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  1. Getting rid of big earners not giving stupid wages out is a start .it cant just change over night
  2. Ive calmed dwn about it now . I think chansiri is going to get the club in order but take a bit of time .the damage was done 1st few seasons looks like he learning from his mistakes by getting rid of the players on big wages .hopefully we can get it reduced or turned over with appeal .prob wishful thinking but 1 can hope
  3. Your right mate i appologise .just pissed off with the situation
  4. Dont know the full story but dont get how we can be charged when efl signed them off
  5. Get a grip we starting 12 points behind everyone else a good chance we go dwn nxt season u muppet .
  6. Yea it that easy to sell a football club with a 12 point deduction .newcastle are a much bigger club than us and look at trouble there having with it
  7. Its the dates of the ground sale isnt it or am i wrong mate
  8. And what would happen if chansiri walked .who going to buy us wasnt exactly k8cking doors dwn to buy us before was they .stop talking rounduns
  9. Does that mean the sale of the stadium will go into 19/20 season accounts
  10. How many errors cost us goals .he give swansea 2 in 1 game
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