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  1. Ha he full of s*** mate i could say im an accountant
  2. Didnt know wondered why he kept insisting to everybody about an embargo
  3. Have you ever thought about been chansiris financial advisor because you seem to know your stuff mate i give you that
  4. How do you know the fees have been spread over the contract
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha use whatever words you want mate doesnt change anything
  6. You can post how many times you want about it with your brain .your full of s*** and negative comments .so you might aswel save ya breath i not interested 1 bit what a know f*** all clown got to say
  7. Just support ya team and stop moaning
  8. I wait and see what happens .you know as much as me which is f*** all .only difference is i dont pretend i do
  9. Ha ha ha ha still banging on .
  10. It not me sir its DAN talking rubbish .ha ha get a grip and grow up
  11. I dont know if we will or not mate none of us do but gets on ya nerves people going on like we already got a embargo .has any team ever actually be penalised over ffp
  12. Facts mate .when we got fully fit squad that players he signed get in 1st 11 .do you even watch games or just talk rubbish ehen really you not got a clue what ya talking about
  13. None of the players make the first 11 .hmmm you sure