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  1. Is that normal behaviour to let fire works off in crowds like .
  2. J7st looked on ticket office twitter says sold out but still let me buy them .it taken my money out bank
  3. Thinking about taking my 9 year okd son and his mate stoke is there much hassle there heard z few bad reports about there fans
  4. Got to win if any chance of play offs winnal and nuihu might work
  5. Back to his best recently .was never suited to jos playing out back rubbish
  6. I couldnt do it on phone or ipad but did it fine on laptop.
  7. I think play offs are just out of reach this year but got high hopes for next with bruce in charge.
  8. Looked a different player recently
  9. I like forestieri but dont think we will ever see him like in that first season again
  10. Was expecting alot more from them .cant fault wednesday fans tonight great athmosphere from us
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