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  1. Odubajo will be done this week on a 2 year deal. Good signing if he’s over his injury troubles.
  2. Hi mate, if you do have any adults sizes then please let me know. UTO
  3. Mate of mine thought he could get out of work but it’s looking like he won’t be available. Will rule him & his Mrs out. Will know by latest 11:30 if they’re available or not. Happy to exchange numbers with someone in/close to Barnsley in case they are. PM me. Cheers.
  4. He’s done his cruciate I’ve heard, which would sit him at somewhere between 6-9 months.
  5. Would love to join in with the words of praise but the simple fact is that he isn’t good enough for this level. Too often the ball goes up to him and comes straight back. You can allow that sometimes but EVERY time and the statistics say that you’re going to concede. He offers so little in all round play that you can’t justify starting him, ever. Love him as a bloke but that’s the reality. The sooner he’s gone, the better.
  6. Solid result but a better team would have turned us over today. There was no difference in the players’ application to when Carlos was in charge. We rode our luck but were probably the deserved winners on the whole. Our stand out player was Adam Reach. He’s head and shoulders above the other fitness-wise and his legs make a big difference in the middle of the park. That said, his lack of knowledge in the position alongside Hooper led to Forest getting on the ball ‘in between the lines’ far too often and exposing our suspect defence too much in the first half. To the chap who said that he hopes the pen gives Rhodes the confidence to kick on from here... I think we all do but unfortunately there is no place for him in this team, or indeed this league moving forward. His lack of ability to hold the ball up is scary. I love the lad as a person and his application can’t be questioned but statistically, when the ball goes up to him it comes back at you 9/10 and no team can sustain that type of pressure on them. We rode our luck time after time because of Jordan giving the ball away and won’t go anywhere with this chap up top. I’ve given him a chance and it pains me to type these words as I love the thought of him doing well but he’s a League One striker at best and the quicker Fletcher gets back/we get somebody else in January the better. The service he gets is questionable and it’s an unenviable task being up there alone, but he doesn’t ‘get it’ and offers the wrong option consistently (ie when he should show feet he runs in behind, never ever troubling the centre half as he has no pace, and vice versa). Sad to see, but he needs to be kept as far away from the 11 as possible moving forward. UTO
  7. If he stays fit Matty James will be in and around the first team at Leicester. Shakespeare rates him highly and he's back and firing this pre-season. Next to no chance he'll be moving to any Championship side.
  8. Know we showed interest in Connor Mahoney (along with Barnsley, Bristol City and a few other Championship clubs), but quite sure he's chosen Sunderland. A friend at Blackburn speaks very highly of him & they want to retain him but looks like he's on his way out. Haven't seen too much of him personally apart from an FA Cup cameo, he hasn't been given much of a chance there.
  9. Ticket for sale on the South. May have more than 1 but at the minute, just one available. UTO
  10. Definitely a thing. Used to have one '04-'08. Not sure if it's still the same, but as above, you'd just get charged automatically and then get your ticket(s) for every game sent out to your home address. Convenient and takes out all the stress, but means you have to take tickets for every game. Fantastic if we're in the Prem next year, but didn't always used to be so glamorous when your Torquay tickets came through the post!
  11. No problem Andy, cheers for letting me know mate.
  12. Hi Andy, If Joe doesn't want the ticket I'll take it for a pal of mine. Happy to PayPal straight away or meet at the ground - whichever you prefer. Obviously only if Joe doesn't want as it's his thread! All the best, UTO
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