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  1. If anyone has to drop out last minute, I'll buy a ticket for leeds.game today lads, cheers
  2. Now lads, if anyone has any spares for Leeds away on Saturday, I'll gladly take them, will pay over the odds if required
  3. fingers crossed we get another clean sheet when we play a team who actually look like they want to be there
  4. chances or half chances, we are cluless going forward, no movement, everyone just stood still looking at hector with the ball, that's the manager, our only saving grace last night was how terrible Bolton were, he has to go, or we are in big big trouble
  5. this man is a complete idiot, the 1st half was appalling, penny coming off for ff has saved him for another week, but to still have one shot on target against the worst side ive seen in this league for years is not good enough, i really fear for us, and i dread his team sheet for Saturday already
  6. What have you not just seen that 1st half, infact, the last 7 games, I'm fed up of it, players who arnt good enough, keep getting a game
  7. we are simply a terrible side, its a good job they are aswel, penny is absolutely useless, as is Matias, nuhiu, Baker and thornilly, non can go forwards or keep the ball
  8. anyone who is even slightly happy with our performance tonight is a total and utter idiot, ive never been more embarrassed in my life, than tonight, i can take getting beat, but we were leagues apart from a very average side tonight, and the man in charge has no idea why
  9. how can we have a positive atmosphere with this total clueless buffoon in charge, lots of time and money put in to watching Wednesday, and the arrogance of the manager to not play certainly players is killing us all, and to drop hector for no apparent reason yesterday, and to keep playing a lump like nuhiu sums him up, cluless
  10. joao is not playing well at the minute, but you have to bear in mind that when he is up front with nuhiu, he is alongside possibly the biggest numpty ive ever seen in a Wednesday shirt, his goals at the back end of last season was the worst thing to happen to this club in the cc era, because we kept him, he shouldn't be allowed to own football boots
  11. i think beating qpr with 7 men will be no problem
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