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  1. dan1980

    Westwood - toe injury

    The man is a right fanny
  2. dan1980

    Nothing short of pants

    Need bruce in quick .if bullen was in charge i dont tgink we would of lost 3 nil
  3. Nice to keep a settled team .something jos couldnever manage
  4. dan1980

    Van aaken off

    He garbage nothing. against him just just simply not good enough
  5. dan1980

    Attendance today

    Ha ha what abuse i asked a question thats all
  6. dan1980

    Attendance today

    What price would you say is reasonable for todays game
  7. dan1980

    Attendance today

    Not happy with 12 quid
  8. dan1980


    Cant blame kop been closed for the atmosphere we didnt manage 1 song
  9. dan1980


    Was always going to be a hard game they was up for it with a big following behind them .did wednesday fans even sing 1 song today
  10. dan1980

    Full Backs

    Looked a good player
  11. dan1980

    Be careful Wednesday

    Let them high earners out contract go and get 3 or 4 good loans in summer .
  12. Cant see any reason why anybody wouldnt be happy with bruce
  13. What a difference around the club from 3 weeks ago
  14. dan1980

    Today feels like a win

    Enjoyed the game today.we look a completly different team from 2 weeks ago when jos was here