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  1. He was tough as well. No matter how much of a kicking he took from those 3rd division defenders, he just got up and carried on - and Jeff Johnson sorted out the culprit a few minutes later - great days.
  2. For most of the first home match after the sacking, the Kop chanted for Burtenshaw and against McGee (something about his parentage) - I was only 15 and I've often wondered since what they were thinking, but that's what happened. "Sack the board" chants most weeks? I'm less sure about this, but I don't think so. I think we were remarkably supportive, looking back. Maybe they were more deferential times, there was no social media (even the radio 'phone-in was yet to be invented), and the local papers were more or less supportive of the club (perhaps they had a cosy relationship or thought that positive stories sell papers - I don't know). Obviously the majority of fans had simply stopped going - perhaps only the more upbeat remained - which could be why some people have a rose tinted view of the era (just idle speculation). Steve Burtenshaw was probably appointed with a brief to re-build the club from the bottom up, and his work with the youth side of it is well acknowledged - David Grant, Mark Smith, John Pearson and Mel Sterland all came through the youth set up. I think that he also tried to produce a side playing attractive, passing, football - maybe that's why some people liked him. Of course a passing side will usually lose out to a "more robust" side, unless the players are significantly better, and ours definitely were not - hence the results (and there's nothing attractive about getting battered every week). Bert McGee was said to be a tough character, and his appointment of Ashurst, and later Charlton, reflects this - we needed to kick our way out of division three. Just to end my ramble (guess who's off sick today), it amused me when, a few years later, Martin Peters was appointed manager of United and told the press that his old England colleague Jack, who was by then our manager, had called him to say, "you have to kick your way out of the third division". Peters responded by insisting, "we're going to play our way out", which of course they did - into division 4!
  3. Thanks so much for posting that Dunsby - I was born the day after. I wonder if me dad went (almost certainly did!).
  4. You findings are flabby and impressionistic - more research needed!
  5. Apologies if this has already been posted - I've not read all the pages: Having "Chansiri" printed in just letters, without a horizontal block breaking up the stripes, looks much better.
  6. Was Peter Grummitt really no good? I always thought of him as a decent keeper, but I was too young to be a reliable judge. He did play in the 1st division for Forest and us, but only went on to Brighton afterwards. I remember he came 2nd once in Save of the Season on Sportsnight With Coleman - a reaction save from a close range header at home to QPR. It's good to see Johnny Sissons there - he was great in his short time with us. I remember the roar from the cantilever as he shot down the left wing. Peter Rodrigues was excellent too. Jimmy Mullen was capable enough, and we all loved Prendo. That just leaves Steve Downes; I don't like to criticise people on the internet, but he was never one of our greats!
  7. Too right - the NHS patients are still waiting!
  8. To me, a Wednesdayite since the 60's, it's always been Hillsborough. To my Dad, a fan since the 40's, it's still The Wednesday Ground - but he still thinks he sits in the New Stand (south). I think the name change from Owlerton to Hillsborough was something to do with electoral boundary changes, but I wouldn't put more than a couple of bob on it.
  9. Cheers mate - much appreciated. This is my first attempt at any form of social media and I don't think I'm coming across quite right - I'll get better (or jack it in!). I probably deserved negging for the pun on Burton.
  10. I tend to agree with theowlsman, and that it was a job well done, but we don't really know. I could be, for example, that it was a successful bid for a pay rise, that the chairman's statement was just spin for the fans, that a star player was seen as having been forgiven all too easily, and that team spirit went for a Burton. I don't think so, but you never know. I think we can assume that the agent is still tapping up Premiership/foreign teams, and that Wednesday are tracking possible replacements (you'd hope we'd be doing that anyway, for all positions). Keep up the fishing owlsman - it's a good antidote to professional sport.
  11. I know dnhc, you're right - we have to compete in the environment we're in.- But I would like to see standing brought back.
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