his way into a dangerous position to score over and over. Hopefully continues this way; Lee Gregory and him seem two hungry strikers and need a contest on who is going to score most goals.
  13. Not seen any today, but felt this helped with the disappointment over the loss...
  14. Morecambe going to score now... so now we need at least 2 goals
  15. Lovely view, just cherish the moment for now. Then we take the next game, and see where we go after that. and so on. Btw, if you looked at the league tables all together, right now we're just 2 spots below the Pigs
  16. Brilliant, just checking in now and 2-0 up away to another tough competition in this league... love it!!
  17. Cheers for that, Lord Snoots! Keep up the momentum, Wednesday, and don't make light of Fleetwood... as mentioned, they're here on merit and probably would kill to claim Wednesday's scalp, so even if we rest some for next weekend's derby, got to stay sharp tonight! One match a time, would rather we win this comfortably and then see where we go Saturday, as opposed to drawing (or even losing!) and then facing Rotherham without having "started a streak" so to speak.
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