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  1. One day at the time. We are top of the league tonight!
  2. Must be nightmare for the opposition... "You got to keep an eye out for their wingers..." "Which number is he?" "I don't know, I can't see" "..."
  3. I think they'd like a "sticky" option like we've got for this forum. Nail us on top spot and then just stay there until end of season ;)
  4. Yeah, me too, I'm just trying something new this season! Positiviteh!!! BELIEVE!! :D
  5. Come on, even if some other teams have a game in hand, how great isn't it to read sports articles with the headline "Sheffield Wednesday beat Luton to go top of the Championship" or "Kadeem Harris sends Owls top"... Got to appreciate the moments as they come along, we got the win that's the most important part!
  6. It's the Championship. Expect tough battles in all games. Vs good teams we'll have to be better technically, play our practiced game, vs lower half teams we'll have to be resilient and get into gritty fights to "strong-arm" the wins by repeatedly hammering their defense and just find those openings. Luton will probably park the bus just like 10-man Millwall, but probably also look to open the game with a fight as newcomers to the league. Need to break them early and they'll fold at Hillsborough. I want another clean sheet, but expecting a tight match with an early lead and nail-biting until we get a second. 2-0 Reach worldie Bannan worldie Simples :D
  7. Come on Wednesday, time to make a statement for this season and that the disappointing Millwall loss was just a blip. Back to winning ways tonight!!
  8. Both, 45 minutes each to run their socks off and get in there for what I expect to be a physical game. We need them both, would've been perfect if one was left footed for the LV role and I'd be tempted to put one in for Palmer. However, Palmer has also impressed and deserves a go too. Oh, decisions, decisions!!
  9. "Clubs like this" Ignorant plebs, one simply does not speak of Wednesday like there are other clubs like it! Hope we keep up our positive start of the season and bring home another 3 pts!!
  10. Sorry but expecting any Championship team to go 12 games without a loss seems somewhat delusional to me. And much too demanding of Bullen as prerequisite to qualify for the job. 6 wins in a row will do...
  11. Whereas Bullen has a luxury problem in choosing his starting XI, I don't envy him his task picking the right line up today. But I trust he gets it right. Ahh, feels good to have my morning cuppa coffee and the OMDT back. Terrific read and ready to go! Up the Owls!!!
  12. Best of luck, Van Aken. He did nothing wrong, just not a good signing for us, and I blame the manager at that time for that, and hopefully will benefit from loan spell and we can make up some loss when he does go in January or next summer.
  13. "In what is a truly extraordinary move, the EFL has moved to find a replacement team since Bury are currently unable to meet the requirements of their membership. As most other English clubs are already in the cup, the EFL have only found it fit that FC Barcelona will now face Sheffield Wednesday in this round to ensure the Yorkshire club will not progress. If Bury were to resolve their issues by the drawing of the next round, they can resume their cup ties. Carry on flipping over the Sheffield Wednesday club!"
  14. Saw this after the match, made me laugh :)
  15. It's just been 2 games, he came on for Harris v Reading. We've not seen the last of Forestieri yet and he definitely has his skills. The season is long, the Championship requires a good sized squad and it's really good we've got to the position of having a healthy competition for nearly all spots in the team and cover if we get suspensions/injuries. A huge positive though is that we've got to the point we're not relying on Forestieri like a few season ago where all the flair went out the window with his absence, but I'm still happy he's part of the team!
  16. Yea, not good enough.. Both Harris and Murphy scored with their first touch, so Luongo doesn't cut it sadly ;) Seriously though, with him to reinforce the quartet of Hutch, Bannan, Lee and Reach, our midfield has never looked better!
  17. I was predicting a tough match, Barnsley brought it but sounds like we pressed and stopped them from doing much. Meanwhile, happy for Murphy debut goal and Fletcher notching another. Top of the league and 2 pts ABOVE the play offs xD Great start so far, now to keep the momentum and see if we can be promoted by Xmas... j/k
  18. Where is Bannan btw, I thought only Wildsmith was injured.
  19. Maybe the rumours from those ITK or whatever that keep showing up on Owlstalk aren't all that are in the mix. I was surprised at some of the signings that suddenly got unveiled last night, so perhaps there are others? Pep has done all he can with MC now, surely wants a proper challenge. Or I'm just naive and we'll end up with Carvalhal (or similar/worse) for a second tenure... if so, I'll take my hat and see you next season!
  20. Besides, Championship with 46 games and one of the toughest leagues, you need a big squad.. see how Leeds collapsed once their tiny squad last year suffered injuries and suspensions - and ofc being them - but you need a good sized squad in the Championship to last the full season.
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