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  1. Three F's that left even though the delayed season wasn't over and wouldn't take short-term extensions to see it out... Fox, Fletcher, Forestieri, wasn't it? Thank fizz they're all gone.
  2. Keep list for me: BPF Storey Dean Hutchinson Luongo
  3. And here I am, life as a TRUECLAPPER is a peaceful and balanced one... Enjoy your successes and don't despair too much over mistakes; ofc clubs going bankrupt etc are a whole different topic, but losing out on promotion, well, that's football... You take your success with excitement but also stay calm when things don't go your way. I mean, if they always went our way we'd be top of the Premier League and champions of Europe by now. Had a go at the play offs, got inched out by a tactically more clever Sunderland who attacked at home and pressured away, just like we should've done... and then hopefully we'll learn from some of our mistakes, and next season we go again. We finished 4th with our "makeshift" squad that took a while to gel, if we can continue to build on this, who knows.. maybe autos next year. Although, one thing is for sure, we'll lose our share of matches vs the likes of Fleetwood, Morecambe, etc. because football is football.
  4. Agreed, got to stop hiding behind superstition and simply blaming curses or Wednesday Way or whatever... lots of great players, great potential, but that first half of season cost us in the long run. But our inability to regularly score goals and be creative or alternative our play when going up against opposition that present a challenge, we're just not good enough and run out of options. Sucker punch to concede in added time, but probably would've conceded in extra time or lost on penalties anyway. Now just hoping Sunderland go on to win promotion; Watford are coming down and I want us gunning for autos next season.
  5. Half an hour to go, and this is the time to put fresh legs on and throw everything forward soon... can't sit back or afford to have players run out of steam now. COME ON WEDNESDAY! Shoot at the goal, pile on pressure, it's League One ffs.... Sunderland!
  6. Oh no, the conspiracy theorists will read into this that Gary Megson is inbound...
  7. Seldom I rate topics on the forum, but you sir, just got 5 stars in addition to my like. Brilliant post, put aside your nerves about whether we're still in the promotion race after tonight's game, relish the excitement over tonight's football, we're in the fortunate position we've still got everything to play for after the regular season has ended. Cherry on top is to make it back to the Championship, but for now, enjoy the moment, the build up, the atmosphere, this is the essence of football. Really envious of everyone getting to go to Hillsborough tonight, I hope your evening will be incredible - be that 12th man for our boys on the pitch tonight!
  8. Thanks for that, Lord Snooty, let's hope you get to do one OMDT this season! Not much left to be said now, Wednesday, godspeed, god bless, get on that pitch and absolutely ******** destroy those Black Cats...
  9. I'm thinking on Monday, we would need to score even if we came home with a 0-0 to progress. So if we do score, it's likely we'll score again, and Wembley it is So, arguably, not much different coming home with 0-1 than 0-0, we would need to score on Monday regardless
  10. Could've been 5-0 like our last outing to Sunderland... now it's game on Monday, very possible to overcome 0-1. Sunderland were second to us in home form, let's show them what it means to have the best home form! UTO - Believe!
  11. 1-0, better than what MK got to overcome, time to put on 90 minutes of imposing football on Monday. Judging by some comments on here, thought we were conceding every other minute, we may have been poor tonight, but we're still leaving 1st leg at Sunderland only one goal down.. they will be REALLY disappointed it's not more!
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