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  1. 52k a week where you get that from
  2. Ha ha ha ha gutless and spineless because im not going to wait in south stand at 5 pm to abuse our owner when im 37 years old .what a absolute clown you really are
  3. Feel sorry for Joao

    Id play him before rhodes .i know rhodes got a good record but for whatever reason it notworking .least joao gives us some pace and works alot harder
  4. A Good Result? .... My arse!

    Loyalty from owner who obviously thinks he can turn it around .how many other clubs do doyen advise or whatever they do
  5. Not making excuses because we havent been great but its months since we had a fully fit squad
  6. A Good Result? .... My arse!

    Why do people keep saying doyen sports is the problem you dont know that at all
  7. So your admiting your going to make yourself look a complete nob for nothing ha ha ha ha grow up
  8. What ya going to achieve you clown i wont listen to a muppet like you never mind the owner
  9. You deserve the award for bellend of the week
  10. This is a decent performance i think considering
  11. Jota on loan there isnt he from madrid
  12. So what .what do you want a medal

    For 1 injurys happen you clown and considering team we got out we doing ok against top of league .how is it his fault players players injured