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  1. Didn't I say it last Saturday... just wait for Leeds to now fizz up against Wigan after we've been there and done our best to get a needed win. Their coast to autos was clear, with Pigs drawing v Millwall, and of course they fizz up again today, bloody idiots...
  2. Could Bruce get Rhodes to work, so we could let Hooper, Nuhiu and Winnall all go? Keep the trio of Fletcher, Joao and Rhodes? Alternatively swap Joao and Winnall places? Must keep Westwood, Bannan and Reach. Make Hector and Aarons stay, glad we've got Iorfa. Let Fox, Jones, Abdi and Boyd go too. We need to clear out big earners doing nothing for us.
  3. Saying that though, they're not too consistent and I will be pissed off if they go out next time and lose at home to Wigan!!!
  4. At least he didn't say 'significant other' :D I'll take Brucey's squeak gladly going into the Easter break... let's smash 5 past this bloody Leeds team
  5. Haha, just looked at the table again and our run in and in a rare moment of clarity and reason you see we just won't make the play offs this year... and then there's that damn hope you cling on to. But better just set our sights on finishing the season in style with a few good performances and see if we can end up top 10. Facing so many of the top teams in our last 5 matches, it's ludicrous thinking we're going to win them all. Make that wish from Santa and he'll give you a free pass at wishing for anything else. ;)
  6. We just need to win the rest of our games... simples. And Millwall should beat Pigs on Saturday seeing as we need to keep Leeds ahead of them.
  7. If we do have issues with FFP, I'm afraid Westwood could be the top player we might see go in order make a profit to avoid further embargo/etc.
  8. That's a solid bet, and one I hope you'll be able to cash in on.
  9. Well, Villa are meeting Bristol so one of them will drop points there, or perhaps best outcome is a draw. And Villa have got both Leeds and Norwich in their last two matches... depending on how things look for automatic promotion, those aren't easy games. Bristol have us (mwahaha) and Derby so absolutely chances of losing points there too.
  10. They won't be poor if they manage to go up though, but I agree with the rest of what you're saying ;)
  11. Tonight I will be cheering for Rotherham and Birmingham like never before ;)
  12. He saw the Ba(t)nnan signal in the sky when he limped off the pitch with the hamstring and thought, "Guess it's time to return!"
  13. His tweet was at 10pm at night on Saturday, roughly 4 hours after game was finished.
  14. Buy him if we can within FFP, make him captain, always turning in solid performances at the back! Anyone will have bad days and make a mistake.
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