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  1. I cant wait for it .do ya think it will sell out
  2. Also is it that easy to just sign 4 strikers and the best you come up with is matt smith
  3. There are until summer and rhodes has 1 year left .do you understandthat
  4. Wouldnt we have to pay them off not as simple as releasing anc then just sign 4 strikers
  5. You would swap fletcher for matt smith get a grip
  6. There was no support today and they didnt deserve any was a pathetice performance was bored out my brains for the 45 mins i was there
  7. What 20 mil gets 3 quality players in prem its not 1990
  8. I alway backed forestieri but it is time to go .
  9. I think he has spat his dummy out .
  10. Who will be in for him .he not good enough on ball foe the prem
  11. Iorfa struggles aga8nst a big physical striker .
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