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  1. dan1980

    Forcing high earners out?

    Ya cant tell me abdi not getting a game because of appearance bonus .the man hardly played since he joined
  2. dan1980

    Forcing high earners out?

    How do you know he will trigger a clause or have u made it up
  3. Defending well least we showing a bit of bottle.hate to say it but utd are a good side
  4. dan1980

    Fessi today

    Gutted if he not there
  5. dan1980

    Fulham manager

    Dont think carlos is the answer but id defo have him over jos
  6. dan1980


    Hope there is something in this need to get it sorted before it gets worse
  7. dan1980

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    Jos not got a clue im afraid never known a manager f*** about with formations as much
  8. dan1980

    Westwood Player Manager.

    Make matt penney defence coach while we at it
  9. It jos who never keeps same team of formation .what formation did we play yesterday because i couldnt tell
  10. Thats the problem i think nobody knows what position they are playing and thats down to jos nobody else
  11. dan1980


    As good as forestieri is he never seems to be fit
  12. dan1980


    2 or 3 of our best players then
  13. dan1980


    How much money do we need to bring in to get us out of s**t with ffp