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  1. 1st 2 or 3 weeks i did but got used to it now tbh .
  2. We won 6 on bounce at end of that season to get us in play offs leading to a 4th place finish cant call that stale .we never recovered after losing tk the pigs at home
  3. All ffp is is to stop teams getting rich owners and challenging the big teams like chelsea and city have done .there more teams in trouble with money now than before which tells me it doesnt work .
  4. Not have a argument with a knit pucking muppet see ya
  5. There alot more people working then furloughed fact
  6. Yea majority most of construction vever stopped teachers police fire service nhs also never stopped supermarkets lorry bus and train drivers does that answer your question or you been asleep last 8 weeks
  7. Everybody else is going back to work so why shouldnt they
  8. Maybe mate i wasnt having a pop at ya .i can see both side some people might want try help club and others think why should they when a team full of overpaid players get fully paid each to there own if ya ask me .
  9. Thats rubbish mate everybody entitled to tale the refund or not doesnt mean somebody who has taken it thinks there a better fan than someone who has .for starterssome might need the £120 or what ever it is everybodys financial situation different
  10. Which bit dont ypu undetstand that the attendances are same .even if we have more season ticket holders more than like they was the people who was potg .we got about about 20k fans who will go all the time until we re doing well and in the prem that wont change
  11. How many season ticket holders was there in 2014
  12. Football prices gone mental mate .just dont think we would get many more potg if prices was lower .look at city and everton attendences
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