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  1. Id snatch therehand off at 12 millon
  2. dan1980

    Wigan tickets?

    Me and son will be fine but his mate is on his 1season ticket .what chances of of making it fri morning
  3. dan1980


    Really couldnt give a f***that he scored in a friendly for norwich
  4. Thought it was norwich who was in for fletch and we offered 4 year contract
  5. dan1980


    Nobody got a gun to ya head
  6. dan1980

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Fire sale how many have we sold
  7. dan1980

    Back from Lincoln

    Cheers mate i think nielson going to make a decent cb
  8. dan1980

    Back from Lincoln

    What formation did we play tonight
  9. dan1980

    Clare tho!

    Sick of hearing about him just let him go
  10. By the sounds of it he wont be cheap so cant see any truth in it myself
  11. Hogan must be on a good wage at villa
  12. Thought we was ok this season .how much we saved this season with rhodes and hunt going plus the others who left
  13. It not trolling mate he did
  14. Didnt he play on the left at villa and under fergie
  15. My point is peoplekeep banging on about doyen but for what reason when he doesnt know wat in put they had