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  1. Hopefully everybody who loves Sheffield Wednesday!
  2. Good luck Barnsley, don't want scummy Millwall to promote.
  3. I seem to remember MK dons coming to Hillsborough with both their keepers out and sticking a young 'un there... Just saying... We need to beat Hull regardless of who's on the pitch their side :)
  4. You raise them up so they can stand on mountains... ... ... ;)
  5. We have to go into this match expecting Hull will turn up, so much riding on this match for both teams. While Hull can still get the parachute for another 2 years, the Premier League means big money and we're fools if we go into this match not expecting Hull also to bring their A game. But we are too, and Wednesday in form have shown this season that they can deliver outstanding performances - and I'm rooting for nothing less this weekend. Come on you Owls!
  6. By the sounds of things, there won't be a Hull end at Wembley this Saturday xD
  7. Come on you Owls!

  8. , you expect any Owl of legal drinking age to be able to drive half an hour after a 4-0 victory? :D Perfect win; 0-0, Jose Semedo enters the pitch in the 81st minute, scores a screamer in the 88th.
  9. While he's got heart and he's very good when on the pitch, would you really do that after seeing his ankles and knowing his injury history?
  10. 4-3 on penalties after 2-2 after ET. Goals from Meyler, Hernandez, Wallace and Bannan. No nails left on either hand either.
  11. Woke from a nightmare that Forestieri somehow was on loan from Watford and got recalled just before this Saturday's final v Hull. I was very relieved to wake up knowing otherwise :) Daydreams are usually that we go to Wembley and record one of our huge wins of the season, apart from the Brentford 4-0, Wolves 4-1 and 3-0 v Charlton and Forest, I feel it's time we repeat our cup success v Arsenal and go out there and seal a commanding victory. Realistically, it'll be close fought and hopefully a narrow win.
  12. I was in Norway, at a football match with a mate since our season's just getting started around April-May. Anyway, my eyes were peeled on the BBC live videprinter, and I remember the despair when they suddenly type Goal: Hartlepool 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday. My heart just sank, and then a half a minute later came the follow-up, Correction, goal: Hartlepool 2 - Sheffield Wednesday 3. I just completely lost it, and at 2 - 4 it meant just even more beer that evening :D
  13. To calm your nerves... this final is a bonus, after a brilliant season in which we've gone all the way to the play-off final as the underdog beating Brighton over 2 legs. We go into this game with confidence, we fully deserved getting here - the team is great and the player group is really positive, Carlos is the special one 2.0/has a dream, and the supporters are outstanding. We're going to Wembley, PL is there for the taking - and if not, all these positives should help us immensely in coming seasons.
  14. It's Loovens on the dancefloor you'd better not steal the moves... Or the Grigg one; Loovens is on fire, Your offense is pacified
  15. Hull may have ended higher on the table and can boast about that, but as Carvalhal has stressed, it's a new competition. Same for the semi-finals v Brighton, Brighton finished 15 pts higher and missed out on automatic promotion due to GD, but we overcame that hurdle and beat them regardless. Not saying we're favourites, nor are Hull favourites, it's 50-50 and down to which team brings their A game. Of course, Wednesday crowd will win the stadium so the 12th player is ours. ;)
  16. They'll want to get all play-off final off-pitch preparations done this week so that next week is all about the football. Piece of advice given by Holloway Monday evening after the match.
  17. Wishing the admin would approve my account soon

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