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  1. He got 1 of them faces you want punch every time you see him
  2. Never knowna player get injured so much in warm ups
  3. Give over it was terrible goalkeeping simple as that stop making excuses for him .westwood been w*** this season
  4. If it wasnt for him and wrstwood we be top of league
  5. Sky must have made a fortune on wednesdays nxt manager .
  6. He not had a good 1 this season
  7. Sick of people trying to include rhodes he doesnt want to be here and he not good enough simple as that
  8. He been rubbish since he come to wednesday
  9. Rhodes is garbage now and not crlebrating a goal in injury time with ya team mates is a joke .its clear he doesnt want to be at the club and to be honest i dont want him rubbish
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