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  1. On the other hand, it's better to have won those than having 2 games in hand you need to win. Not seen anything to suggest Wigan or Sunderland are p$ssing the league either...
  2. If we gave that pathetic Monk until Christmas, I'd say Moore deserves the same...
  3. He can't field player E twice... that's just not possible
  4. Gary Monk... Jos Luhukay... sounded like a broken record, every time.
  5. Lol... this will be crazy line up but I'm starting to get Moore's selection qualms... we've got 8 forwards and 8 midfielders... fuckkkk.. With such an offensive squad (at least on paper), it's time to throw aside all the crap we've seen and launch a full on 3-4-3 offensive! I hereby give you HMS P$ss The League Vol. 2 K: BPF - yes, some howlers, but still a solid 1st choice with Wildsmith hot on his heels to keep him sharp LB: Liam Palmer CD : Dominic Iorfa RB: Jack Hunt LW: Theo Corbeanu CM: Barry Bannan CM: Dennis Adeniran RW: Lewis Wing F: Josh Windass F: Callum Paterson F: Lee Gregory There's a reason I'm not a football manager
  6. Which is baffling because on paper this is a Championship squad... other L1 teams would kill for some of these players, so why aren't they living up to their expectations??
  7. How come our game didn't get abandoned like all the other L1 games that did, when our keeper is away on international call up?
  8. 87' Kieran Lee (Bolton Wanderers) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 87' Foul by Dennis Adeniran (Sheffield Wednesday). Suddenly got confused he's no longer with us and wondered why Kieran Lee got the free kick when it was Dennis that made the foul...
  9. Wildsmith or the 1st choice who is away on international duty, you mean? Seems a pretty clear choice to me
  10. How is it, even with our midfield, we hardly ever have control/possession I a game? Here in League One even, it's baffling... with that lineup, on paper. Possession isn't key, getting to chances is, but the fact we're always < 50% suggests we lose and turn over the ball alot... like our squad isn't switched on and mentally in it, happy to lean back and take a back seat every game.
  11. Thanks for that, Snoots! I will be a man of few words for this match. I simply hate playing Bolton Wanderers... UTO!
  12. Do we really want Mike Ashley? I mean, other than his money???
  13. Actually, I'd rather be here with a soul than become the next Newcastle... Hopefully our squad starts to gel soon and gets us into promotion fight so we could at least find our way back to the Championship this season.
  14. Yes, if committed to us and didn't sell us down the river after just starting on his job. If he came in and actually did the job and didn't jump ship, I'd give him another chance.
  15. In fairness, looks like Paterson starts to fall even before he gets the Oxford defender in his back... bit weak for our strong frontman when he might have done more with it if he stayed up and actually fell over IF he really got pushed. Then he might've got something.
  16. Think we just need to up our game and become more cool headed and clinical with our finishing so we don't have to rely on given/not given penalties. Yes, the squad has a lot of new players but for us to ******** about like we are... it's time for them to earn their keep and get HMS P£ss the League out of port!
  17. Watch out those finger guns can be lethal, not to speak of that razor sharp knife he's using to slit the throat too.
  18. Redemption night for Peacock-Farrell... that crucial save after going 1-0 up, going up boxing bravely on another occasion and also the block on the 1-on-1 when Wigan cut straight through our defense... can't be faulted for the penalty. But great team win, so many players that deserve a mention, including Paterson, Dunkley and Gregory too.
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