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  1. dan1980

    Robert Huth

    Ha never been better than terry
  2. dan1980

    Sean Clare

    Who like man u or madrid .he not good enough to get in our team when everybody fit
  3. No mate load of rubbish
  4. He been 4/1 to go fulham for weeks old news just like to try causing a stir dont ya
  5. If he was going to sign think he would by now mate .cant say im that fussed to be honest
  6. dan1980


    Was 2 years ago
  7. dan1980


    Keep abdi and matias that 2 playersout for season
  8. dan1980


    What a clown
  9. dan1980

    Anyone disagreeing?

    Think hooper would of got it way he was playing before injury .but fair play to reach he improved alot this seasom
  10. dan1980

    Carlos; the truth?

    Does it really matter
  11. Could think of a better description of butterfield
  12. dan1980

    Wednesday in debt

    How much is it for because i might aswell be reading chinese
  13. Ha it been said a million times though .dont get your fetish with john newsome